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Health Insurance For The Seniors: 53.8 Million And Counting - HealthyWomen Community. Fifty years have passed since Medicare and Medicaid – two iconic pieces of health-based legislature – were passed in the US. In these fifty years, Medicare has become integral to senior healthcare in the nation. What is Medicare though? Medicare is a federal run health insurance program targeted towards seniors – AccuQuote, the online insurance quotes provider, defines it as a predetermined specified sum of money for your medical treatments, or expenses that you may have to incur in the future.

The qualification criteria requires the individual applying to be 64 years and 9 months old at the very least, and provides healthcare solutions at massively subsidized rates for those who have been contributing to the program during their working lives. The program offers hospital services for free, cheaper prescription drugs, doctor visits at subsidies, and more.

The success of the program can be judged through the statistics more than anything else. Changes in legislation. 10 things you should know about Medicare as it turns 50. 5 Easy Hacks To Take Full Advantage Of Your Medicare | Seekyt. Are you the kind of person who could benefit from an online MBA degree? Posted April 13th, 2015 by admin According to the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES), 191,571 students graduated with a Master’s degree in business in 2011-12. Business degrees comprised more than 25 percent of the total Master’s degrees conferred that year.Nowadays people have the option and ability to acquire their MBA without having to travel farther than their home office. People don’t have to quit their jobs to acquire an MBA anymore. You can keep your full-time job and get your MBA part time with an online degree program.

Everyone can benefit from an online MBA, but if you’re the type of person with certain personalities and goals, then you should really get started on getting your online MBA today. The voracious learner: Are you the kind of person who thrives in an academic environment? The stay-at-home mom: Many stay-at-home moms dream of having it all at some point in their life – the ability to be there for their children and a thriving career. The entrepreneur: Affordable Online Degree Programs Advantages for Working Professionals. Posted March 12th, 2015 by admin Before we get into it, let’s put some hard statistics out there: Online enrollments grew at a rate of 9.3% in 2012 according to an annual Sloan reportAn additional 570,000 students enrolled in at least one online course in 2012That brought the total number of online students to 6.7 million or 32% of the country’s total higher education enrollmentsWorking professionals form a significant part of the online student community Every year more and more people decide to juggle a full-time job and school at the same time.

And every year more and more people are going with an accredited online degree program. 1. Students have an edge in a competitive job market when real-world experience is combined with a formal education. 2. You could be in your 30s, 40s or even 50s and still be in the wrong job. 3. Online degree programs offer you the flexibility to study from anywhere and at anytime. 4. Online degree programs require a smaller commitment. 5. How to Create a Powerful Online Profile. Posted April 20th, 2015 by Miriam Salpeter If you’re looking for a job, you must create a thorough and strong online profile.

Why? Before a meeting or interview, 80% or more of the people considering your application will Google your name. You want to influence those results, and the best way to ensure they find information you want them to know is to create it yourself. In 2014, Jobvite (, a company that surveys organizations regarding their hiring practices, discovered 93% of companies use social media to help identify new hires. How can you take to create an exceptional profile that will encourage potential hiring managers to want to know more about you? Create strong headlines. Identify your value proposition.

First, decide what you want employers to know about you. What problem do you solve? In other words, what value do you provide that makes you special or unique? Choose keywords. Combine information about your best skills and use keywords to describe yourself. 5 Ways a Business Degree Can Help Non-Profit Organizations. Posted May 5th, 2015 by admin What we all love about non-profit organizations is that they operate with a view to benefit the society and the general public rather than having profit-earning as their primary motive. A non-profit organization can actually generate any amount of profit, but that profit has to be used to achieve their goals and cannot be used as personal gain. So if you think about it, a non-profit, for the most part, operates like any other business, and as such, can always use people armed with business degrees to lend a hand, and here’s why.

Before you read on, here’s a clear definition of a non-profit organization to provide a clearer picture. Working within a budget. Raising funds. Taking it to the next level. Competition. Innovations. The satisfaction gained from helping others, the experience you receive from working towards overcoming these singular challenges, and the sheer room for professional. Exercise Your Way to Slimmer Insurance Premiums. When it comes to life insurance, one of the most common complaints is how much it costs. The more comprehensive your policy, the more expensive it’s going to be, that’s just straight-forward common sense. But for those who think even simple term life insurance is too much, and the quotes given to you by your agent or insurer are excessive, you might want to consider looking inward rather than outward for an explanation.

And that’s where your physical fitness comes into play. In the simplest terms, life insurance can be compared to betting on a horse race. Just like the odds begin to lengthen from the strongest contender and are at their most extreme with the least likely, the cost of insurance, too, increases from the strongest contender in this race (called life) to the weakest. Lifestyle changes that will bring down insurance premium costs Exercise: Being fit and physically active means obesity-related health issues are that much more unlikely to affect you.

Smoking: Alcohol: AccuQuote (847) 850-2000, Wheeling, Illinois, USA - Hours & Location - YellowHours. Boost your career and earnings, get an online degree. Hindsight is a wonderful thing. It allows us to perceive the events of the past in a completely new light. But sometimes it can also make us question our decisions: What if we had attended college instead of settling into a job? What if we had spent more time learning more marketable skills? What if we had gotten that coveted degree? Would our professional situation be any different? And sometimes, the answers to these questions might spring up more questions about possibilities and make us fret over missed opportunities: Would our self-esteem be higher than what it is? While we may not be able to answer all those questions immediately, we can say with some degree of certainty that your bank balance could have told a different story had you gotten that college degree.

According to the U.S. If you wish you’d paid more heed to this -information earlier, the good news is that it’s not too late even now. Online degree for a higher paycheck Thinking of enrolling in an online degree? 12 awesome apps to help fight crime.