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RESIDENZA. 15 of World's Best Urban Bike Infrastructures. Algunos de los mejores recursos gratuitos 3D en la web. Dentro del mundo del modelado 3D y de la Visualización en Arquitectura, existe un mundo de páginas y recursos disponibles en la web, que son compartidos por los mismos estudios al igual que por usuarios anónimos. Ambos están ofreciendo de forma gratuita sus mejores resultados, para que nosotros podamos insertar dentro de nuestros propios modelos 3D, ahorrándonos así varias horas de trabajo e indiscutiblemente aumentando la calidad de nuestras imágenes y proyectos. Ronen Bekerman es un destacado hombre de este rubro, ya que a través de su blog, comparte toda la información referente a la Visualización en Arquitectura.

Es así como queremos destacar dentro de su blog la sección “Freebies”, donde se ofrecen recursos con descarga directa y gratuita. A continuación una pequeña selección de los mejores recursos con sus links directos de descarga. 1. 65 personas de recorte por xoio 2. 10 Mapas de cielo esféricos HDri 3. 130 Plantas XFROG 4. 23 Texturas de madera por Trespa. ARCHIvitamins | RESOURCES FOR ARCHITECTS.

Cities, Architecture and a Broken Economy | Panos Dragonas. City Forward. By clicking accept, you agree to the City Forward Terms and Conditions. City Forward Terms of Use Thank you for your interest in City Forward. By accessing and using this website, you agree to abide by these Terms of Use. The exploration and collaboration tools on City Forward are effective ways to analyze and share information about cities around the world.

Remember that these tools are intended for individuals who wish to learn, explore and share but are not intended for commercial use or use for illegal purposes. We refer to City Forward in these Terms of Use as either “City Forward” or “this Site.” The term “IBM” refers to International Business Machines Corporation and its affiliates. By accessing and using City Forward, you agree that: 1. 2. 3. -- the term “IBM-posted City Data” means that third party data gathered from various third party web sites and posted by IBM on City Forward. -- the term “City Data” means both User Contributed City Data and IBM-posted City 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. Dragonas + christopoulou _architects. Ecosistema urbano . blog.

Forensic Architecture - Centre for Research Architecture – Department of Visual Cultures – Goldsmiths, University of London. Free Stuff - Viz-People. Freebies. Juan Carlos Ramos kindly shares his second 2D Cut Out People Pack. As I always say – You can never have too many 2d people, and this pack has 10 groups of them that Juan prepared as part of his Post Production Spanish Master Class. Enjoy! Read More Mischa Winkler kindly shares his high quality grass models with Octane ready materials. You are free to use this for commercial projects too and files are available as .obj .fbx and .max with texture maps.

Read More Our good friends at Designconnected started a 30% discount promo until January 5th 2014, as well as offering a nice set of free models to you all. Read More In their continuous effort to make the use of RailClone as easy as possible, Long time blog & challenges sponsor, iToo Software, created a new short how-to tutorial that showcase how RailClone can act as a Bookcase creator.

Read More Daniel Lyono kindly shares his Roda Network 130 Sofa 3D Model. Read More. Home. KAWAHARA KRAUSE ARCHITECTS — Wooden Hut. © KAWAHARA KRAUSE ARCHITECTS . Published on July 29, 2014. The starting points for this project were two completely independent circumstances. One was a heap of firewood in the client’s garden that needed a place to be stacked and dried. The other was the wish of the religious clients for a place of contemplation and prayer in their house.

The design for the wooden hut combines these two different wishes. It is a small private chapel in the clients’ garden that is built of firewood. The hut consists of five wooden frames that are stacked with firewood, thus forming the outer walls. The space is created by only two walls. Knitknot architecture. Lotus In The Fields | the environmental blog by Lotus International. Main : dpr-barcelona. MILK TRAIN — Concorso per la progettazione di infrastrutture di servizio per la valorizzazione del lago di Varese (Primo Premio) © MILK TRAIN . Published on June 18, 2014. Eight towers, as guardians, to see the lake, at different heights. Eight towers rooted in context, that host different activities depending on where they are lowered: a kiosk, a canoes storage, a fishermens’ depot, a jury shelter for canoes’ races, an alcove for lovers, a space for bird-watching. Eight towers similar and reversible, made with wood and steel. Eight towers to frame the sight of those who live on the lake, giving them a different perspective, from the water.

Eight towers to complete the already existing services and to create specific stations visible from far. Eight towers for residents, imagined as flexible spaces, able to change over time. Pixel Flakes | Architectural Visualisation. Places: Design Observer. Quaderns. Sezione aurea. Da Wikipedia, l'enciclopedia libera. La sezione aurea o rapporto aureo o numero aureo o costante di Fidia o proporzione divina, nell'ambito delle arti figurative e della matematica, indica il rapporto fra due lunghezze disuguali, delle quali la maggiore è medio proporzionale tra la minore e la somma delle due. In formule, se è la lunghezza maggiore e quella minore, Lo stesso rapporto esiste anche tra la lunghezza minore e la loro differenza: In formule, indicando con la lunghezza maggiore e con la lunghezza minore, vale la relazione: Tale rapporto vale approssimativamente 1,6180 ed è esprimibile per mezzo della formula: Un altro modo per calcolare il valore del numero aureo può essere ricavato dalla costruzione del rettangolo aureo; si può dedurre che equivale a: Il valore così definito, che esprime la sezione aurea, è un numero irrazionale (cioè non rappresentabile come frazione di numeri interi) e algebrico (ovvero soluzione di un'equazione polinomiale a coefficienti interi)

. , ma anche fra e (o. Studio-X Global Network Initiative. TEAM 10 ONLINE. ULTRA Architettura, David Vecchi, Emanuela Ortolani, Michela Romano, benchekroun — Living in the Desert. Axonometric view © David Vecchi . Published on June 12, 2014. The dominant role of nature in shaping the desert landscape shows us how the natural things of this place impose strongly themeselves. Moodboards The word “desert” derives from the Latin word desertum, comoposed of the particle de that assigns a negative sense and of the verb serere, that means to connect, to tie, stating an entity that doesn’t have a connection point, empty, uninhabited.

Section The structure, completely surrounded by the textile, becomes the symbolic transposition in large-scale of the living aggregations created by the nomadic families that live traditionally not isolated but close to other tents. View from desert The textile’s covering is carried away and is lightened up by the wind, takes on new configurations , inflating and deflating according to the force with which it touches its surface, making the wall immaterial, and the enclosure itself, preserving its materic and spatial force, becomes an ossimoro. Vida+facil.