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Facebook reveals its top 20 most shared articles in the UK. Facebook has revealed the 20 articles that have been shared the most by UK users this year.

Facebook reveals its top 20 most shared articles in the UK

The social network selected major media outlets in the UK and ranked articles that received the most clicks from Facebook after being posted, liked or shared by friends. These follow on from the top status update trends that were released this week. 4 qualities of Facebook’s most-shared stories. Most Shared Articles on Facebook in 2011. Les 4,74 degrés de séparation de Facebook. Station: The UnFacebook World.


5 ways Facebook is changing search marketing. Make no mistake about it: Google is still the dominant force in search engine marketing.

5 ways Facebook is changing search marketing

But as Facebook continues to grow in size and influence, it is significantly affecting how consumers are accessing information and how marketers' dollars are being spent online -- and Google is definitely taking notice. As early as November of last year, Facebook had established itself as the dominant publisher for display impressions, with about one of every four impressions occurring within the walls of Facebook.

And recent data from eMarketer shows that Facebook has now transitioned its display dominance into a lion's share of online impression-based revenue. It is estimated that Facebook will generate $2.19 billion dollars in display ad dollars this year (21.6 percent of the entire market). To Spread Your Brand On Facebook, Don't Target Your Fans. Forget Facebook fans; brands need to target the friends of fans.

To Spread Your Brand On Facebook, Don't Target Your Fans

That's the takeaway of Social Essentials, a new service provided by ComScore, with help from Facebook. The service offers unprecedented insights into the influence of brands through social media, complete with detailed credit card behavior that can link web browsing patterns to purchase decisions. The F-Commerce FAQ.