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Four Solar

Four Solar Energy Systems Pvt. Ltd. is a Solar EPC company with primary focus on rooftop solar. We are committed to providing top quality and high performance solar energy solutions. We believe in FREE POWER and our customers will enjoy free power for life post ROI.

Best Rooftop Solar Companies In Hyderabad. Solarize Your Offices and Homes - Rooftop solar power is the simplest method of harnessing the power of the sun.

Solarize Your Offices and Homes -

It has gained popularity for its quick and easy installation. People have been apprehensive in the past due to high capital costs and lack of proper awareness. Today that is no longer the case. The rise of information technology and the improvement of solar technology have raised the awareness and the quality of panels, piquing the interest of people to invest in solar power. The environmental effects of solar power are also well known.Rooftop solar panels can be fitted on any establishment with ease. Some of the advantages of on-grid rooftop solar power plants are, Quick and easy installation.Reduced electricity bills from day 1.Return on investment in 3.5 to 5 years.Zero CO2 production.Low maintenance costs.Long operational life (25-27 years).No batteries required.

Rooftop Solar power - How a Grid Connected Solar Power System Works. What is a Solar Inverter and how does it work?

How a Grid Connected Solar Power System Works

A solar inverter is an electric converter that converts DC power (Direct Current) to used AC power (Alternating Current). Our electrical appliances use AC power, hence this conversion from DC to AC. How much power is generated per KW per Year? The estimated power generation for 1 KW per year is approximately 1350 units. Geethanjali College of Engineering. About College: Geethanjali College of Engineering & Technology has been structured to take lead on the changing trends of technology.

Geethanjali College of Engineering

Over the years since it was established, there has been dynamic progress at Geethanjali in all academic and research activities, and a parallel improvement in facilities and infrastructure, to keep it on par with the best institutions in India. The campus epitomizes the Geethanjali motto, “Striving towards perfection” in providing the best of infrastructure and ambience. Geethanjali keeps a keen eye on the current trends and innovations happening in the industry and offers learning methods, which are designed to meet the evolving requirements of the industry.

Problem Definition: The college was paying hefty electricity bills year after year with no relief of reduction in tariff. Solution: After a thorough site survey and analysis, we found few challenges in planning and designing the project as the roofs are distributed. Solar Power Companies In India. Solar Power Generating Equipment Support Hyd. Solar Power Generation Unit in Hyderabad. On grid Rooftop Solar Power Plant in Hyderabad. Solar Power With DG Synchronization. Four Solar Rooftop Companies In Hyderabad. India's Premium Luxury Villa Projects. Hybrid solar system in Hyderabad. Can Solar Energy Save The World In Future. Rooftop Photovoltaic System in Hyderabad. Design and Engineering: After our site engineers submit their site analysis report, our solar design experts will prepare a design document and energy generation report, with details about the panels layout, inverter location, routing of cables, selection of panels and inverter, number of resources required, number of days required for installation, approximate production of units per year, etc.

Rooftop Photovoltaic System in Hyderabad

Approvals: Once you approve of our proposal, we work on required paperwork to be submitted to the departments for approvals. You do not have to run errands; we will take care of approvals. Procurement and Installation: After we get approvals, we start procuring material and thereafter begin installation work. Our experienced installation team, in consultation with our design and engineering teams, installs and commissions the project successfully.

Solar Powered Water Pump Applications in Hyderabad. Solar Rooftop in Hyderabad. Solar Power Generation Unit in Hyderabad. Is solar better than fossil fuels. Wall of Love - Customers Testimonials - Four Solar. Clients Testimonials. Frequently Asked Questions. Rooftop Solar Companies. Solarize Your Offices and Homes. Introduction to Integration of Solar and DG - Four Solar. Frequently Asked Questions. How a Grid Connected Solar Power Systems Works - Four Solar. An Inspiring story on Solar Power. Four Solar Rooftop Companies In Hyderabad. Saving money is not the only factor for people to adopt solar technology.

Four Solar Rooftop Companies In Hyderabad

For several people, it is about the contribution to clean and green environment. For several others, it is to generate own power through rooftop solar. Clean and green sources of energy like solar lead to clean and green environment. It is our responsibility to leave a better society for the next generation.The damage caused by fossil fuels to the planet is irreversible. Burning fossil fuel is the major factor driving climate change. Fossil fuels damage the environment and health. Stay Clean, Stay Green; Leave Clean Leave Green. Four Solar Rooftop Companies In Hyderabad.

Four Solar Rooftop Companies In Hyderabad. Powering Electric Vehicles Through Solar Energy. How does solar power system work. Can Solar Energy Save The World In Future. Do you have a perfect answer for this “Can Solar Energy Save The World In Future”?

Can Solar Energy Save The World In Future

Time to think of utilizing the unlimited source of energy from Sun. Let's change power and let's change the world. Did you know that the amount of power Earth receives from Sun in an hour is more than the world consumes in a year. After reading this artcile you will get clarity on ‘why should we switch to solar energy?’ Here we are going to discuss about the life before and after electricity in a more comprehensive way: Before electricity generation, people had to use gas lamps, candles, kerosene lamps, fireplaces after sunset.

Presently we are generating electricity primarily from fossil fuels like coal, petroleum and natural gas. We can solve this problem but not overnight. This is global issue! Let's change the way we live. Frequently Asked Questions.