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Bad effects of air pollution on our health. According to WHO, a high level of air pollution can cause various health problems.

Bad effects of air pollution on our health

The rise in pollution level increases the risk of respiratory infections, lung infections, and heart diseases. People, who are already ill, counter quick bad impacts of pollution on their health. No matter you are contacted shortly or for the long term with air pollutants, it will impact your health. PM 2.5 particles are the most dangerous pollutants that badly effect lung passageways. Particulate Matter or PM Particulate matter refers to the particles found in the air, which includes dust, smoke, and liquid droplets. As these PM 2.5 particles are very small in size, they can easily travel and make a permanent place in our lungs. Major causes of pollution: Petrol and Diesel running vehiclesCoal-fired power plantsWaste burningBig construction work in the citiesChimneys in the factories. How to keep pollution at bay while going out of the house or office? Air pollution in Delhi and even in all the major parts of the country has become a big problem for everyone.

How to keep pollution at bay while going out of the house or office?

Even the best condition holds the AQI level of more than 50 according to the air pollution index of a previous couple of years. It is decreasing the ability of our working, both health-wise and mind-wise. To fight off the same condition and live healthy while dealing with it, you need to follow some safety measures and tips. Look at these important tips to minimise the contact of pollution: Use of good quality mask Whenever you are leaving your house for shopping, school, college, or office, you must use a good quality mask while walking or hitting bustling streets.

Roll up the car windows While driving your car, you must roll up all the windows not to let the dust particles and air pollutants inside your car. Why anti-pollution masks have become a necessity for everyone? Till the end of the previous year, it was pollution only that emerged as a global problem.

Why anti-pollution masks have become a necessity for everyone?

But now, the covid-19 pandemic has also hit us, leaving a bad impact on everyone’s life. Two things have become very popular and necessary for everyone — Sanitizer and anti pollution mask. Now, we need to keep ourselves protected against both — air-pollution and 2019 coronavirus. A good quality air-pollution mask can help us fight against both air pollution and covid-19 virus. So, the next time you buy a mask from a pharmacist, ask them for a good quality mask-like Nanoclean’s Nasomasks, which features the following properties: Perfect fit. What is the best alternative to anti-pollution masks? We are living in a country where most of the metropolitan and tier 1 cities are polluted.

What is the best alternative to anti-pollution masks?

Many of them are suffering with AQI above 100, which is considered bad for health. We are compelled to use anti pollution mask every day, even before the covid-19 pandemic. Government is promoting to own and use electric vehicles aggressively. But it is not possible for the people to immediately switch to the electric vehicles. Till the time we get a proper solution for the pollution, we should continuously stick to wearing the best anti-pollution masks.

Even wearing mask all the time is also not possible for everybody. Look at the factors that make nasofilters a perfect alternative to the air-pollution masks: Easy to use It is very easy to use. Equally effective Like anti-pollution mask or anti air-pollution mask, it also works fine and helps you avoid dust, pollution, and micro-pollutants. Comfortable Once it is applied, you wont feel any discomfort while breathing. Nearly invisible Affordable. Nasoshield: Your favourite virus protection at your workplace. Our health workers and the people who come into direct contact with other people need a protective shield while working.

Nasoshield: Your favourite virus protection at your workplace

They need extra protection to ensure their safety from covid-19. Nanoclean presents a hi-quality face shield online in India, which offers extra safety to all the health workers and people who are vulnerable to the coronavirus infection. What reasons make Nasoshield a perfect face shield, mentioned below: Light Weight The high strength but light in weight frame provides almost zero discomforts while using it. Made with least human contact The least human contact offers maximum surety of zero covid-19 viruses on the Nasoshield. Fog resistant visor When you buy a Face Shield Mask to protect yourself from coronavirus infection, a fog-resistant visor is the first thing to prefer. The circular visor design was given to offer optical clarity, which means less eye strain while working on a computer. Enhanced clipping mechanism. Nasomask Face Mask against Pollution with Valve.

Shipping Info: Dispatched in a maximum of 2 business days.

Nasomask Face Mask against Pollution with Valve

Cancellation requests will be accepted strictly within 24 hours of placing the order only. Terms: Free shipping is not applicable on combos/ coupons/ offers Free Shipping is available on purchase above INR 1299/- No coupons are valid on combos Return/ Exchange is not applicable on any product Address change will be accepted only within 24 hours of order placement via email. Address change is only possible if new location is within the same state. Finally You Can Breathe Freely Outside with Nano Nose Mask- Nano Clean. Buy Anti Pollution Face Mask Online at Low Price in India on Nano Clean.