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Oracle adding close source extensions to MySQL. Oracle has now officially announced that MySQL is not a full free software project anymore and that they will go for an Open Core model.

Oracle adding close source extensions to MySQL

This is inconsistent to the original MySQL business model. The main strength of MySQL has always been that all MySQL source code was freely available. It was thanks to this that MySQL got widely adopted and got to be used by tens of millions of users. This was a fact that the MySQL board and Sun understood. Closing the MySQL server code base in any manner would be bad for long term business. MariaDB vs MySQL » By jbowen » Featured, Open Source. Triggers (MySQL) - All4Dev. From All4Dev Un trigger permet de déclencher un événement lors du changement des données d'une table (mise à jour, suppression... ).

Triggers (MySQL) - All4Dev

Il permet d'implémenter des contraintes métiers complexes. The Redis Database System - Linode Library.