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Hints and tips for doing it right (, Triple Dog Dare Media 01 Oct 2002 Conducting a competitive analysis is an important part of the job if you're a usability engineer or information architect. A good competitive analysis not only produces usability metrics but also aids decision makers in their strategic goal-setting and planning. Done right, a good competitive analysis can steer a Web development project in the right direction. The day will come when you're sitting happily at your desk and someone from marketing or business development will come into your office and ask you to do a competitive analysis for them. How to conduct a Web site competitive analysis How to conduct a Web site competitive analysis
Anti-Israel hacker organization Parastoo last week announced its intention to join #OpIsrael2, also touted as OpIsrael Birthday, to commence in April. The group is targeting US, NATO, and ISAF engineering, military communications and technology resources. This was Parastoo’s second public statement during January after several months of silence. Analysis Intelligence - Open Source Intelligence Analysis & Government Analysis, Clever Analysis Techniques

Analysis Intelligence - Open Source Intelligence Analysis & Government Analysis, Clever Analysis Techniques

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1. Bridging the Gap Between Scholarship and Practice 2. Describing Intelligence Analysis 3. Improving the Science of Intelligence Analysis 4. Improving the Art of Intelligence Analysis 5. Improving Intelligence Analysis with Analytic Teams 6. Improving Intelligence Analysis: Bridging the Gap between Scholarship and Practice Improving Intelligence Analysis: Bridging the Gap between Scholarship and Practice
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Top Ten Argument Mapping Tutorials. Six online tutorials in argument mapping, a core requirement for advanced critical thinking.The Skeptic's Dictionary - over 400 definitions and essays. The Fallacy Files by Gary Curtis.

Critical Thinking On The Web

Critical Thinking On The Web
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What They Don’t Teach in Detective School « The Confidential Resource What They Don’t Teach in Detective School « The Confidential Resource I used to do a series of lectures about the skills I found most lacking in the education of detectives. The lecture about evaluating the revealed wisdom that pours forth from the Internet was always fun to deliver. One example that I used when I started doing these, was a site that identified the second gunman in the Kennedy assassination — there was Elvis holding a Thompson sub-machine gun on the grassy knoll.
Military Intelligence Professional Bulletin 2013 Jul-Sep Regionally Aligned Forces2013 Apr-Jun Joint Targeting and ISR2013 Jan-Mar Knowledge Management 2012 Oct-Dec Mission Command2012 Jul-Sep Military Intelligence: The Tradition Continues (195 MB)2012 Apr-Jun The Future of Intelligence Doctrine (40 MB)2012 Jan-Mar Language and Cultural Competency 2011 Oct-Dec Human Terrain System2011 Jul-Sep Enabling Intelligence Analysis2011 Apr-Jun Intelligence in the Current Environment2011 Jan-Mar Cross-Cultural Competence Military Intelligence Professional Bulletin
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The wrong model for the war on terror The controversy surrounding the American pre-war intelligence assessment of Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction programs dominates the airwaves and print media. Behind-the-scenes investigations spawned by the Iraq performance as well as the tragedies of September 11, 2001 offer a fleeting window of opportunity to chart and implement much-needed reforms of a beleaguered intelligence community. The intelligence community’s failure to warn with the clarity needed to disrupt the conspiracy of September 11 and its less-than-stellar performance in assessing Iraqi wmd programs highlight both the dangers to security and the demands for strategic intelligence in the twenty-first century. The community can hardly be trusted to do an honest and balanced critique of its performance in the wake of these events. It comprises numerous intelligence agencies, each with its own set of entrenched interests. Intelligence Failures Intelligence Failures
Open Source Intelligence OSINT We need to rethink the distinction between open sources and secrets. Too many policymakers and intelligence officers mistake secrecy for intelligence and assume that information covertly acquired is superior to that obtained openly. Yet, the distinction between overt and covert sources is less clear than such thinking suggests. Open Source Intelligence OSINT
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It’s nice, after several years of what seems to be an endless string of posts describing the numerous and easily avoidable pitfalls plaguing our state and local intelligence efforts, to be able to pass along some happier tidings. Recently, I was invited to participate in a pilot program created by the Sacramento Regional Office of Homeland Security. The program is titled Intermediate Intelligence Analysis Training and is primarily geared for those working in one of the many fusion centers dotting the nations. Now, post 9/11, everyone and their brother has been trying (and generally succeeding) in getting their turn at the federal trough by promising new and exciting ways to bring intelligence analysis to state and local agencies with their unique brands of snake oil. Sometimes it takes the form of someone with military or IC experience who comes in and tells war stories for a few hours. A New Intelligence Analysis Training Program | Travels with Shiloh
This 125-hour intermediate analyst training program was developed following a nationwide fusion center analyst job task analysis and meetings with subject-matter experts from throughout the country. The program consists of four parts presented in either an online or classroom environment: Analysis and Terrorism Prevention (online) Critical Thinking and Analytic Techniques (classroom) Communication Skills and Analytic Writing (online) Strategic Analysis and Oral Briefings (classroom) Each part is presented in an active learning environment to engage the learner to acquire, comprehend, and demonstrate knowledge of the cognitive abilities required of analysts. The course builds upon the learners' basic analytic training to broaden their proactive role in the intelligence analysis process. Intermediate Fusion Center Analyst Training Program (IFCAT) | Fusion Center Training
The National Defense Intelligence College supportsand encourages research on intelligence issues thatdistills lessons and improves Intelligence Communitycapabilities for policy-level and operational consumers Critical Thinking and Intelligence Analysis, Second Printing (with revisions)David T. MooreThis series of Occasional Papers presents the work of faculty, students and others whose research on intelligence issues is supported or otherwiseencouraged by the National Defense Intelligence College ( ) through Critical Thinking and Intelligence Analysis
We are a UK registered training organisation offering specialist on-line, classroom and workshop courses aimed at Crime Analysts, Intelligence Analysts, Tactical Analysts, Administrative Analysts, Strategic Analysts, Crime & Intelligence Researchers, Law Enforcement Officers [and other Officials] involved in Crime & Intelligence Analysis, Criminal Justice Students and Crime Analysis Volunteers. Through our highly qualified consultant trainers we can now also offer classroom based Volume and Priority Crime, Serious and Complex Crime and Specialist Level of Criminal Investigation. Our analytical training courses, some of which are certified by the IALEIA Professional Certification Committee, are suitable for experienced analysts looking to ‘sharpen up’ their analytical skills/techniques, revisit material covered previously – or develop their skills further to help with promotion or a potential new role as well as those with little or no formal training.
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