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jQuery version. 175 Awesome jQuery Slider and Effects Roundup - tripwire magazine - Vimperator. Slider are very useful and increasingly popular web page elements used for highlighting important content.

175 Awesome jQuery Slider and Effects Roundup - tripwire magazine - Vimperator

By using a jQuery slider plugin, one can create amazing HTML slider effects with fancy animations of content elements like text and images. jQuery takes care of the difficult aspects like browser support and typically when using jQuery plugins it can be done with very little coding effort. This is the reason why jQuery sliders and jQuery banner slideshow scripts have become very popular on most types of websites. They are are typically used to feature multiple products, news, video etc. without taking up a lot of space on the pages.

In fact, we see sliders on most news and business websites today and they are placed on the most important location over the fold on the front page. The jQuery library has undoubtedly made the life of web developers easier and made it possible for non-experts to do fancy stuff themselves. Advertisement Article Index Camera Slider – MORE INFO. Typography Effects with CSS3 and jQuery - Vimperator. One morning, when Gregor Samsa woke from troubled dreams, he found himself transformed in his bed into a horrible vermin.

Typography Effects with CSS3 and jQuery - Vimperator

He lay on his armour-like back, and if he lifted his head a little he could see his brown belly, slightly domed and divided by arches into stiff sections. The bedding was hardly able to cover it and seemed ready to slide off any moment. His many legs, pitifully thin compared with the size of the rest of him, waved about helplessly as he looked. "What's happened to me? jQuery effects, 150+ best for web developers and designers - Vimperator. Since the arrival of the jQuery library, the life of JavaScript programmers have gotten a lot easier because now it’s simpler to develop web 2.0 applications.

With jQuery, the programmers can keep their code organized and concise, which is the major slogan of the library, “write less, do more”. Best jQuery Plugins of 2011. jQuery was first released in 2006.

Best jQuery Plugins of 2011

Nearly 5 years later, it’s still going strong – due largely in part to the community that’s been built up around it. This community of developers constantly releases plugins that allow web developers to easily add amazing functionality to their projects. Continuing our “Best of 2011″ series, the focus this week is on jQuery plugins. Over the past eleven months we’ve seen a lot of great new plugins being released, which made choosing our favorites extremely difficult.

Isotope. Booklet - jQuery Plugin - Vimperator. What is it?

Booklet - jQuery Plugin - Vimperator

Booklet is a jQuery tool for displaying content on the web in a flipbook layout. It was built using the jQuery library. Licensed under the MIT license. Want to check out the source? Take a look at the project's GitHub Repository. 7 Things I Wish I Had Known About jQuery - Vimperator. This article is mostly aimed at people who are just starting to learn jQuery.

7 Things I Wish I Had Known About jQuery - Vimperator

I assume you know the following: Base knowledge of JavaScriptWhat jQuery isHow to include jQuery in a web pageBasic knowledge of how to use the $ function (for example: $(‘#test .testing’))Basic understanding of the chainable eventsKnow what $(document).ready(function () { }); does (sometimes seen as $(function () {} ); or $().ready(function() {});)Know intermediate HTML and CSS (lists, padding, colors, borders and margin) Adapter jQuery à vos besoins - Vimperator. Cet article se base sur l'acquis.

Adapter jQuery à vos besoins - Vimperator

Je vous conseille de lire ou de relire : jQuery Liquid Carousel plugin - Vimperator. To see this plugin in action, just resize this window...

jQuery Liquid Carousel plugin - Vimperator

Liquid carousel is a jQuery plugin intended for liquid designs. Every time the container of the carousel gets resized, the number of items in the list change to fit the new width. In order to use liquid carousel, you have to include the jQuery library and the liquid carousel script your page: Then you need to add the items list and the navigation buttons in the body of your document: jQuery Masonry. Comment faire un « infinite scroll » en jQuery. Best jQuery blogs to always keep within your RSS Design and Development tuts – TutorialShock. For those who are not very much into web development, jQuery is a popular cross-browser JavaScript library designed specifically to simplify the client-side scripting of HTML. jQuery was released in January 2006 by John Resig and is currently being utilized by over 31% of the 10 K most visited websites, thus jQuery has become the most popular JavaScript library nowadays.

Reducing map: jQuery vs jQuery vs JavaScript - O! Mr Speaker! The map/reduce (and their friends filter, each, flatten etc) paradigm provides a general way to manipulate lists and streams.

Reducing map: jQuery vs jQuery vs JavaScript - O! Mr Speaker!

This is particularly well suited to web work - where we spend most of our days playing with lists of DOM elements. Recent versions of JavaScript give us the tools to do this work natively but before that we had to roll our own, or use a library. jQuery has had some similar features since way-back-when, so today we're going to do a bit of "compare & contrast" on the map function: jQuery vs jQuery vs JavaScript! Map iterates over a collections and applies a function to each element - returning a new, usually modified, list. Our tests will examine jQuery's "inline" map with it's global $.map map, and JavaScript's native map function. The object (no pun intended) is to see how each implementation varies in terms of the parameters and the value of this we get each iteration, and how they handle weird arrays.

<ul id="list"><li>1</li><li>2</li><li>3</li></ul> 25 Incredible jQuery Plugins for Design Enhancements. There are a lot of readymade jQuery plugins from helpful developers and designers who put excellent effects and functionality in their code to help your website. Here are 25 jQuery plugins to perk up your site. You can just download the scripts and add them to the jQuery framework, and it will enhance your web design. 1. Coda Slider Coda Slider is a cool sliding panel plugin widget from jQuery. 2.

This enables content or images to be slid vertically or horizontally as you click on the controls. Progressive <canvas> pie charts. Peity (sounds like deity) is a jQuery plugin that converts an element's content into a <svg> mini pie 2/5 donut 5,2,3 line 5,3,9,6,5,9,7,3,5,2 or bar chart 5,3,9,6,5,9,7,3,5,2 and is compatible with any browser that supports <svg>: Chrome, Firefox, IE9+, Opera, Safari.

progressive <canvas> pie charts

Download version 3.2.1 Uncompressed 8.7Kb jquery.peity.js Minified 3.6Kb (+gzipped 1.7Kb) jquery.peity.min.js Source. Marathons, Pirates, and Moving Beyond jQuery. Do you know Chris Selmer?

Marathons, Pirates, and Moving Beyond jQuery

He’s one of the Senior Partners here at Intridea. He’s also a person that likes to run, even when nothing is chasing him. Its baffling, I know. Although, I guess I’m no better, as I’ve recently started going to the gym and picking things up just to put them down. Not my best decision. 9 jQuery Scripts to Enhance Your Website. Time for a roundup for all the jQuery plugins that have been on the wild for a few weeks. There are getting more and more jQuery plugins coming out just to meet your special needs. In this post, I particularly like Sausage contextual pagination, I think it's a brilliant ideas! Here you go, pretty sure some of them will be really useful. Apprise - The attractive alert alternative for jQuery.

The initial release of Apprise has been a major success and is often what this site is most commonly associated with. As far as I've been able to track, Apprise has been downloaded over 23,000 times and has been mentioned in over 46,000 blogs. Which is fantastic, especially for something that I've never been very proud of. I've wanted to update, and change the UI, of this for over a year now. Time has finally permitted and it's, finally, ready. Demos. Jquery.easie.js. RequireJS. Introduction§ 1 While RequireJS loads jQuery just like any other dependency, jQuery's wide use and extensive plugin ecosystem mean you'll likely have other scripts in your project that also depend on jQuery.

You might approach your jQuery RequireJS configuration differently depending on whether you are starting a new project or whether you are adapting existing code. Global Functions§ 2 jQuery registers itself as the global variables "$" and "jQuery", even when it detects AMD/RequireJS. The AMD approach advises against the use of global functions, but the decision to turn off these jQuery globals hinges on whether you have non-AMD code that depends on them. jQuery has a noConflict function that supports releasing control of the global variables and this can be automated in your require.config, as we will see later. jQuery ruleAnimation plugin. Animating many elements in Javascript at once is a pain, even with the latest browsers. On every step of the animation all elements need to have their style property set and that takes time.

Animating a style rule is much simpler as you only need to change properties on a single element and the browser takes care of the propagation to all elements while re-rendering. Pros & cons. 14 Useful jQuery Plugins For Web Designers And Developers. Tools For jQuery Application Architecture – The Printable Chart. Hey guys. Excellent jQuery CSS Animated Navigation Menu Tutorials. The navigation bar in a website is one of the most used sections of a website. You visitors use it in order to go to order sections and come back to the home page. This is why you have to make sure for the navigation menu to be easy to use and not confusing for your visitors.

The second thing you would have to go over in navigation menus is their design. Now it shouldn’t be a fancy design but at the same time it has to be pleasing for the eye and easy to find. With the help of Javascript and jQuery you can work on different designs of the navigation menu of your website. An Intensive Exploration Of jQuery. jQuery Anti-Patterns for Performance. Smashing Labs - gMap, Google Maps jQuery plugin.

jQuery Quicktag. jQuery: The Write Less, Do More, JavaScript Library.