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Why we shouldn’t be so quick to write Google+ off. Although Google+ is still only a few months old, there seem to be plenty of people willing to write it off as doomed, or close to it.

Why we shouldn’t be so quick to write Google+ off

Steve Rubel of Edelman says that he has given up on it, Robert Scoble says its brand pages are a mess, and Farhad Manjoo at Slate argues it’s all but dead, killed by its failure to offer enough right out of the gate. While it would be tempting to agree that Google has flubbed yet another attempt at social networking, since its track record in that area is so famously underwhelming, there are good reasons to believe that Google+ will be around for a while. If anything, it is only beginning to show its real power. Rubel says he has quit the network because there just isn’t enough going on there in terms of engagement, and so he has retreated to his Tumblr blog and to Twitter (Rubel, the head of digital strategy for the global Edelman PR agency, recently nuked his blogs and switched over to Tumblr as his main communications channel).

Rip Rowan - Google+ - Stevey's Google Platforms Rant I was at Amazon for about… Google+ for brands. Study: Will You Abandon Facebook in Favor of Google+? Brian Solis. InShare476 The question seems premature or perhaps over dramatized, but I ask it with all sincerity.

Study: Will You Abandon Facebook in Favor of Google+? Brian Solis

Whether the answer is yes or no or if the answer is not yet within grasp, think about the question at any level you wish and try to answer it. It is the process of thinking through the strengths and weaknesses of Facebook and Google Plus where you discover what each network means to you and why and how you will divide your time and focus in each. Or, you may uncover reasons to jump from one network to the other or pull the plug all together. It’s a healthy exercise to help you find balance and reconnect with your core values that drive productivity and fulfillment. The adoption of Google+ is nothing short of astounding. comScore estimates that 25 million people have circled their friends and are sharing, +1′ing their way, and chatting their way toward social bliss. comScore visualizes the blinding velocity of Google’s growth, reaching 25 million within its first month of debut. Facebook. L’avenir de Google+ se dévoile.

Voilà presque un mois que Google a lancé sa plateforme sociale Google+ : Google lance sa plateforme sociale unifiée Google+.

L’avenir de Google+ se dévoile

Beaucoup d’agitation et de spéculations autour de cette nouvelle plateforme qui a fait grand bruit. Il faut dire que le programme de déploiement par invitation a généré beaucoup d’attente et de frustration. Visiblement tout ceci devrait rentrer dans l’ordre, car le service serait accessible librement à partir du 1er août (à confirmer). Je pense ne pas me tromper en disant que Google a réussi son pari, car Google+ a connu une croissance spectaculaire : Nous en savons maintenant un peu plus sur l’audience de Google+ avec plus de 20 millions d’utilisateurs, chiffres confirmés par Google et d’autres instituts sérieux comme comsCore : Google+ Off to a Fast Start with 20 Million Visitors in 21 Days.

Mais il convient néanmoins de relativiser, car l’Amérique du Nord représente tout de même la part d’audience la plus importante :