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Bootcards/bootcards. Build a Dynamic Grid with Salvattore and Bootstrap in 10 Minutes. Salvattore touts itself as a jQuery Masonry alternative with one important difference: it uses CSS configuration instead of JavaScript. These kinds of grids can be seen all over the web, probably most famously on Pinterest. Today, we will use Salvattore in combination with Twitter Bootstrap 3 to make a responsively awesome flowing grid structure. First, you'll need to grab the Salvattore JavaScript library (minified or source).

Next, you'll want to link up Twitter Bootstrap's CSS. Once this is complete, you're ready to get started with configuring Salvattore! Next, you'll need either an external stylesheet or a <style type='text/css'> tag in your header. Note: you must include type and rel attributes for Salvattore to work properly. Twitter Bootstrap provides a powerful, flexible grid structure which focuses on bottom-up media queries. You'll notice in the above markup the pattern of col-[size]-[column number]. We will be creating a flowing grid using Bootstrap's panel component. Comprendre OAuth2 « BubbleCode by Johann Reinke. Si OAuth2 reste un concept flou pour vous ou que vous voulez tout simplement être sûr d’avoir compris ses rouages, cet article devrait vous intéresser.

Qu’est-ce que OAuth2 ? OAuth2 est, vous l’aurez deviné, la version 2 du protocole (appelé aussi framework) OAuth. Ce protocole permet à des applications tierces d’obtenir un accès limité à un service disponible via HTTP par le biais d’une autorisation préalable du détenteur des ressources. L’accès est demandé par ce qu’on appelle « un client », et qui peut être un site internet ou une application mobile par exemple. Si les ressources n’appartiennent pas au client, alors ce dernier doit obtenir l’autorisation de l’utilisateur final, sinon il peut directement obtenir l’accès en s’authentifiant avec ses propres identifiants. La version 2 est censée simplifier la version précédente du protocole et à faciliter l’interopérabilité entre les différentes applications. Notions de base Les rôles OAuth2 définit 4 rôles bien distincts : Les tokens Exemple :

Customers. Datatorrent.github. Developer Community: Writing an AngularJS custo... | ServiceNow Community. Service Portal is the quick and flexible way to build an application portal that your employees will love. I have been playing with it a lot and thought I would share with you all few things I learned. This topic is targeted towards advanced users/web developers. People who have worked with angular might have used the built in filters for formatting expression values like dates, currencies etc or limiting the number of items displayed and more.

Most of the time these built-in filters will do the job for us, but sometimes in your application, you might have a need to create a custom angular filter. With angular providers in Service Portal, we can create angular directives, services and factory that can be automatically injected into your client script controller. If you see the type dropdown above, it doesn't have the option to create a "filter". I will walk you through the steps to create a custom filter that we can use on a list of Incidents. Below is the example widget i have created. GitHub - akveo/ng2-admin: Angular 2 admin dashboard framework. GitHub - bootcards/bootcards. GitHub - ziyasal/rdash-angular2: AngularJS2 / TypeScript implementation of the RDash admin dashboard theme. Metronic | Portlets - Draggable Portlets. Metronic | Portlets - Draggable Portlets. SB Admin 2.0 with Angular 2 and ng2-bootstrap by AngularShowcase. Integration showcase of angular2-seed-ng2-bootstrap (Itself an integration of ng2-bootstrap with angular2-seed) and SB Admin 2.0.

This template combines the famous StartBootstrap Admin v2.0 template with an Angular 2.0 template by Minko Gechev. Ludovic Henin did the initial integration of NG-Bootstrap, a set of controller components for Bootstrap written for Angular 2.0. Note: Angular 2.0 is not production ready yet! This seed project is perfect for playing around with the latest versions but do not start new projects with it since a lot of new changes are going to be introduced until the framework is officially released. Submissions are welcome. Note that this seed project requires node v4.x.x or higher and npm 3.x.x. git clone cd ng2-bootstrap-sbadmin npm install # clean npm cache & delete node_modules folder if you get an error npm start # start with --env dev npm run docs # api document for app Configure at runtime.

SB Admin Bootstrap 4 Angular 2 | Start Angular. Wish to have it customized? If you like our theme, but wish to have it customized your way, you can hire the Start Angular team to do that for you. Write to us here. Description This project is a port of the famous Free Admin Bootstrap Theme SB Admin v2.0 to Angular-2 Theme Features: Upgraded to rc1.Ready to go, statically typed build system using gulp for working with TypeScript.Production and development builds.End-to-end tests with Protractor.Development server with Livereload.Following the best practices for your application’s structure.Manager of your type definitions using typings.Basic Service Worker, which implements “Cache then network strategy”. Also, check out HTML Bootstrap-4 version of the theme. DownloadPreviewGithubInstallation steps. SB Admin — Bootstrap 4 Angular 2: Free ng-2 theme.

SB Admin — Bootstrap 4 Angular 2: Free ng-2 theme These days when people work so hard for creating user friendly and eye catching websites my team is one step ahead with the idea of developing fully responsive and ready to use admin themes. Here I introduce our latest product “Free trial-SB Admin ng2-Bootstrap4” which is worth using — A boilerplate to get started on your next project! Features: Built using Sass (SCSS).User friendly as it is easily customizable, works like a great starting point for Angular 2 projects.Uses Flexbox which offers good positioning of elements.Cards Widget to provide contextual background colours with powerful display option.Components like breadcrumb, cards, thumbnails, inline alerts are available.Extensions and third-party widgets are add-on.Available with color variations for primary info, danger and warning messages.Uses ng2-bootstrap.Browser Support: It supports all the major browsers along with a backward compatibility with IE 8.

Buttons: Alert messages: Sortable.