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Downloadable Resources. Busy Kids = Happy Mom: Life Skills. {Hello!

Busy Kids = Happy Mom: Life Skills

If you are checking us out for the first time and like what you see you can subscribe here and get new ideas to use with your kids that are fun, practical, and purposeful! } Life Skills are the tools your child needs to succeed in life… The skills they don’t teach you in school. **All skills should be taught under adult supervision. A printable list of all age 2-18 Life Skills is available for subscribers (email or RSS).

There is a list of book resources at the bottom of the page. Follow the Life Skills for Kids Pinterest Board here. Age 2 Undress selfPut own pajamas awayWash face and handsComb or brush own hair (with help)Brush teeth (with help)Pick up toysTidy up bedroomClear off own place at tableBe able to play safely and alone for a set period of time (1/2 to 1 hour) in own room. Age 3 Dress self (with help)Make own bed (use comforter)Wipe up own spillsHelp set tableSnap, zipper and buttonPut dirty clothes in hamperStart swim lessons (click here) Age 4 Age 5 Age 6 Age 7 Age 8 Age 9. Juggling With Kids: Cloud Dough. Ever hear of Cloud Dough?

Juggling With Kids: Cloud Dough

It's a wonderful sensory activity for preschool children. It feels like flour as you run your fingers through it, but the cool thing about it is that it is moldable too. My kids spent a good half hour playing with cloud dough. They loved it! Supplies: -8 cups of Flour -1 cup of baby oil Directions: Mix the flour and baby oil together with your hands in a large container until the dough holds together when squeezed. We found this activity on a blog called Pre-School Play.

On Pinterest? Free Hooded Towel Patterns & Tutorials: {Sewing. 25+ Baby Blankets To Make: {Free Sewing Patterns. Whew!

25+ Baby Blankets To Make: {Free Sewing Patterns

Here’s the last collection of baby blankets to make, these focus on sewing tutorials and they’re all so lovely and gift-worthy! I’ve separated them into three groups…first is a selection of projects, next are a few ribbon taggy versions and last is a bunch for receiving/swaddling. Don’t miss those that are quilted here, crocheted here and knitted here. Lots to keep you busy, enjoy! Set of Three: You’ll find versions with a Decorative Stitch, Ric Rac Trim and Bound Edge. Cozy & Quick: Made with cotton fleece, shot cotton and jumbo ric rac. Heirloom Cut Chenille: Simply gorgeous! Flannel Strip: The picture doesn’t show this too well but it’s a “rag” style finished seam along each strip, so soft & cozy! Simple Project: Easy and self-binding, top is a cotton print and bottom is a cuddly fleece or whatever else you like.

Easy Jersey: Nice idea, made with knit jersey & flannel. Ribbon Taggy. ABC_Bible_Verses.pdf (application/pdf Object) Handmade Gift Ideas: For Kids. Why not skip the expensive, battery operated, mass-produced plastic toys this year, in favor of something more unique and personal.

Handmade Gift Ideas: For Kids

Handmade toys are a great way to encourage creativity and activate your children’s imagination. These great ideas are inexpensive and easy to make, plus they’re sure to provide hours of entertainment. 1. Felt Alphabet Letters: Help your little ones learn there ABCs with some cute felt letters. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. Related posts. 8 Great Dates for Moms and Sons. iMOM » Mom Life » Family Fun » 8 Great Dates for Moms and Sons Moms spend a lot of time with their children, it’s the nature of the job.

8 Great Dates for Moms and Sons

But well thought out, one-on-one time with our kids is harder to come by. So get out your calendar and make it a priority. Before you go, plan on using the time you have together to really get to know what your child is feeling and thinking with our Conversation Goal suggestions. Here are 8 great dates for moms and sons. 1. Conversation Goal: Talk to your son about what it means to be a “real man.” How to talk to your son about sex 2. Conversation Goal: Ask your son how he feels about his home life. 3. Conversation Goal: Talk about what you’ve seen. How to teach your son to control his anger 4. Conversation Goal: How is your son doing in school with his more creative subjects like writing and English? 5. Conversation Goal: Road trips are great for tackling heavy subjects. 6. Conversation Goal: Use this time to assess where your child is spiritually. 7. Toy Bag Tutorial. I was inspired to create these bags for my kids who are constantly asking me for plastic bags to put toys into.

Toy Bag Tutorial

I'm big on eco-friendly thinking and decided they needed something more reusable than a plastic sandwich bag. So, not only are these very cute, but very functional and environmentally friendly too! (NOTE: this kind of vinyl is not food-grade and I wouldn't recommend using these bags for food!) Here's what you need: 2 pieces of clear vinyl - 6.5" x 7" (I used a mid-weight, not sure what gauge)2 pieces of fabric - 6" x 7"3" piece of hook and loop tape (aka velcro)1/2" double fold bias tape (store bought or make your own, good tutorial here) I found that making a template and drawing a pattern was an easy way to cut the vinyl.

Next, take your fabric and fold it in half, matching the shorter sides, so you have a rectangle that is 7" wide by 3.25" tall. Open, and fold down the long sides 1/2". Open up the folded fabric and center the hook and loop tape about 1/2" from the top. Done! Project Nursery - Inspiring Baby Rooms, Nursery Design Ideas and Children's Room Decor. Pigtails and tutus. 10 Restaurant Waiting Games to Play with Kids. Before we had kids, my husband and I would eat out all the time and enjoyed our time together discovering new foods and restaurants.

10 Restaurant Waiting Games to Play with Kids

Now that we have two little boys, eating out isn't so easy or enjoyable. We are now mostly limited to kid-friendly dining and even at the most kid-friendly restaurants, we are susceptible to melt downs, whining, crying, and restlessness among other things. So I made a list of restaurant table games to play while waiting for your meal, or even during meal time when the kids are done eating but the adults aren't. These fun little games can be played using items found at your table and have really helped us keep the kids busy and calm while dining out. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. I hope these games help you at your next meal out.

Going on a long flight? 60 Popular Baby Shower Homemade Presents. Homemade presents for baby showers are easier than you think!

60 Popular Baby Shower Homemade Presents

Here are 60 incredible free patterns all with pictured tutorials on how to make the perfect gift for any newborn or baby shower gifts. These homemade gift ideas for babies include adorable gift baskets, nursery decor, diaper gifts, quite books, newborn clothing including soft shoes, diaper bags, baby bibs, and even baby blankets. You will certainly impress any new mama with any one of these amazing homemade presents! Homemade Presents 1. 2. 3. 6. Cute Diaper Gift Ideas 8. 9.

Bundled Home Made Gifts 11. 13. Baby Hair Bow Patterns 14. Quiet Book Patterns 15. Infant and Baby Shoe Patterns 18. 21. Baby Clothing Patterns 22. 24. 25. 26. 27. Homemade Diaper Bags 29. 31. Baby Toy Patterns 34. 38. Baby Bib Tutorials 40. 43. 47. Free Sewing Patterns 48. 51. 53. Pictured Baby Blanket Tutorials 56. 60. 62. Cozy car caddy tutorial.

Without further ado ...

cozy car caddy tutorial

Cozy Car Caddy Tutorial Materials used: two pieces of denim (17 x 10 inches and 17 x 6 inches) one piece of Duck Cloth or other heavy fabric (17 x 10 inches) gray and yellow felt (gray felt cut to 17 x 3 inches, yellow felt cut into seven 1 x 1/4 inch pieces White Piping (two 17 inch pieces) 6" belting 1" Velcro scrap fabric for applique freezer paper, sponge brush, and acrylic paint sewing machine and supplies 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

I used scrap cotton fabric for the car body and felt for the wheels. 6. Line up the raw edge of the piping with the raw edge of the denim. Along the existing stitch line on the piping. 7. I forgot to take a few pictures at this point ... bear with me. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. I sponged 3 light layers of white acrylic paint for my numbers (let each layer dry before applying another). Fill your pockets with matchbox cars, and you are ready to roll. Here's how it folds: Fold the caddy in half so the road meets the pockets. Enjoy! P.s. Recovering a Baby Car Seat. Do you love your infant car seat……but hate the cover?

Recovering a Baby Car Seat

Is the material scratchy or stained? Torn or outdated? Well, then start picking apart that old one……and making it into a new one. You will be so happy you did. While searching for a new car seat, I wasn’t loving any of the fabric. We needed a new baby car seat anyway, so I found one online that had the frame/design that I wanted and then purchased the cheapest color and design.

And then turned it into a fresh and original car seat cover. And I know, these little satin flowers are seen here, there, and everywhere. But I couldn’t resist a little girliness added to the seat. I even coordinated the little seat belt shoulder covers. And yes, the canopy was completely re-done as well……. ………..and collapses perfectly. The car seat cover tucks around the seat frame in the same way, keeping the seat nice and tailored to its specific size and dimension. And of course, a little label attached to the side……marking my work. The view from the back side. Wow. Recovered High Chair. Do you have a high chair with an old tattered cover? Over maybe you’re just tired of it? Yeah, me too. And I wanted to hurry and get this re-covered before moving. So here’s our new kitchen piece. Not such an eye sore anymore. Ahhhh, check.Pre-moving project……….done. Here’s what the little beauty looked like before. But first, I cut where the main seam was so that I could use the pieces as a pattern.

Then I folded the main section in half lengthwise, along my folded new fabric… …and cut around it to get my new piece. Then I cut the top shape. Next, I placed a pin at the center of both curves, where they will be sewn together. Then I added some piping (optional) to the top piece of fabric, with the piping facing away from the raw edge. Then I pinned all 3 layers together, pinning very carefully around the curves.

I used my zipper foot to sew all 3 layers together and not run over the piping. Then I laid the original cover over my new one to mark the hole for the highchair to poke through. Diaper/Wipes Case. YAY!!!! We’re up and running again. You never realize how much you use the internet until you don’t have it any more. I even rely on it to get my recipes for dinner some nights. I had all the ingredients Monday night for a recipe that I found online but then couldn’t make it without the internet. Darn. So, my latest creation has been a fun one. What you’ll need to make all 3 things: 1/4 yard of fabric of each of the two colors1/2 yard lining, any color you like1 empty wipes casefeltsewable velcroribbon/embellishments for wipes casethreadhot glue gunsewing machinescissors ***Adjust quantities if you only want one diaper case.

First of all, I am using the Huggies brand diaper wipes portable case. If you do want the strips, cut 3 pieces of 2 x 5 inch rectangles, in each color. Now, cut out 2 pieces of felt that are 9 x 5 as well. TIP: Just glue a little bit at a time so that your glue is nice and hot while attaching the fabric to the felt, creating a secure hold. Okay, on to the case. Liberty Bibs. Joelle was in California recently, visiting her adorable new niece Bobbie Rae. She noticed that Bobbie was using a lot of bibs, and that the most effective were super absorbent. When she came back to New York she had the idea that we should design a bib that was both beautiful and totally useful. As you might have noticed by now, when we want to make something truly special and beautiful, we often turn to Liberty of London's Tana Lawn. The lovely detailed prints of Tana Lawn are legendary!

Its silky hand is soft enough for a very precious baby gift, but still strong enough to stand up to repeated washings. To add absorbency we decided to back the bibs with Michael Miller's 100% Organic Cotton Terry, which is another perennial favorite at Purl Soho. Each Liberty Baby Bib Kit makes 4 bibs (2 of each print). These bibs are a breeze to sew, you could easily make a whole set in one afternoon. The Materials One Purl Soho Liberty Baby Bib Kit, available here. You will also need: Marking Finishing. Boy Get Crafty. If you're new here, you may want to join us on Facebook or Google +. Thanks for visiting! Welcome to Boy Get Crafty! So many people tell me that their “boys just aren’t that interested” or that they “wished they had a girl to sew for” or “what on earth to give hubby for Christmas”… So I thought a Boy Get Crafty may be a good idea.

As I have a son, I would say that pretty much everything on Red Ted Art is suitable for younger boys. I am sure I will be challenged as he gets older! We have lots of regular crafts for boys (and girls) so why not sign up to receive free e-mail updates of the latest here on Red Ted Art -just had your e-mail to the subscription box on the right hand side of this site? Let’s delve right inx Boy Crafts for Kids Mini Skateboard Craft As you may already know, I love se7en’s website. X Monster Shooting Now come on.. which boy would not LOVE this craft and activity?

X Ice Boats Another lovely idea I first saw on My Oat Meal Kisses are these Ice Boats. Ice Experiment Colours. Toddler “busy bag” swap! « the rigneys. **UPDATE: Check out Toddler “Busy Bag” Swap, Take Two! For 20 more new activities! This post could also be properly entitled: My Winter Survival Kit! This past week, I hosted a Toddler “Busy Bag” Swap in my home for a group of my friends after deciding that I needed a little help keeping my toddler busy when we are snowed-in this winter (not to mention for the times when I will be busy caring for his new little brother!).

I assigned each woman a different toddler activity to replicate 20 times (storing each activity in a gallon-sized Ziploc bag). We all met over dessert and then swapped our activities with one another. Each activity needed to meet the following criteria: Self-contained. I’ve posted pictures of the activities we swapped along with the corresponding links to give you a more detailed explanation of each activity. Mini Reversible Felt Board “I Spy” Fish Pasta Sorting and Stringing Pony Beads and Pipe Cleaners Matching Color Shades Foam Shape Puzzles Build-Your-Own Felt Pizza.