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Educational Psychology. Problem Solving & Metacognition in Education. Table of Contents Here are the parts of this page:Overview-Summary (useful for a quick “big picture” view) 1 — Problem Solving, Metacognition, and Design Process 2 — Building Bridges from Life to Design to Science to Life 3 — A Wide Spiral Curriculum with Transfer of Learning 4 — Optimistic Humility and Adjustments of Instruction 5 — Using Design Process in a Problem-Solving Curriculum 6 — Using Design Process for Problem-Solving Instruction 7 — Using Cognition-and-Metacognition for Learning & Teaching Appendix: Conceptual Evaluation of Instruction (for predictions about education) Coping with Complexity in Models of Design & Science (begin with simplicity) and there will be a few more mini-sections in the appendix.

Problem Solving & Metacognition in Education

In early 2012, I began developing a new website with many improvements (by revising, adding, cutting), so I strongly recommend that youread it instead of this page. 1 — Problem Solving, Metacognition, and Design Process { Condensed Section 1 } Design and Design Process. Was Sie immer schon über Psychologie wissen wollten ... Arbeitsblätter zur wissenschaftlichen Psychologie.

Inhalt » » Lexikon. Metacognition. Metacognition: An Overview. Metacognition: An Overview Jennifer A.

Metacognition: An Overview

Livingston © 1997 by Jennifer A. Livingston "Metacognition" is one of the latest buzz words in educational psychology, but what exactly is metacognition?