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Sociétés : Quand Patagonia appelle à ne pas acheter ses produits. Dans une publicité, la marque californienne enjoint ses clients à bouder ses vêtements, arguant leur coût environnemental.

Sociétés : Quand Patagonia appelle à ne pas acheter ses produits

Retour sur un «coup» marketing à moindre frais. C'est un message pour le moins inhabituel qu'ont pu découvrir les lecteurs du New York Times, le 25 novembre. BLOG-IN / DAILY - Longchamp présente «Heels», une web série sur Publié le 28 novembre 2011 Oyez bonnes gens la terrible histoire d’une jeune rédactrice de mode du magazine SHINE et de ses relations tumultueuses avec son ennemie jurée, la machiavélique Trisha Barton.

BLOG-IN / DAILY - Longchamp présente «Heels», une web série sur

La guerre est déclarée quand cette dernière revient de New York pour devenir la nouvelle rédactrice en chef du fameux SHINE… Don't Buy Patagonia Stuff New Unless You Really Need It. Top des campagnes digitales Luxe, Parfums et Cosmétiques. On termine la série de sélection des meilleures campagnes de marketing interactif avec cette petite liste d’opérations et de campagnes récentes dans les domaines du luxe, des parfums et des cosmétiques.

Top des campagnes digitales Luxe, Parfums et Cosmétiques

Longchamp “Keep on Riding” Le maroquinier nous entraine au travers de Paris dans une chasse au trésor sur les traces de sa nouvelle création : le sac nommé Balzane. Il s’agit d’un asticieux dispositif de vidéos intéractives construit sur YouTube, avec des images très belles et qui sont totalement dans l’esprit de ces univers du luxe. Tout commence dans le channel YouTube officiel de la marque Longchamp avec le modèle Audrey Marnay qui vous dépose gentiment les clés d’une moto Triumph et une premier indice sous la forme d’un petit mot manuscrit dans une bourse… Notez que vous ne remarquerez rien, mais ces contenus sont adaptés à votre langue. Converse's 'Take it Outside' Treasure Hunt.

A great competition from Converse.

Converse's 'Take it Outside' Treasure Hunt

To promote their new boots, they're leaving some pairs around the UK. Pictures are posted on Facebook, with a date and time that the boots will be left in the vicinity. Other details are added on Twitter. For example here: Patagonia: Building A Strong Brand Out Of Old Clothes. Every once in a while, a completely counterintuitive idea comes along, shakes up our assumptions, and becomes the new normal.

Patagonia: Building A Strong Brand Out Of Old Clothes

I believe Patagonia Clothing’s Common Threads initiative is an idea like that. If you follow green business news, you’ll recall Common Threads making headlines a few weeks ago. In the words of founder Yvon Chouinard, “This program first asks customers to not buy something if they don’t need it. Bloggers Mean Business. There was a moment after New York’s 2009 Fall Fashion Week when fashion bloggers had officially, as the press likes to call it, “arrived.” They had blogged their way to the front row of Bryant Park’s most exclusive runway shows; they were the new army of digital Anna Wintours. They wrote in Internet slang and posted photos of themselves mixing vintage with Valentino.

CHANEL Home. From Zappos, an Unadorned Pitch in Selling Clothes. The campaign was created by Mullen, the company’s agency of record and part of the Interpublic Group of Companies, and is intended to highlight the company’s apparel.

From Zappos, an Unadorned Pitch in Selling Clothes

“Zappos has a quirky culture,” said Tim Vaccarino, group creative director at Mullen. “Doing something typical is not really them.” The campaign departs from Mullen’s last work with Zappos, which featured (clothed) felt puppets whose voices were provided by real customer service calls and was made up primarily of television ads. The new campaign will incorporate a heavy dose of digital ads, videos and QR (for quick response) codes, as well as print ads in magazines. And if the idea of using naked people who need to be clothed to sell clothing seems too literal, that is exactly what the marketing minds at Zappos and Mullen say they had in mind. “Sometimes advertisers try to do something very creative and the messaging gets lost,” said Michelle Thomas, the senior brand marketing manager at Zappos. Fashion brands falling in love with Instagram. TNW had a great article a few days ago on the brands that are moving the first steps on Instagram.

Fashion brands falling in love with Instagram

If I remember correctly Levi’s Brazil has been among the first early this year, when they started presenting their collection to the Instagram community. Instagram seems to be particularly popular among fashion brands. Burberry, for example, is doing an amazing job and has already over 33,000 followers. Kate Spade NY has 12,000, Gucci has started more recently but it’s already worth following as they share both archive and behind the scene images. I guess the connection between fashion and photography is pretty straightforward, so it’s natural for fashion brands to connect with consumers on a platform that celebrates visual prêt-à-porter beauty. Have you got thoughts or case studies to share? Adidas France 3D Mapping Projection. Nike x colette: The Away Project Retail Space. Following a preview of earlier in the month, we now take a look into the actual retail space which houses The Away Project, a joint venture between Nike and Parisian boutique colette.

Nike x colette: The Away Project Retail Space

Produced in celebration of the French Football Federation’s Away Kit, this limited pop-up store plays host to a wide selection of product inspired by the kit’s “mariniere” theme. Brands featured in the showcase include Chanel, Colorware, COMME des GARCONS, Hermes, Laduree, Longchamp, MontBlanc, Swatch, Trousselier and Yves Saint Laurent. For those interested, the installation is still open to the public via colette. Source: La MJC. Repetto lance un atelier de personnalisation qui voyagera tous les mois.