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The NoSQL Movement, LINQ, and MongoDB - Oh My! - DevelopMentor. Maybe you’ve heard people talking about ditching their SQL Servers and other RDBMS entirely.

The NoSQL Movement, LINQ, and MongoDB - Oh My! - DevelopMentor

There is a movement out in the software development world called and it’s taking the web application world by storm. “Insanity!” You may cry, “for where will people put their data if not in a database? Flat files? Tell me we aren’t going back to flat files.” No, but in the relational model, something does has to give. The outcry about flat files above is meant to highlight an assumption developers often have about building data-driven applications: Data goes in the database (SQL Server, Oracle, or MySql). The NoSQL movement asks the question: “Is the relational database (RDBMS) always the right tool for data storage and data access?”

GitHub - meteor-utilities/smart-publications: Smart Publications. Aggregations in MongoDB. What we're going to learn.

Aggregations in MongoDB

Scripting With MongoDB. An often overlooked, but extremely powerful feature of MongoDB is the ability to execute Javascript directly within your database instance.

Scripting With MongoDB

Recently, I was tasked with gathering some quick statistics on an ongoing A/B test. The system was splitting new users into two separate groups and presenting each group with slightly different experiences. The goal was to find the number of users per group, and find out the average number of “interactions” per user, per group. I fired up Robomongo and went to work. The first thing I needed to do was define the two (or more) groups that I wanted to gather statistics on.

Next, I wanted to loop through each of these groups, and find out how many users existed in each. Using GraphQL with MongoDB. GraphQL is an alternative to REST endpoints for handling queries and database updates and in this Write Stuff article Igor Ribeiro Lima shows how you can use it with MongoDB and web applications.

Using GraphQL with MongoDB

GraphQL itself is a way to define a contract of what is provided by the server to a web application. GraphQL tries to improve how clients communicate with remote systems. It comes from a simple idea – instead of defining the structure of responses on the server, the client is given the flexibility to define what it wants in response to its queries. In this article we'll show you everything you need to get going with GraphQL. RESTful WEB API for CRUD operations in MongoDB. Download source (on GitHub) Introduction.

RESTful WEB API for CRUD operations in MongoDB

Meteor Meets GraphQL — KADIRA VOICE. Meteor Meets GraphQL We have been using GraphQL at Kadira for about four months.

Meteor Meets GraphQL — KADIRA VOICE

Everyone at Kadira loves it. We introduced Learn GraphQL online course in October, which allows you to master the basics of GraphQL in under 2 hours. Which is the best MongoDB GUI? A good UI is an important part of the development experience.

Which is the best MongoDB GUI?

The mongo shell works great for administrative actions but when working with larger amounts of data, the UI becomes fairly important. There are a number of options when it comes to MongoDB GUI, some good and some not so good. Our customers regularly ask us which UI we recommend – below are some of the options for MongoDB UI we have considered. Our main scenarios are data visualization, presentation and editing. As always your mileage might vary depending on your scenario and preferences. Ozlerhakan/mongolastic. A basic SPA application using AngularJS,WebAPI and Entity Framework.


A basic SPA application using AngularJS,WebAPI and Entity Framework

CSharp Driver Tutorial. Introduction This tutorial introduces the officially supported C# Driver for MongoDB.

CSharp Driver Tutorial

The C# Driver consists of two libraries: the BSON Library and the C# Driver. The BSON Library can be used independently of the C# Driver if desired. The C# Driver requires the BSON Library. A MongoDB Tutorial using C# and ASP.NET MVC. In this post I’m going to create a simple ASP.NET MVC website for a simple blog that uses MongoDB and the offical 10gen C# driver.

A MongoDB Tutorial using C# and ASP.NET MVC

MongoDB is no NOSQL database that stores information as Binary JSON (BSON) in documents. I have been working with it now for around 6 months on an enterprise application and so far am loving it. Our application is currently in alpha phase but should be public early next year! If you are used to working with an RDBMS, it takes a little bit of getting used to as generally you work with a denormalized schema. Using LINQPad to query your Mongo Database - Derik Whittaker. Recently I started playing around w/ Mongo for a side project and so far it has been a cake walk. While learning how to use Mongo I quickly realized that the ‘out of the box’ tool to query the database was the command line. Now this works great, but is limited. I am not able to easily save and reuse any scripts. A Roundup of MongoDB Management Tools. A MongoDB Tutorial using C# and ASP.NET MVC. Install MongoDB on Windows — MongoDB Manual 2.4.8. Installation et bases de MongoDB - Syrinxoon Tuts.

MongoDB est l'une des bases de données composant le mouvement NoSQL au même titre que qu'Apache CouchDB pour ne citer qu'elle. L'intérêt de ce genre de bases de données se ressent dans la manipulation de très grosses bases de données où le temps de réponse compte plus que l'intégrité des données. En effet, les bases NoSQL sont des SGBD et laissent ainsi tomber le R de relationnel au profit d'une plus grande simplicité, performance et montée en charge. Pour en apprendre plus au sujet des bases de données NoSQL et de leurs différences, je ne saurais que trop vous conseiller le livre Seven Databases in Seven Weeks: A Guide to Modern Databases and the NoSQL Movement (lien sponsorisé) à paraître mi-Avril. Le livre est anglais mais si ça ne vous dérange pas alors foncez, vous ne serez pas déçu.

Blog Premiers pas avec MongoDB » Cellenza Blog. A MongoDB Tutorial using C# and ASP.NET MVC. Mongodb/mongo-csharp-driver.