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Technical Web Typography: Guidelines and Techniques - Smashing Magazine. Advertisement The Web is 95% typography, or so they say.

Technical Web Typography: Guidelines and Techniques - Smashing Magazine

I think this is a pretty accurate statement: we visit websites largely with the intention of reading. That’s what you’re doing now — reading. With this in mind, does it not stand to reason that your typography should be one of the most considered aspects of your designs? Unfortunately, for every person who is obsessed with even the tiniest details of typography, a dozen or so people seem to be indifferent.

Creative and Technical Typography I’m not sure these two categories are recognized in the industry but, in my mind, the two main types of typography are creative and technical. Creative typography involves making design decisions such as which face to use, what mood the type should create, how it should be set, what tone it should have — for example, should it be airy, spacious and open (light) or condensed, bold and tight, with less white space (dark)?

We’ll focus on technical type in this article. We’ll learn about: <! Beware! <! JavaScript & AJAX. An Intensive Exploration Of jQuery. CSS Modal. Using CSS3 techniques a modal box can be created without JavaScript or images.

CSS Modal

With a bit of animation, transition and transform, it can be made that little bit more special. CSS Modal Experiment Modal experiment updated for Firefox 10 which has better transform, transition and animation performance. Also supports 3D transforms. In this experiment, clicking an ‘open’ link pops up a dialogue with a smooth hardware accelerated bounce (where supported). Of course, using images and JS will only make the modal better, and something like hitting ESC to close will never be reproduced in CSS. How to The :target pseudo-selector changes the style of a targeted element.

The modal is two parts, one part container, one part content. The content is positioned roughly in the middle and is prettified with a sprinkling of text shadow, border radius, box shadow and gradient. The simple opacity transition: The scaling animations, although only 2D, uses scale3d for hardware acceleration. Caveats. Ajax - MDC Doc Center. 10 Mind-Blowing Experimental CSS3 Techniques and Demos-Speckyboy Design Magazine. As CSS3 gathers momentum, more and more new techniques and ideas are being published every other day.

10 Mind-Blowing Experimental CSS3 Techniques and Demos-Speckyboy Design Magazine

Each seems to explore exciting never seen before avenues, and ALL push CSSes boundaries ever further away. It really is an exciting time for web design. The post should have been called “The Top 10 Kick-Ass Experimental CSS3 Techniques That Simply Blew My Mind Away! “, but instead we opted for the conservative route. Having said that, that title describes this post to a tee, and gives you a clearer idea of what you will find. Anyway, here are our favorite CSS3 experimental techniques, And please, please do try this at home, we will really look forward to seeing your results. Our Solar System – An experiment with CSS3 This is a recreation of our solar system using the CSS3 features border-radius, transform and animation.

Our Solar System »View the Demo » Star Wars HTML and CSS: A NEW HOPE Star Wars HTML and CSS: A NEW HOPE »View the Demo » Pure CSS3 Animated AT-AT Walker from Star Wars.