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Build A Bat Detector. Bertrik's bat detector page. These pages describe my efforts in building a so-called bat detector, a device that is capable of converting the ultrasonic sounds emitted by bats to sounds that humans can hear.

Bertrik's bat detector page

This web page contains mostly technical information; for general information on bats please take a look at my bat links. Updates: 12/16/2006: Updated links 7/28/2005: Merged 'buying a bat detector page' into this page. Removed some old out-of-date pages. 6/12/2005: Added link to Yasushi Sugimoto's page 5/01/2005: Updated links to frequency division circuits 6/22/2004: Updated links This is a list of all pages on my bat detector web site. Some of the links point to external websites. General. Tjerk Schuringa's heterodyne bat detector. A heterodyne bat detector circuit designed by Tjerk Schuringa.

Tjerk Schuringa's heterodyne bat detector

The circuit consists of two parts: a pre-amplifier and the detector itself (Click the images to see them in full size). Pre-amplifier The pre-amplifier consists of two transistor stages. The transistor on the left runs at very low current and provides most of the gain. The other transistor provides some gain and buffers the signal, giving an output impedance of about 10k. Detector The detection principle in this circuit is direct conversion by means of a switching mixer. Going from the left to the right, we first see an amplifying and buffering opamp stage.

Popular Electronics Detector Schematic. The Bat Scanner. The BatLogger II - an Ultrasound Bat Activity Logger. The BatLogger II A bat activity logger for the Onset HOBO data logger NOTE: The deployment phase of the Bat Logger II project has come to a close.

The BatLogger II - an Ultrasound Bat Activity Logger

The project's goal was to field up to 50 BatLoggers in a 5 year window to determine the usefullness of this type of device for monitoring mines, caves, and hibernal roosts, over protracted periods of time. Détection de chauve souris - Forums de Abcelectronique. Rappel l'émissions d'ultrasons des chauves-souris se situent dans la plage de 16khz à 40khz sous nos latidudes voici le principe: à l'aide d'un capteur us de type standard très bon marché de 40khz, le signal est amplifié par 2 transistors puis envoyé vers un mélangeur, là arrive aussi un signal de fréquence réglables explication: le son émis par la chauves-souris n'est pas audible pour l'oreille humaine, donc simplement l'amplifié ne nous avance pas.

détection de chauve souris - Forums de Abcelectronique

La solution le mélanger à un signal de fréquence proche mais qui n'est pas pour autant en synchro, donc le résutat du mélange est soit une addition si en phase et c'est inaudible si f>>20khz, soit un soustraction si déphasé et donne un signal audible Ne pas se laisser influencer, le capteur à ultrasons est aussi un émetteur,c'est un cristal piézoélectrique réversible, on vend des émetteurs et des récepteurs, c'est une vaste blague, heureusement c'est encore le même prix.

The ArduBat. I've built a number of projects that have interfaced the output of the Simple Bat Detector with a microprocessor.

The ArduBat

The most recent was the BatLogger II. But I hadn't come up with an easy way for others to experiment with this idea ... until now. My friend, Frank, in Germany, had wanted to make a relatively inexpensive bat activity logger ... and he had come on the idea to do it using a Simple Bat Detector connected to an Arduino board. He added a data logging shield that provided a real time clock and an interface for an SD data card. The ArduBat was born. Once I had seen what the Arduino based hardware had enabled, I felt I needed to see if I couldn't make this an even easier to accomplish task. Build a Simple Bat Detector. .Build a Simple Bat Detector.Tony Messina - Las Vegas, NV Ever since my grade school years I've been fascinated with the way a bat uses ultrasound to "see" in the dark.

Build a Simple Bat Detector

The bat's echolocation skills let it avoid small obstacles, and even catch insects, while in flight. I learned that bats are, ultrasonically speaking, very loud --- so loud, that some of them have special ear flaps that close when they generate an ultrasound pulse so they won't make themselves deaf. I thought something this loud should be easy to detect ! On retirement, I decided to undertake the design of an ultra-portable, personal bat detector. Electronics: Bat detector. Recently I was on a field trip with some friends where I shot my photo of the year - just free-hand and into the dark.

Electronics: Bat detector

Even before I have been amazed by bats since I saw the first one on a summer vacation in Sweden with my parents in the 1980's. So now I searched the web for schematics for a bat detector which converts the bats' ultrasonic sonar signals into audible sounds - a concept which reminds me of my past listening to military radar signals in the navy, 20 years ago... Daubenton's Bat over lake Trehörningen, Fjällnora, Uppsala, Sweden. 1.

Introduction2. 1. Bats use ultrasonic signals for echolocation in order to find their way and their prey in the dark. According to different sources the ultrasonic signals of bats range from about 10 kHz to about 200 kHz (see e.g. The Bat Scanner. NE612 heterodyne detector. This is a schematic for a straightforward direct-conversion heterodyne detector, having a tuning range of about 10 kHz to 120 kHz.

NE612 heterodyne detector

It has been optimised for the use of an electret microphone. The current consumption is very low at only 8 mA, which allows it to operate for about 100 hours with a set of rechargeable batteries. When the frequency is set to about 35 kHz, it is even possible to hear the 32,768 Hz vibrating crystal inside an electronic wrist watch held close to the microphone! Circuit is still experimental ! Introduction The signal from the MCE-2500 electret microphone is amplified by the pre-amp, then it is mixed with a square wave from the variable oscillator and finally low-pass filtered and amplified for headphones.