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Working With HTML In Haskell - adit.io This is a complete guide to using HXT for parsing and processing HTML in Haskell. What is HXT? HXT is a collection of tools for processing XML with Haskell. Working With HTML In Haskell - adit.io
Haskell DLL's on Windows Haskell DLL's on Windows The current section of the GHC manual on creating DLL's on Windows is fairly confusing to read, and has some bugs (i.e. 3605). Since I got tripped up by the current documentation, I offered to rewrite sections 11.6.2 and 11.6.3 (merging them in the process). Creating Windows DLL's with GHC is surprisingly easy, and my revised manual section includes an example which can be called from both Microsoft Word (using VBA) and C++. I've pasted the revised manual section as the rest of this blog post.
Things that amuse me In a recent blog post Bob Harper shows one use of laziness, but I think he misses the real import points of laziness. So I will briefly enumerate what I think are the important points of lazyness (excuse me for not coming up with any kind of pun about points). First, I'd like to say that I don't think strict or lazy matters that much in practice; they both work fine. I have programmed in regular non-strict Haskell as well as strict Haskell, and most things carry over well to a strict Haskell. Furthermore, when I say strict language I mean a strict language with at least non-termination as an effect; total languages is another matter. Lazy bindings Things that amuse me
Sententia cdsmithus Sententia cdsmithus (A Side Note: I’ve been formulating the final thoughts on this post for about a week now. In an entirely unrelated coincidence, a good friend of mine and fellow Haskell programmer, Doug Beardsley, ended up writing two posts about monads over the weekend as well. Weird!
Également disponible en version PDF ! (dernière mise à jour : 18/11/2013 12:07 PST) Et en version plus agréable à imprimer (meilleur contraste, pas de fond noir) N’hésitez pas à m’envoyer vos remarques quant à la traduction ! Apprendre Haskell vous fera le plus grand bien ! - Apprendre Haskell vous fera le plus grand bien ! -
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