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Mentionmapp. Twitter Trending Topics Nederland. Rop Gonggrijp verliest zaak in VS over Twitterdata. Jeroen Wollaars (wol) Ten technical Twitter tips for journalists. So you think you know Twitter?

Ten technical Twitter tips for journalists

But do you know how to archive tweets, set up an RSS feed of a Twitter stream or have private group chat? Here are some practical, technical tips to help you: Poynter. Even the young person who sends and receives hundreds of text messages per day is unlikely to think of them as acts of reading and writing. Most text messages, including mine, are delivered in casual code for humdrum purposes, a mode of expression that makes communication seem as automatic as breathing. Roy: coffee? Snap Bird - search twitter's history. Snap Bird - search twitter's history. Topsy: Now Searching Tweets Back To May 2008. Looking for old tweets?

Topsy: Now Searching Tweets Back To May 2008

Look to Topsy. The service has just expanded to have what it claims to be the largest searchable collection of past tweets, over 5 billion of them, stretching back to at least May 2008. That makes it more comprehensive than Google’s Twitter search or even Twitter’s own Twitter Search. Topsy will be sharing the news itself later today, on its blog. (2) Twitter / Search - #afscheidsseminar lang:nl...

Seek a Tweet. Nearby Tweets - Search, find, and watch local Twitter tweets from local users and businesses. Twitter Stats by Twitter Counter. Eva_Jinek_1141279q.jpg (JPEG-afbeelding, 712x720 pixels)