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This Is Generation Flux: Meet The Pioneers Of The New (And Chaotic) Frontier Of Business. The Global Innovation Interest Index - Haydn Shaughnessy and Nick Vitalari - Research. By Haydn Shaughnessy and Nick Vitalari | 3:07 PM June 8, 2011 How interested are people in innovation — and how does that change cross-culturally?

The Global Innovation Interest Index - Haydn Shaughnessy and Nick Vitalari - Research

What do users across the world really want, how can we uncover and design for their unmet needs, and what services can we attach to products to stay close to our customers? We’ve found that these questions point to a new need for innovative cultures in the world today (distinct from innovative companies). To start measuring the innovation culture in its pure form, we used Google Insights for Search, which is a keyword optimization tool that reports what people are searching for on the internet. Mapping Innovation Hotspots. The website aims to map the state of innovation across the world, from the people who are involved in new ideas, to cutting-edge trends and research. Mapping Innovation Hotspots

Their site explains the details: Our vision at is to make the cutting edge standard, visualize future possibilities and map the players, influence factors and dynamics in the innovation space around the world. Ranging from tracking the Innovators, the institution or startups that they work in, the technologies that they are working on to the invisible characteristics that connect them. We aggregate relevant data sources to monitor dynamics and surface trends within different areas and enable the visual exploration of this data. Their first step involves analyzing and mapping data from technology related TED talks. Most Creative People In Business 2010.