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Random website dot com. Welcoome to FUMBOO! For kids! The Beano Comic - Weekly laughs, jokes, pranks, and puzzles for kids. Starring Dennis and Gnasher! Badger Badger! The Original Dancing Badgers! The No.1 Official Free Television & Radio Audience Ticket Destination. Super School: Genesis of a new Beano strip. Over a year ago, in late summer 2007, I was contacted by Alan Digby, editor of The Beano, to enquire if I'd be interested in drawing a brand new strip for the weekly.

Super School: Genesis of a new Beano strip

Naturally I jumped at the chance, as long as I could fit it in with my other workload. I'd drawn a strip for the Beano only once before, - a fill-in on a Fred's Bed strip that eventually appeared in last year's Christmas issue. (Another fill-in, this time on Ivy the Terrible, would appear a few months later.) Several years ago I'd also contibuted several strips to the Fun-Size (digest) editions of Beano and Dandy, - and drew a few pages for a Beano Summer Special about 10 years ago, but that was my sum total of contributions for DC Thomson, which had always proven a tough nut to crack.