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Docent en ICT. Tips en truuks. De EHBO-cursus via internet - Eerste Hulp in Huis. Content Development, e-Learning Content Authoring, Assessments, Free e-Learning authoring tool. This suite is very appropriate for individuals wishing to create SCORM for LMS without having to spend time learning extremely technical aspects.

free e-Learning authoring tool

Without even reading the help or manual, I was able to produce a basic learning module and upload it to Moodle. The help file is extremely useful and answers most of the basic questions regarding the program. Engine - Best of breed SCORM player for any LMS. Making an LMS conform to SCORM and AICC is difficult and tedious.

Engine - Best of breed SCORM player for any LMS

Doing it with the SCORM Engine is anything but. Get a 1-on-1 walkthroughof SCORM Engine.