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The upside to scene/P2P blog-style release sites is that you usually won’t have to register in order to view the links. By their very nature, they’re more enticing to look at than browsing through threads on a generic vbulletin forum. However, the downside to release blogs is that everything is mixed together (movies, apps, games are added on-the-fly) and you’ll need to conduct specific searches or use the site’s categories to narrow things down. 100 Scene/P2P Blogs for RapidShare Warez DDLs 100 Scene/P2P Blogs for RapidShare Warez DDLs
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RapidShare/DDL Forums - A Great Source For Warez Perhaps second only to BitTorrent in terms of filesharing growth are 1-click hosters such as RapidShare, MegaUpload & other direct download link (DDL) providers. More than ever, P2Pers are discovering the advantages of using HTTP to download in contrast to public torrents - and for good reason: DDLs don’t have ‘peerlists’ whereby your IP address is easily pinned down; speeds are generally better; and there’s so much more variety. And downloaders know a thing or two about where to find the latest warez - be it on release blogs, RapidShare warez forums or plain old RS search & DDL index sites. This a 3-part series dedicated to 1-click hosters, here in Part I we investigate both public & private RapidShare/warez forums. A crux to why pro downloaders tend to migrate towards warez/RapidShare forums is for valid working links, time and time again. RapidShare/DDL Forums - A Great Source For Warez