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Meet the Urban Datasexual. Food trends. I’m just putting the finishing touches to a menu of food trends for 2011+ (a collaboration with Charles and Wayne at The Food People).

Food trends

In the meantime, I spotted this list of food and drink trends in today’s issue of the Globe & Mail. Food trends 1. Vegetable ash 2. Olive oil alternatives 3. Drink trends 1. L’OCDE lance un nouveau rapport sur la mesure du bien-être. Retransmission vidéo de la conférence 12/10/2011 - Aimez-vous votre travail ? Vous sentez-vous en bonne santé ?

S June 2011 Trend Briefing covering INNOVATION EXTRAVAGANZA. English not your preferred language?

s June 2011 Trend Briefing covering INNOVATION EXTRAVAGANZA

Read this Trend Briefing in: Français 中文 Nederlands Türkçe Español Português. KinectShop: The Next Generation Of Shopping [Exclusive Video] Virtual reality shopping just got a lot more real--and could soon become a lot more mainstream.

KinectShop: The Next Generation Of Shopping [Exclusive Video]

"KinectShop" (working title), an augmented reality shopping platform for the Xbox Kinect, exploits the system's new finger-recognition technology to allow shoppers to grab items from an unlimited shelf of clothes, see how accessories look at multiple angles, and share the photos with friends on Twitter and Facebook for a quick thumbs-up or down.

"The customer can visually see what an object looks like on them without even entering a retail store," Steve Dawson, Technology Director for the Emerging Experiences group at Razorfish tells Fast Company. Unlike existing virtual shopping that shoehorns 2-D photos on top of body snapshots, "with Kinect, you can find the physical outlines of a person and map it to your body. " KinectShop is primed to seamlessly integrate with real-life shopping experiences. New Experiences Required New Tech. The future of the world will be Collaborative Consumption - Emmanuel Vivier Lifestream : Buzz, Digital, Viral & social media marketing expert. The 10 Most Innovative Companies in Food. 01 / PepsiCo >> For its ambitious nutrition R&D.

The 10 Most Innovative Companies in Food

Does better nutrition require curbing our appetites for Cheetos and Fritos and Mountain Dew (oh, my!)? Not if PepsiCo can help it. The snack-food giant recently opened a clinical research center charged with making its products healthier--slashing fat, sugar, and sodium by as much as 25% in the next 10 years--without changing their taste. 02 / Trader Joes >> For vaulting past Whole Foods to become America's favorite specialty grocer. 03 / Madecasse >> For building a bean-to-bar chocolate company in one of the poorest countries in the world. 04 / Cargill For charging into the sweetener market with a plant-based product that's aims to be eco-aware and health-friendly. 05 / FoodHub For creating an online tool to connect local food producers to food buyers big and small. 06 / Current Energy For greening restaurants (and saving them money in the process). 07 / Chipotle For boldly taking advertising in-house.

S February 2011 Trend Briefing covering CITYSUMERS. English not your preferred language?

s February 2011 Trend Briefing covering CITYSUMERS

Read this Trend Briefing in: Français 中文 Nederlands Türkçe Español Português Deutsch 한국어 First published in February 2011 | As rapid urbanization is one of the biggest macro trends of our time, you can't go wrong innovating for existing and newly minted 'CITYSUMERS' around the world. The future consumer arena is urban. We flagged URBANOMICS as one of our 11 Crucial Consumer Trends for 2011, but given urbanization is one of the absolute 'mega macro' trends for the coming decade, here's a dedicated Trend Briefing focusing on just one of the implications of rampant urbanization: the rise of the CITYSUMER. CITYSUMERS | The hundreds of millions (and growing!) * To be absolutely clear, in this briefing we focus on urban consumers who have some level of disposable income.

Here are just three drivers behind the CITYSUMERS trend: But first, a bit more detail on the growing urban consumption arena: The big difference between tomorrow's urban world and today's? Dissecting the "why" of buy. iMediaConnection: You will be delivering the keynote address at the upcoming iMedia Brand Summit.

Dissecting the "why" of buy

What can attendees expect to hear you talk about? Donna Sturgess: The why of buy is a trillion-dollar question. We know in this digital age that brand relationships and buying behavior are greatly influenced by social sharing, advocacy, and the world of communities. As a consequence, the relationship between a brand and its customers has never been more fragile and requires direct measurement and management to sustain a competitive advantage and boost sales. My presentation will share a revolutionary new construct of the four relationships a brand can have with its customer. Each primary relationship has a secondary dimension, resulting in 16 distinct relationships in the framework.

iMediaConnection: Your firm, Buyology Inc., works to measure and manage non-conscious decision-making and its impact on brand relationships with consumers. Stay informed. The tyranny of choice: You choose. La consommation ajustée. 13 janv. 2011 - La tendance touche tous les pays développés : les consommateurs sont à la recherche d’une meilleure façon de consommer.

La consommation ajustée

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