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The Atlantic — News and analysis on politics, business, culture, technology, national, international, and life – LENIN'S TOMB. Uncut. By Atul Hatwal So Maria Miller has resigned and Sajid Javid has replaced her, meh.


Contrary to some of the over-heated reports, Miller’s particular passing will have little lasting impact. True, there’s one less woman in the cabinet, but Javid is from a minority community, an area where the Tories and Liberals are even less representative of Britain – let’s not forget that while there were previously 4 women in the full cabinet of 22 Ministers, there was no-one from a minority community.

The circus will soon move on and there will be another crisis over which politicians and media can hyper-ventilate. However, while Maria Miller’s political demise is ultimately unremarkable, there is a legacy from the affair; one that will persist regardless of whether she had stayed, resigned, or did the hokey-cokey daily on College Green. The expenses issue is back as a fixture in British politics. It won’t be as toxic as in 2009 (how could it be?)

Then, as now on expenses, the line also happens to be true. The Staggers. Liberal Conspiracy. Guardian CIF. London Review of Books.