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Sneakerpedia by Footlocker. The Wilderness Downtown Video. Power of HTML5. Music: Arcade Fire - We Used To Wait. Heineken Star Player BuzzmaniaTV.mp4. Droga5 - PUMA Social "After Hours Athlete" MINI Getaway Stockholm 2010 - Case study. WALL OF FAME. Webby 12 - Winner Online Campaign - Skittles "Touch the Rainbow" Innovative Thunder - Idea "Pay with a tweet" Case Study. Cannes Lion 11 - Gold Direct - Old Spice RESPONSE CAMPAIGN. The American Rom - Campaign Presentation. Decode Jay-Z Case Study. We Choose the Moon: Celebrating the 40th Anniversary of the Apollo 11 Lunar Landing. Pay with a Tweet - An overview. Sell your products for the price of a tweet.

Pay with a Tweet - An overview

In today's world the value of people talking about your product is sometimes higher than the money you would get for it. ‘Pay with a Tweet’ is the first social payment system, where people pay with the value of their social network. Renault Espace 360° Navigation iPad app. MINI GETAWAY STOCKHOLM 2010. To launch the new MINI Countryman, we created the world’s biggest reality game on iPhone.


For seven days, everybody with an iPhone was invited to hunt and catch a virtual MINI in Stockholm city and win a real MINI Countryman. You used an app where you could see the location of the virtual MINI, all other players and yourself. If you got closer than 50 metres of the virtual MINI, you could take it with your iPhone.