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Founders Family Medicine and Urgent care in Castle Rock is a full service medical clinic. It is our goal to provide efficient and cost effective care for the insured as well as the uninsured.

Stay Healthy And Safe. The ABCs Of Good Asserting. What is a family doctor. A Few Tips For Communicating With Your Family Doctor. Comparing the typical fees for some of the most common patient needs. Facts You Need to Know About Urgent Care. The Difference between MD, DO, PA, RN and More. Urgent care versus emergency room infographic. Good Nutrition: One Of Your Doctor’s Top Suggestions. Which would you rather have from your family medical practitioner: treatment and medicine for a chronic ailment, or solid preventive-health advice that might keep you from suffering the ailment in the first place?

Good Nutrition: One Of Your Doctor’s Top Suggestions

Your doctor wants you to be healthy. They know you, they value you, and they want you to be as vibrant and energetic as you can be. So your doctor would much rather give you an “ounce of prevention” than a “pound of cure!” Toward that end, your doctor will likely recommend at least five things (habits) to which you should pay at least some attention every day. Take your vitamins, and get enough sleep. And eat right. Good nutrition is the cornerstone of a healthy physical regimen. Often, they’re generally more successful, and live happier lives. What To Leave Out… There’s a good deal of debate as to the best nutritional approach to take these days. The healthiest people simply don’t eat much ice cream, candy, chips, crackers, cookies, pastries, and the like. Keep Your Holiday Stress In Check - Founders Family Medicine and Urgent Care - Castle Rock, CO. The holidays are a joyful time for almost everyone.

Keep Your Holiday Stress In Check - Founders Family Medicine and Urgent Care - Castle Rock, CO

But they also mean stress – and an extra portion of it – for most of us. Your family doctor will tell you that even several weeks after the New Year’s Eve party decorations have been put away, the stress of the season is still high. Many people start trying to follow through on New Year’s resolutions… and the stress of starting a new exercise or nutrition program, while temporary, is still significant.

Colorado health costs above average according to new study. Just three months ago, as 2018 as was just peaking over the horizon, some health news hit Colorado and there weren’t many people who were happy about it.

Colorado health costs above average according to new study

Why? Because according to a recent study, Colorado has one of the most expensive health care systems in the regional U.S. In January, The Denver Post published an article that asked: why? Why are Colorado’s health costs so high despite the fact that we are—when compared to other U.S. states—a relatively affordable place to live? The Denver Post article came after a study was conducted by the national Network for Regional Healthcare Improvement and discussed the results that were released by them. The study showed that health care prices are especially high in Colorado’s Eastern Plains and Western Slope. And this is just the tip of the iceberg because not only is health care more expensive here in Colorado, but the use of health care is also higher. Emergency Care? Urgent Care? What's The Difference? Your Doctor Wants You To Get A Good Night’s Sleep - Pittsburgh Healthcare Report. “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

Your Doctor Wants You To Get A Good Night’s Sleep - Pittsburgh Healthcare Report

Your family physician will tell you this quaint, time-honored expression has a lot of merit. And that’s why your doctor would love to see you develop the simple daily health habits that help prevent the sort of maladies he’ll have to treat if you don’t. Eat right… exercise regularly… drink your water and take your vitamins. These are simple things anyone can (and everyone should) do. But don’t forget to make sure you’re getting enough sleep, too.

In the past, the medical profession often ignored the power of a good night’s sleep in helping prevent disease, and in creating better health in patients of all ages. Most experts agree: you need about eight hours of good sleep, every night. 8 things to avoid if you suffer from allergies - MyTown Colorado. Springtime, for those who suffer from allergies, can simultaneously be the most beautiful and uncomfortable time of the year.

8 things to avoid if you suffer from allergies - MyTown Colorado

Symptoms range from irritating to agonizing so the search for remedies is never-ending. An easy way to take care of yourself this spring is to avoid known aggravates of allergies. Here is a list of the top 8 aggravates to avoid when your allergies are running wild. 1. The Best Family Doctors Care About Your Privacy - Life Style Byte. Your doctor knows a lot about you.

The Best Family Doctors Care About Your Privacy - Life Style Byte

She should. She must! Start Exercising Your Right To Better Health - Epidemiology & Vaccinology. You’ve been hearing it for years.

Start Exercising Your Right To Better Health - Epidemiology & Vaccinology

Everyone seems to agree, from the talk show hosts you see on television, to the family doctor you see when you have to take a sick day. You need to exercise. Depending upon your current situation, though, it may not be a good idea to leap into an extremely rigorous workout program. 6 Signs That Your Child May Have ADHD - Daily Health Guru. ADHD is an abbreviation that stands for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and is one of the most common complex mental health disorders affecting American children today.

6 Signs That Your Child May Have ADHD - Daily Health Guru

If your child has ADHD it can affect their chances of academic success, make it harder for them to form relationships, impact their ability to focus, use self-control, and even to employ simple skills that are required for daily life. As with most mental health conditions, the symptoms of ADHD vary widely and can be difficult to recognize. Nothing Beats Fun In The Colorado Sun…And Nothing Takes The Fun OUT Of It Like An Injury. FacebookTweetLinkedInGoogle +RedditDiggVKontakteFlipboardEmailShareThis Your family doctor wants you to have a healthy, happy, terrific life all year long.

Nothing Beats Fun In The Colorado Sun…And Nothing Takes The Fun OUT Of It Like An Injury

And as the weather heats up, Denver-area residents love nothing more than working and playing outside in the fantastic Colorado climate! For many Coloradans, it’s a big part of what makes living here so rewarding. A pick-up softball game at the church picnic or family reunion… a round of golf at one of the area’s beautiful courses… even a chance to get out into the garden and enjoy your “green thumb” hobby. While these are great experiences, nothing mars the otherwise-wonderful memory like an injury and a sudden trip to the family medical clinic. So your family medical practice offers a few pointers on how to keep the summer as safe as it is fun this year. Have A Great Time – But Stay Safe This Summer Here are some ideas for making Summer 2019 memorable for the right reasons: Refresh yourself before heading to the range. Castle Rock Doctors & Staff - Founders Family Medicine.

Castle Rock Medical Insurance - Founders Family Medicine. Castle Rock Medical InsuranceAdministrator2020-02-02T17:51:03-07:00 Most Insurance Plans Accepted.

Castle Rock Medical Insurance - Founders Family Medicine

Some major insurance plans we accept are: Medicare – Existing patients only transitioning into MedicareTricareUHCBCBSAnthemAetnaCignaAnd many more *We are currently not accepting new Medicaid/ CHP+ patients. New Medicare patients are not being accepted by all providers. You may pay in full at the time of your appointment and receive 20% discount on your office visit, xrays, EKG and many of our in office procedures. In certain circumstances we may be able to offer a payment plan. Each patient may have only one active payment plan at a time. Castle Rock Medical Center FAQs - Founders Family Medicine. Question: How can I use the patient portal? Answer: Access to the portal is easy and a convenience we provide to be able to communicate best with you. Once you provide our office with your email address, you will be sent an invitation to the portal. Click on the link in the email and follow the steps to get you set up! Question: Can I see the portal of my family members?

Medical Weight Loss and Weight Management Care - Founders Family Medicine. Weight Loss Diagnosis and Treatment Founders Family Medicine & Urgent Care offers compassionate and experienced weight loss care for overweight and obese patients to improve health and quality of life. We focus on the different elements of weight loss, including diagnosis, health management, diet, lifestyle and behavior changes, exercise and education. Our team-based approach offers the best quality care to help our patients reach their weight loss and health improvement goals. Obesity Related Health Diagnosis. Pediatric Care Castle Rock - Founders Family Medicine. Care from Birth through Age 21 Founders Family Medicine & Urgent Care provides excellent pediatric care for scheduled and urgent care visits. We have a Pediatrician on staff serving patients from birth until 21 years old.

Urgent Care Castle Rock - Founders Family Medicine. Urgent Care Castle RockAdministrator2019-11-16T19:59:38-07:00 Why Wait Hours in a Busy Emergency Room? An emergency room is the right place to be for life threatening injuries and illnesses. For all other immediate medical needs, an urgent care facility can provide you with prompt service at an affordable price. What is the difference between Urgent Care and the E.R.? Castle Rock Family Physicians - Founders Family Medicine. Castle Rock PhysiciansAdministrator2017-03-02T10:13:43-07:00 What is a family doctor? A Family Doctor is a doctor who takes care of the whole family. Family Doctors create caring relationships with patients and their families. They really get to know their patients. They listen to them and help them make the right health care decisions.

What do family doctors do? Family Doctors take care of the physical, mental and emotional health of both their patients and their patient’s families. I don’t have any health problems. Family Doctors are specially trained in preventive medicine. Telehealth - Founders Family Medicine. Castle Rock Urgent Care - Founders Family Medicine.