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There is a lovely method on the android.text.Html class, fromHtml(), that converts HTML into a Spannable for use with a TextView. However, the documentation does not stipulate what HTML tags are supported, which makes this method a bit hit-or-miss. More importantly, it means that you cannot rely on what it will support from release to release. I have filed an issue requesting that Google formally document what it intends to support. The CommonsBlog — HTML Tags Supported By TextView The CommonsBlog — HTML Tags Supported By TextView
Python for Android Mobile app development for smartphones is hot. This is no more prevalent than in the Android space where the activity level oftentimes is frenzied. However, when it comes to building a “real” Android app, it seems there's only one programming choice: Java (although it is possible with a lot more work to use C/C++ with Android's Native Development Kit). Python for Android
Get Started Developing for Android with Eclipse - Smashing Magazine Why You Should Get Excited About Emotional Branding Globalization, low-cost technologies and saturated markets are making products and services interchangeable and barely distinguishable. As a result, today’s brands must go beyond face value and tap into consumers’ deepest subconscious emotions to win the marketplace. In recent decades, the economic base has shifted from production to consumption, from needs to wants, from objective to subjective. We’re moving away from the functional and technical characteristics of the industrial era, into a time when consumers are making buying decisions based on how they feel about a company and its offer. Read more...

Get Started Developing for Android with Eclipse - Smashing Magazine

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