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Smallest store in the world. IKEA Starts ‘How to Build’ YouTube Channel to Help Frustrated Customers. We’ve all been there: Standing forlorn in a bedroom, staring at the unused screws sitting next to a half-finished IKEA bed, parts mixed up with the ones for an unbuilt MALM three-drawer chest.

IKEA Starts ‘How to Build’ YouTube Channel to Help Frustrated Customers

Don’t worry, IKEA feels your pain. That’s why it recently debuted a new “How To Build” playlist on YouTube. (WATCH: Recipes for YouTube Success) If you’re like me, your spatial reasoning is roughly on par with a can of tuna. Thus the normal assembly instructions that come with each product and are available online just aren’t enough to ensure a desk doesn’t have one its drawers installed upside down. The first “How to Build” video remedies this by folding IKEA’s illustrated instructions into a demonstration with real people building a bed frame, complete with close-up bubbles and fun little animated arrows and building tips. Carl Kleiner for IKEA. Carl Kleiner, a man who we've featured on HUH. a number of times, has just created some new work for IKEA.

Carl Kleiner for IKEA

Yet again, Kleiner has managed to make some clean and minimal work for the Swedish brand, arranging their new kitchenware range in intricate patterns and photographing it from above. IKEA Wants Facebook Fans to Bring Friends to Stores. Christopher Heine | December 20, 2011 | 0 Comments inShare76 Retailer's early 2012 effort combines individual stores with like-gating and philanthropy.

IKEA Wants Facebook Fans to Bring Friends to Stores

Facebook marketers this year figured out how to combine like-gating with philanthropy, and now IKEA plans to add foot traffic to the mix in early 2012. The Swedish retailer is trying to get consumers to bring themselves and their Facebook friends to its locations for a freebies-and-discounts event on Jan. 14. To get information on the "Bring Your Own Friend" event, visitors to IKEA's Facebook page need to click on a tab app on the left-hand side. Using a fairly elaborate friends invite module, Facebook users are encouraged to select their cronies on the social site according to their personal attributes. Viewers can peek in on what specials are running at their local IKEA by clicking through to a dedicated Facebook page for the store. IKEA - Captez la lumière 1/48 (FR) IKEA Places Sofa In Real-Estate Ads. IKEA Trials MÄNLAND, A Male Crèche With TV & Games. IKEA launched MÄNLAND at its Homebush Bay Drive store in Australia over the weekend.

IKEA Trials MÄNLAND, A Male Crèche With TV & Games

The male creche was trialled for four days to give men a place to relax if they weren’t keen on walking round the store. Their shopping partner could check them in for 30 minutes, receiving a buzzer to remind them to retrieve them when the time was up. Men could then enjoy themselves with the table football, arcade games, Xbox console, pinball machines, non-stop sports on TV, free hotdogs and non-alcoholic drinks available. Jude Leon, IKEA’s PR Manager, said: It’s generally acknowledged that most men don’t enjoy shopping as much as women so we wanted to provide a place for the reluctant male to seek sanctuary from shopping stresses whilst allowing spouses to peruse IKEA at their leisure.

Photos by Charles Brewer. IKEA introduces MANLAND, the creche for retail-weary men. IKEA "The world's most liked showroom" On buzze - IKEA et son «aire de la sieste» sur l’autoroute A6. Publié le 04 juillet 2011 Le géant du mobilier lance le premier hôtel capsules éphémère gratuit qui offre aux vacanciers la possibilité de faire un petit somme de 20 minutes pendant leur trajet.

On buzze - IKEA et son «aire de la sieste» sur l’autoroute A6

«Dormez, partez reposé»: c’est le nouveau claim de IKEA, qui va investir la principale aire (plus de 60 000 véhicules/jour durant l’été) de l’autoroute du Soleil (à Beaune-Tailly), lors des grands départs en vacances du 13 au 31 juillet. La marque suédoise ouvre en effet le 1er hôtel capsules en France de 560 m2, permettant à chaque automobiliste de faire une sieste, confortablement allongé sur un matelas… IKEA bien sûr. Dans cette «aire de la Sieste IKEA», conçu par l’agence ubi bene en partenariat avec APRR (Autoroutes Paris-Rhin-Rhône), 28 chambres capsules individuelles dont une réservée aux personnes à mobilité réduite, permettront de faire un gros dodo de 20 minutes.

Un espace de découverte d’une partie de la gamme des matelas IKEA sera également accessible à tous les visiteurs. IKEA Share Space. IKEA: Your Personalized IKEA Bedroom - Interactive (image) Chaîne de ikeauk.