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Réseaux sociaux. Five tech industry predictions for 2012. The past year in technology was pretty wild.

Five tech industry predictions for 2012

The really big Internet IPO returned and the massive venture capital funding bubble inflated, which seems difficult considering that the venture capital industry is far smaller than it was three years ago. But look at some of the crazy valuations on revenue-less photosharing start-ups like Color and Path. And there is clearly another bubble inflating in the cloud computing sector, with every company that uses a distributed architecture now calling itself a “cloud company.” So what does 2012 have in store? Here are my predictions. Ces technologies qui vont changer votre vie en 2012. Gartner : technologies émergentes 2012.

Nouvelles expériences interactives

12 most popular posts of the year on the future. It’s almost the end of the year, so I’ll try to do a few compilations of my most popular posts of the year.

12 most popular posts of the year on the future

Today, on the general theme of the future, here are 12 (+1 for next year) that have attracted the most interest… 1. Zeitgeist 2011: anxiety, mobility, blending, indulgence, immersion, wrath, nudity and more.