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Docs.reactioncommerce. How to create a reactive Google map. When using Google maps with Meteor you may wish to make use of Meteor's reactivity and do something fancy such as displaying markers and other things in real-time.

How to create a reactive Google map

However it can be tricky to wrangle the maps API into something that works reactively, so we're going to step through an example project that demonstrates an approach we can begin with. Meteor, une nouvelle manière de développer. JSSolutions and meteor latest news, useful information for meteor startups. Linting Meteor Applications. So?

Linting Meteor Applications

Check out the recording below. It shows me typing some code in my editor. And I get immediate feedback, right there. Integrating External APIs into your Meteor.js Application. The Web Dev Zone is brought to you by Stormpath—offering a pre-built Identity API for developers.

Integrating External APIs into your Meteor.js Application

Easily build powerful user management, authentication, and authorization into your web and mobile applications. Download this Forrester report on the new landscape of Customer Identity and Access Management. Meteor itself does not rely on REST APIs, but it can easily access data from other services. This article is an excerpt from the book Meteor in Action and explains how you can integrate third-party data into your applications by accessing RESTful URLs from the server-side. Many applications rely on external APIs to retrieve data. Based on the IP address of a visitor, you can tell various information about their current location, e.g., coordinates, city or timezone. Making RESTful calls with the http package In order to communicate with RESTful external APIs such as Telize, you need to add the http package: Let's look at a graphic to explain the basic concept. Using the Collection2 Package. Loading Google Spreadsheet Data in Meteor using Tabletop.

In the last post I showed how to load CSV files that are hosted in different domains than you application, using HTTP and D3.js.

Loading Google Spreadsheet Data in Meteor using Tabletop

In this snippet I will show how to load Google Spreadsheet data to your app without the need to convert it first to CSV or TSV format. For this we will need Tabletop.js and yes, there is a package for that:johnar:tabletop We can reuse the code from my previous post: client/upload.html We will modify the client/upload.js as shown below:

Meteor 1.3

Packages météor. Autoform Tutorial. While typing out a form is relatively easy, it can become difficult and messy once you consider validation, displaying errors and wiring it up to the back end.

Autoform Tutorial

It would be nice if we could auto generate a form for a given data structure, and luckily we can, thanks to Autoform. In my other tutorials, I've been working on an app called Foosboom, but for this tutorial I'm going to just create a new project because I feel it doesn't really fit into Foosboom - or at least Foosboom won't make full use of the features available in this package. Meteor/ at release-1.3 · meteor/meteor. Quickly See Collection Sizes in Meteor. Have a Meteor app that is loading slowly?

Quickly See Collection Sizes in Meteor

You might want to look at how much data is being pushed down to the browser. If you're being too generic with your publications or not paging or limiting data then you might be loading way too much. How to debug Meteor : Exited with code: 1 Error. If you are building a product using Meteor framework, and follow a package-based architecture, (which you won't for very long considering that Meteor 1.3 is coming with a shift from Meteor packages to npm modules).

How to debug Meteor : Exited with code: 1 Error

You probably came across what I like to call the Exited with code: 1 error and saw the following in your local server terminal : The server will then repeat indefinitely the restart/Exited with code: 1 error. I guess you'll try to comment out the files you suspect of being responsible for crashing the server : But, guess what ? Use Meteor as a data layer for a Webpack app to get ES2015 modules and real NPM support today! TLDR; Meteor is still fun, NPM wrapped packages are bad.

Use Meteor as a data layer for a Webpack app to get ES2015 modules and real NPM support today!

Instead of meteor add obsolete:wrap-everything you can use mainstream NPM packages with Meteor, today. Think about it! Look at meteor-webpack-react. Is Meteor package system perceived as a lock-in by the NodeJS community and slowing down its adoption as data synchronization layer? Probably yes. EDIT: Changed the title, added a real world example and a video.

Meteor.js in Action: Create an App, Test with Laika - Michael Herman. Meteor is a next generation framework used for rapidly developing web apps, which seamlessly combines popular packages like MongoDB, Node.js, and jQuery, to name a few.

Meteor.js in Action: Create an App, Test with Laika - Michael Herman

Check out the excellent Meteor documentation for more information. Grab the code from the repo here. Please note: Before you can follow this tutorial, please install Node and npm.


NodeChef - Lightning Fast Meteor Hosting. Kadirahq/mantra. Sécurité. Turn-key Electron apps with Meteor. Monday, Jan 11th, 2016 Mixmax is a communications platform that brings email into the 21st century.

Turn-key Electron apps with Meteor

We believe everything you do today on the web should be possible in any email. Last month, we released our first desktop application to rave reviews. After several improvements and the release of the Windows version, we’re pulling back the curtain to reveal how we built the app. When we decided to make a desktop application, Electron was an easy choice. Using the HTTP Package. What we're going to learn In this snippet we're going to learn how to use the Meteor HTTP package to make HTTP requests. We'll learn about the two ways we can use the HTTP package to make GET, POST, PUT, and DELETE requests. We'll also learn how to make synchronous requests on the server. When we’re building applications on the web, it’s not uncommon to want to access data that lives outside of our application. Sometime’s this data is owned by us, but more often, it’s owned by a third-party.

Publications et Souscriptions - Découvrir Meteor. Au programme de ce chapitre : Comprendre comment les publications et les souscriptions fonctionnent.Apprendre le comportement par défaut du paquet autopublish.Voir quelques exemples de patrons de publications. Publications et souscriptions sont un des concepts les plus importants et fondamentaux dans Meteor, mais peut être difficile à se représenter quand on débute. Building a Slack Clone in Meteor.js: Getting Started. This is the first of a five-part series on building a Slack clone using Meteor. The aim of these tutorials are not just for you to blindly follow instructions, but it’s our hope that you’ll understand the thought process and reasoning behind the architecture. Installation Installation is simple, just run the shell script Meteor prepared for us! $ curl | sh If you’re using Windows, download the official Meteor installer for Windows.


The vertical-align Property. The vertical-align property controls the vertical positioning of elements within their parent. It applies to inline-level elements and table-cell elements. It has 10 possible values - baselinesubsupertext-toptext-bottommiddletopbottom<length><percentage> Typography Units The different values for the vertical-align property are dependent on specific typography units. The Values The vertical-align property vertically aligns an inline or table-cell element according to these units of typography. Baseline The baseline value, for inline elements, aligns the current element’s baseline to the parent element’s baseline.

For table-cell elements, the value aligns the current cell’s content with the baseline of all other baseline-aligned cells in the same row. The vertical-align Property. Microservices with Meteor - Just Meteor. In this blog post we’ll talk about the microservices architecture and how you can build such an architecture with Meteor. At the end of this blog post you should have a solid understanding why microservices are used today and if your project should use them as well.

Let’s start Let’s get back in time when the internet was still young and the first scripting languages appeared which were used to build dynamic web applications. Back in those days you would develop your application, spin up a server, upload all your scripts to the server and hope everything works out (even if thousands of people use your web application).

Those were the days back then. Web applications got more complex over time. Toy Story: How Max Savin Created Meteor Toys. This is a guest post by Max Savin, the creator of Meteor Toys, a popular suite of development tools for Meteor. A lot of people have asked me what Meteor Toys are, and how they came to be. As they pave the way for a new type of development tools, I thought it’d be a good time to tell the story. And what better place to do it than on the website where I first learned Meteor? How to Speed Up Meteor Development with Scaffolding And Automatic Form Generation. App from scratch. Last updated 06 May 2015. Learn Meteor.js From Scratch: Build a Polling App. CloudAtlas : une application pour tester Meteor.JS (tutoriel Fr, sous mac) by tibomahe. Meteor est un framework (plus précisément une "stack" de plusieurs applications) Javascript assez récent permettant de développer des pages dynamiques et des applications en un rien de temps mais également en très peu de ligne de codes.

Utilisant notamment Node.js, Meteor permet de développer son application uniquement en Javascript, côté client aussi bien, et c'est là la force du framework, que côté serveur. Une merveilleuse idée quand on constate le succès que connait aujourd'hui le langage, notamment simplifié et démocratisé par jQuery. Une merveilleuse idée surtout pour nous autres débutants qui apprécierons grandement de n'avoir qu'un seul langage de programmation à manipuler, et à tenter de comprendre. Meteor gère par ailleurs pour nous la base de donnée nécessaire au développement du projet, en utilisant MongoDb, qu'il n'est pas utile de connaître, dans un premier temps. Instant web applications with Meteor. Develop and deploy your nextapp on the IBM Bluemixcloud platform. Qu'est-ce que Meteor ? Chapter 3: A Simple App (part 2) Autoform Tutorial. Learn Meteor.js Properly. TypeScript and Meteor 2: Let's Start. Hello! If you have yet to read part 1 of this series, I'd recommend reading that and then coming back to this article so that you understand the fundamentals behind why TypeScript and Meteor are a good match.

We have a lot to cover, so let's get started. TypeScript and Meteor 2: Let's Start. CONF@42 - Meteor - MeetUp - vidéo dailymotion. Starting an AngularJS Project with Visual Studio - Iran Reyes. Ionic Creator and Visual Studio.


Type Script. Javascript. Graphique. Droptiles - Metro style Live Tiles powered Web Dashboard. Important Considerations When Building Single Page Web Apps. Wordpress. Stuff that only llama can know about …