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STARTSEITE - - Rechtskonfome Internetseite - Vertrauen schaffen - Abmahnungen vermeiden. I cannot log in to the Parallels Power Panel – The message “Invalid username or password, please try again” appears. Symptoms After creating a Container using Ubuntu 8.10 or a later EZ OS template, it is not possible to log in to Parallels Power Panel of the Container, and the following error message is shown: "Invalid username or password, please try again.

I cannot log in to the Parallels Power Panel – The message “Invalid username or password, please try again” appears.

" However, it is possible to log in to the Container via SSH. Cause It seems that Ubuntu 8.10 is forced to use SHA512 hashing by default. . # grep '^[^#]' /etc/pam.d/common-password password required nullok obscure min=4 max=8 md5 Resolution It is sufficient to update the file /etc/pam.d/common-password and reset the "root" password inside a Container. . # vzctl enter 101# sed '/^password. After that, the file /etc/pam.d/common-password will contain these lines: # grep '^[^#]' /etc/pam.d/common-password password [success=1 default=ignore] obscure md5 password requisite password required SEO Workers Search Engine Optimization Analysis Tool Results.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Analysis Tool This SEO Analysis Tool is to help you analyze and measure the ranking potential of your web pages.

SEO Workers Search Engine Optimization Analysis Tool Results

It doesn't only analyze the Meta Tags of your pages, rather it tries to use the same spider technology as the search engine spiders themselves. We also made available a Firefox SEO extension which you can use to test your pages with just a single click. Visit our seo analysis tool extension page for more information. Did you already use our SEO tool and you have questions or you need some extra help to improve your site's performance and achieve higher rankings? SEO Analysis Tool Features Disclaimer Please note that this SEO tool is not a 100% accurate representation of search engine algorithms and should not be used as your sole tool for search engine optimization. Nobody knows the exact algorithms that the search engines use!

There are many other ranking factors such as inbound links, outbound links, user data, content quality and more.

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How to convert BLOB to string? Direct conversion is not possible without using some UDF, but you can extract text using SUBSTRING function: DECLARE VARIABLE c1 VARCHAR(32000); SELECT SUBSTRING(blob1 FROM 1 FOR 32000) FROM t1 INTO c1; Please note that maximum length for VARCHAR is 32767 bytes (which might be less characters in multi-byte character sets like UTF8).

How to convert BLOB to string?

Various database access layers also have ability to retrieve BLOB data as string. For example, in PHP you could use: $row = ibase_fetch_assoc($qry, IBASE_TEXT); This automatically converts all textual BLOBs to VARCHARs, so you don't need to fetch blobs writing specific PHP code. Do you find this FAQ incorrect or incomplete? Please e-mail us what needs to be changed. To ensure quality, each change is checked by our editors (and often tested on live Firebird databases), before it enters the main FAQ database. Pakete umwandeln mit Alien / Nachrichten. Gibt es Ihre Lieblingsanwendung nicht für die eigene Distribution, müssen Sie es entweder aus den Quellen installieren, ein eigenes Paket bauen -- oder Sie greifen zu Alien.

Pakete umwandeln mit Alien / Nachrichten

Dieses Kommandozeilen-Tool wandelt fremde Pakete für die eigene Linux-Distribution um. Alien ist ein Perl-Skript und kann mit den Formaten RPM, DEB, SLP, TGZ und PKG umgehen. von Heike Jurzik Dieser Artikel wurde ursprünglich in LinuxUser Ausgabe 07/2006 veröffentlicht und exklusiv für die Linux-Community ausgewählt. Weitere Beiträge findet ihr auch auf der LinuxUser-Homepage.

Manche Programme gibt es einfach nicht fertig verpackt für die eigene Distribution. Alien wandelt zwischen den Paketformaten RPM, DEB, SLP (Stampede Linux), TGZ (Slackware) und PKG (Solaris) um. Installation Benutzer von Debian GNU/Linux und anderen Dpkg-basierten Systemen finden das Programm im gleichnamigen Paket alien. Aptitude install alien Dpkg.


Reference. IT-News, c't, iX, Technology Review, Telepolis. Heise Security. Open Source im Unternehmen. Technology Review. Old Computers - rare, vintage, and obsolete computers. jQuery - EPD / PECR Compliant jQuery Plugin for Google Analytics. How to check if string contains substring PHP. Once in a while we need to check whether a string contains substring, some other string or characters or a value.

How to check if string contains substring PHP

Checking for existence of a string (or substring) inside another string is easier than it might seem. The following article describes how to check for whether a string contains string in PHP, or simply said how to find string within string in PHP. Check for string inside a string Assumptions: Let's have one string called $haystack which holds the value of "mother". What we are doing: We want the computer to tell us whether the $haystack mother includes the word other.

How to check if PHP string contains another string Often, we see two approaches for this. <? If($pos === false) { // string needle NOT found in haystack}else { // string needle found in haystack}? Watch out, checking for substring inside string in PHP can be tricky.