Follow these steps to add Lightbox (possibility to pop-up only images) functionality to Flash files: Step 1. First, download Lightbox++ Step 2. Adding Lightbox to Flash Adding Lightbox to Flash
Creating an XML Slideshow in Flash Creating an XML Slideshow in Flash By Blue_Chi | Flash CS3 | ActionScript 1/2 | Advanced | Page 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 The second step in creating our slideshow is loading and processing the XML data. Once we do that, we will also store the data we need in easily accessible variables. This entire process should be a breeze if you have read our tutorial on using XML in Flash. Here is a basic outline of what we will do in this section: Create an instance of the XML Class.
SWFAddress is a small but powerful library that provides deep linking for Flash and Ajax. It's a developer tool, allowing creation of unique virtual URLs that can point to a website section or an application state. SWFAddress enables a number of important capabilities which are missing in today's rich web technologies including: Bookmarking in a browser or social website Sending links via email or instant messenger Finding specific content with the major search engines Utilizing browser history and reload buttons SWFAddress - Deep linking for Flash and Ajax

SWFAddress - Deep linking for Flash and Ajax

Deep linking Deep linking In the context of the World Wide Web, deep linking consists of using a hyperlink that links to a specific, generally searchable or indexed, piece of web content on a website (i.e. http://example.com/path/page), rather than the home page (i.e. http://example.com/). Example[edit] This link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Deep_linking is an example of a deep link. The URL contains all the information needed to point to a particular item, in this case the English Wikipedia article on deep linking, instead of the Wikipedia home page at http://www.wikipedia.org/. Deep linking and HTTP[edit] The technology behind the World Wide Web, the Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP), does not actually make any distinction between "deep" links and any other links—all links are functionally equal.