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Animation. Monty Pythons. The Artist - Oscars 2012. Cary Grant. Cary Grant (born Archibald Alexander Leach; January 18, 1904 – November 29, 1986) was an English stage and Hollywood film actor who became an American citizen in 1942.

Cary Grant

Known for his transatlantic accent, debonair demeanor and "dashing good looks", Grant is considered one of classic Hollywood's definitive leading men.[4] Nominated twice for the Academy Award for Best Actor (Penny Serenade and None But the Lonely Heart) and five times for a Golden Globe Award for Best Actor, Grant was continually passed over. In 1970, he was presented an Honorary Oscar at the 42nd Academy Awards by Frank Sinatra "for his unique mastery of the art of screen acting with the respect and affection of his colleagues".[5][6] Early life and career[edit] Leach was expelled from the Fairfield Grammar School in Bristol in 1918. Leach became a naturalized United States citizen on June 26, 1942, at which time he also legally changed his name from "Archibald Alexander Leach" to "Cary Grant".[13] Hollywood stardom[edit]

Lost In Translation trailer. Tarantino... Kill Bill - Trailer.

Woody Allen

Cédric Klapisch. Clint Eastwood. Delicatessen (1991) Les Tontons Flingueurs" (scène de la cuisine sans coupures) ‪Buffet froid - Bertrand Blier (1979)‬‏ Family - The Marx Brothers. On the image above please click on the brother you would like more information about or scroll down to get general information on the Marx family (image only clickable when your browser supports Client-side maps.) This picture shows from left to right: Zeppo, Groucho, Chico, Gummo and Harpo. Chronological history of the Marx Brothers The mother of the Marx Brothers came from Germany. She was born in Dornum on Nov 9, 1864, her name was Miene Schönberg.

He brother Abraham Elieser Adolf is born on May 14, 1868, he later became known as the comedian Al Sheen. The family lived in New York. Simon's and Minnie's first child Manfred born in 1885, died in infancy before the age of three. Minnie helped her brother Al Sheen getting into show business and decided early that her children should follow him.

The first performance in the Marx Brothers style as we know it was Fun in Hi Skule in 1912. What followed was The Cocoanuts a Broadway show which became their first film. L’AGENCE, avec Matt Damon et Emily Blunt : nouveau poster. L’AGENCE, avec Matt Damon et Emily Blunt : nouveau poster Après des affiches dignes d’Hitchcock, voici le nouveau poster de L’AGENCE.

L’AGENCE, avec Matt Damon et Emily Blunt : nouveau poster

Basé sur une nouvelle de Philip K. Dick, L’AGENCE déroule l’histoire de David Norris, requin de la politique souffrant d’une tendance certaine à autodétruire ses chances électorales. Alors qu’il rencontre Elise, une danseuse du genre bohème, David se rend compte que mener sa vie tel qu’il l’entend ne sera pas chose facile et que des « forces » le poussent vers son destin. L’AGENCE, dirigé par George Nolfi (scénariste de LA VENGEANCE DANS LA PEAU), sortira le 23 mars prochain en France. Sa nouvelle affiche, révélée par Universal, n’est pas pour le marché hexagonal, mais elle est suffisamment jolie pour que nous la partagions. Raras Fotos de Star Wars. Corcholat Suscríbete Raras Fotos de Star Wars — Publicado por fael hace 4 años, 3 meses Fuentes: Suscríbete gratis a la lista de correo Relacionados corcholat 2007 - 2014corcholat [at] gmail [dot] com→

Raras Fotos de Star Wars

Alfred Hitchcock - The Master of Suspense.