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KRC - Différentiel Tractive IV SmartDiff Losi EIGHT 2.0 EU. Front Differential Axle - 1/5 4WD Big Monster. Différentiel complet - Vente Différentiel complet sur Modélisme technique - Votre sélection Modélisme technique dans la boutique Modélisme : accessoires sur conrad. Les trucks , les pièces - CDK.


Moteurs. Pour tous ceux qui veulent les plans, c'est par ici : Plan de la presse Longboard Homemade Ridekulture Aujourd'hui, je vous fais un petit focus step by step sur "comment fabriquer son propre longskate?

" J'ai testé l'option la plus simple pour faire la deck. Si c'est la première fois pour vous et que vous voulez fabriquer votre Longboard seul, voici quelques conseils qu'il sera bien de garder en tête tout au long du processus. Construire sa première board, ce n'est pas super bon marché puisqu'il faut tout créer. STEP 02 – MONTER LA PRESSEPour la presse, la meilleure solution est de penser et dessiner le projet. Et voilà ! STEP 03 – CONTRE-COLLAGE DU CP ET DESSIN DU GABARITPour le collage, j'ai utilisé de la colle à bois (la colle blanche). STEP 04 – MISE SOUS PRESSEPlus qu'à visser, mais attention, il faut y aller vis par vis et petit à petit pour éviter de faire bouger les planches et qu'elles se décentrent. STEP 06 – STRATIFICATION + GRIP EN MICROBILLES (ça résine, quoi !)

Le moteur intégré dans le moyeu de la roue. Un bricolage de moteur intégré directement dans le moyeu.Il est utilisable dans des rollers ou une trottinette électrique car tout petit.En revanche pas d'indications sur le couple, ni sur sa vitesse de rotation qui doit être plutôt élevée.

Le moteur intégré dans le moyeu de la roue

Un beau petit moteur sans balais qui tient juste dans une petite roue (trotinnette, roller. Brushless Hub Motor , BLDC Motor - DC Motors. Make Your Own Miniature Electric Hub Motor. Is a hub motor the right choice for your electric vehicle?

Make Your Own Miniature Electric Hub Motor

Answer these few simple ques... I mean, read these few pointers which highlights some design tradeoffs and considerations involved in the use of hub motors! They are not perfect solutions to every drive problem, and some of the shortcomings are dictated by the laws of physics. Hub motors are inherently heavier and bulkier than driven wheels. Until we make magic carbon nanotube superconductors en masse, motors are essentially chunks of steel and copper, both very heavy elements. This is more of a concern for passenger cars and sport vehicles than anything else, as most small EVs such as bikes and scooter won't have suspensions at all.

Electric skateboard component list – the electronics. ***FURTHER UPDATE – Got the selection of some components wrong read furher post for more information**** **UPDATE – thanks for the suggestions Tim** Motor: $45 Out runner Brushless motor.

Electric skateboard component list – the electronics

(when in doubt more power 2000W) MAKE YOUR OWN BOOSTED BOARD. When you buy the enertion kits you are guaranteed to save lots of your hard earned dollars and many hours of your life because we have done all the engineering & calculating for you.


Now you can spend your bonus time helping old ladies recover their purses by running down petty thieves on your high speed electric eboard. At enertion boards we believe - life’s too short to push! Our mission statement, Design a high tech, high quality solution that requires minimal technical ability to setup for an affordable price. So after hundreds of hours researching, building and testing our own eboards we realised that it is way too difficult & massively complicated to build your own high quality power boosted board that is ready to go whenever you are. want some good advice?.... When it is your time to own the streets on a really fast electric longboard you should only use the best design & highest quality of parts available.

REMEMBER: life's too short to push. DIY Electric Skateboard Kit - How To Make An Electric Motorized Skateboard. Flying Carp. Nina and Peter proudly present: Our (first?)

Flying Carp

Electric longboard! Nina (my sister) made the deck (complete with carp), I was responsible for the electronics. I wanted to build such a board for years, and as Nina suddenly said the same we started the project immediately. As she knows her way around wood and knows how to draw her part was clear. First big hurdle for me was the motor mount. Next: Motor and controller. As ESC I chose a Turnigy TrackStar 150A which is powerful enough to drive the half kilo of motor and has electric brakes. The battery pack is a flat italien tupperware (for prosciutto I think) on foam rubber which gives just enough space for the battery, access panel, esc and receiver. First real test happend at a BBQ and the board was really great. Hobbyking refunded my money for the remote and I started to build my own remote based on two Arduinos. I'm still at it, the base functionality (throttle...) already works. DIY Electric Skateboard Kit - How To Make An Electric Motorized Skateboard.

View topic - Carveboard E-conversion. Back closeup.JPG (225.48 KiB) Viewed 3465 times Carveboard e-conversion I recently motorized my carveboard.

View topic - Carveboard E-conversion

It's a big longboard with slick pneumatic tires that's made to ride like a surfboard. It's fun to ride down hills, but lousey on the flats & of course uphills. It's much worse as a push board than regular skateboards since there is almost no resistance to lean - it's very wobbly. PerformanceIt's currently set to run around 19 mph on fresh batteries. I calculated that it gets ~850 mpg equivalent by figuring: Power bill is $23.28 total for 253 kWhr, so 9.2 cents per kWhr.Board commute per wattmeter uses 150 Whr / 4.8 miles.Estimate 70% charging efficiency.So the board costs ~2 cents round trip.Gas is $3.50 / gal.Estimate that my car gets 20 mpg on short trips.The car costs ~84 cents round trip, which is ~43x more than the board, so 43 x 20mpg is 850 mpg.