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Themes — The Theme Foundry. WikiWP. Migrating SharePoint Blog to WordPress–Fail. What follows is the post I would have published had my migration not been so buggy.

Migrating SharePoint Blog to WordPress–Fail

If you want to know what worked, here it is: I got my WordPress site running at while leaving my SharePoint site running at I then used Windows Live Writer to move each and every post over one at a time. The good part about this was being able to reset all my categories and tags. I also got to see what a prolific writer I started off being and how I’ve fallen off over the last year or so. Hopefully this marks a return to writing for me. The below explains the automated process I attempted. Please to enjoy: WordPress. Themes : WordPress Templates. - Free and premium Wordpress Themes. 4 thèmes wordpress de questions réponses comme Quora. Askit, un thème Questions / Réponses pour WordPress chez Elegant Themes.

Woothemes. Wikeasi is a simple looking, clean, and intuitive wiki theme that packs quite a punch with loads of custom WP functionality including table of content generators, a referencing system, auto-complete search facilities, ample navigation menu areas, and a heap more.


Release Date November 22, 2011 Designer.


PREMIUM WORDPRESS THEMES » DER PRiNZ. Avant d'uploader une image ou un fichier dans WordPress, il faut le renommer. Manuel. Ayez le bon réflexe avant d'uploader Un petit billet pour un grand rappel important des bonnes pratiques sur WordPress, et sur le Web en général.

Avant d'uploader une image ou un fichier dans WordPress, il faut le renommer. Manuel.

Pour éviter tout problème et si vous ne devez retenir qu’une chose de ce billet, il faut avoir pour règle générale de renommer convenablement ses images AVANT de les uploader. Pas seulement les images : tout fichier que vous uploadez (PDF, document, map, zip…). How to display a thumbnail from a Youtube using a shortcode. Are you often displaying Youtube videos on your blog?

How to display a thumbnail from a Youtube using a shortcode

If yes, what about displaying a preview thumbnail to your readers? Here is a great shortcode that will display a thumbnail from a Youtube video, using Youtube api. First, you need to create the shortcode. To do so, copy the code below and paste it into your functions.php file. Once done, you can use the shortcode. Image Pro - Image resizing and media management done right « L’ultime extension pour gérer les médias de vos contenus en Drag & Drop (Firefox) 18 672 téléchargements - Version 0.18. Simple 301 Redirects pour créer de simples redirections 301 WordPress. Les articles relatifs de WordPress avec YARPP. Quick maintenance mode. When you need to do some maintenance on your WordPress blog, you should always make sure that visitors aren’t able to visit your site. Today, I’m going to show you how to easily implement a maintenance mode on your WordPress blog. Paste the following code into your functions.php file.

Don’t forget to remove the code once you’re done with maintenance! 30 New High Quality Wordpress 3 Series Compatible Themes. Advertisement Nowadays Blogging is no longer considered a hobby, it has become close to as a profession and for few an entire career.

30 New High Quality Wordpress 3 Series Compatible Themes

People are earning a living at home through the venue of Blogging. Blogging has become an attraction, passion, career and an easy way for creating an in-home income.WordPress is an award-winning CMS, which enables you to build Blogs, Web sites and powerful online applications. As you know that more and more people use Word Press these days. Choosing a right theme for Blog is really time consuming and boring task, because Internet is full of thousands of free Blogging Themes, So smashing hub got some beautiful Blogging WordPress Themes which are absolutely free, which will not only give user’s site a distinct look but they won’t make any dent on users pockets.

Best WorDpress Themes You Have Ever Seen. Posted by admin | Posted in Uncategorized | Posted on 03-06-2011 WordPress themes are a one-stop solution for those who decided to set up a new WordPress site, no matter whether you are professional developer or a newbie. The reason why they are so popular implies a number of advantageous features possessed by professional WordPress themes . Today we are glad to showcase you a set of top WordPress themes 2011 you definitely need to check out.

Our 100 Favourite WP Themes for 2011. If you are looking to pay for a magazine theme, the first place I would start is Elegant themes…for $39 you get access to 77+ professional themes that are constantly updated and added to. List updated regularly This article was originally created in 2008, however, a lot of the themes that were cool in 2008, are now relics, and because this page still receives a lot of traffic, I wanted to update it to keep it current.

There are more than 20 WordPress Magazine themes in this article, however, I have added a few premium themes into the mix. Why have I put premium themes into a post titled: “20 Of The Best Free Magazine WordPress Themes” – I am no longer a huge fan of free themes. Often the authors create free themes to build backlinks to their sites, and then take the theme offline, or turn it into a premium theme. 12 Places to Find and Post WordPress Jobs. When you’re looking for that perfect design, build, update or maintenance for your WordPress site, finding a resource for qualified candidates can seem daunting.

12 Places to Find and Post WordPress Jobs

Not only is it important to match your WordPress need to the best candidate, but it’s also imperative to get it right the first time. On the other side of the WordPress job field there are the countless skilled developers, designers and coders looking for work. Here are a dozen excellent resources for helping match the need to the skill. I’ve included job boards that focus solely on WordPress as well as others that usually have a steady stream of WordPress-related work. Customyze Me Daily Tip: How to Let Users Select Language At Signup in WordPress Multisite.

If you’re running a WordPress Multisite network with bloggers speaking many different languages, you’ll want to make it easy for them to select their language during the signup process.

Daily Tip: How to Let Users Select Language At Signup in WordPress Multisite

Yes, there’s actually a plugin for that! It’s called Select Language at Signup. Gérer les champs de contact dans le profil utilisateur de WordPress. Function gk_contact_methods() { /* Supprimer des champs */ unset($contact['aim']); unset($contact['yim']); unset($contact['jabber']); /* Ajouter des champs */ $contact['tel'] = 'Téléphone'; $contact['twitter'] = 'Twitter @'; $contact['facebook'] = 'Facebook @'; $contact['cv'] = 'Curriculum Vitae'; $contact['linkedin'] = 'Adresse LinkedIn'; return $contact; } add_filter('user_contactmethods','gk_contact_methods',75,1);

Gérer les champs de contact dans le profil utilisateur de WordPress

Design minimal and modern premium wordpress themes. WordPress related blogs, 110+ best. Mastering WordPress has a lot of trial and error, and to help you in that process we have compiled a huge list with more than 100 places where you can find the latest WordPress updates, awesome tutorials and download useful freebies.

WordPress related blogs, 110+ best

WordPress is certainly of the most popular Open Source Content Management System (CMS). Released by Matt Mullenweg in 2003, this CMS is often utilized as a blog publishing application. Powered by PHP and MySQL, WordPress offers many features including a plug-in architecture and a great template system. Intégrer DropBox à votre blog WordPress. Créer une page de connexion et d'enregistrement d'utilisateurs. Comment créer un site collaboratif avec WordPress. WordPress 3.0 et la gestion des outils d?import / export. Avec WordPress 3.0, les outils d’importation et d’exportation ont radicalement changés tant sur le plan des fonctionnalités que sur le plan technique. Explications en détails d’un outil à connaître absolument pour sauvegarder votre contenu. Quelles nouveautés dans la gestion de l’import / export sous WordPress 3.0 ?

Jusqu’à présent, la fonction Exporter qui se trouve dans le menu Outils permettait de générer un fichier XML contenant l’ensemble de vos articles, pages, commentaires, etc. De même, la fonction Importer offrait la possibilité d’importer ce même fichier XML – ou tout autre format pris en charge, pour restaurer rapidement votre blog. Depuis le passage en version 3.0, 2 changements majeurs interviennent : Des fonctions d’export enrichies de filtres Auparavant, vous ne pouviez pas régler les paramètres d’exportation. Désormais, c’est possible et les options de filtrage sont nombreuses : Toutes les combinaisons sont autorisées, ce qui peut s’avérer très pratique ! 25 plugins WordPress indispensables.