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Whole roast aubergines with tahini sauce and Greek salad. Cheese burger. Beef stew with hazelnut picada. Cauliflower, swede and turnip curry Recipe. Pancetta and Taleggio pennoni Recipe. Butternut squash, chickpea and blue cheese Recipe. Chunky chilli chicken soup Recipe. Kale and Pecorino pesto Recipe. Italian-style beef stew. Roast butternut squash, kale and orzo soup Recipe. Quick prawn gumbo. Healthy Welsh rarebit Recipe. Italian meatballs with orzo. Spaghetti with smoky tomato & seafood sauce.

Chicken thighs with port and madeira Recipe. Sausage meatball pasta bake Recipe. Warm smoked mackerel, apple and chorizo salad Recipe. Oriental Pork & Noodles. Calories are simply a unit of energy.

Oriental Pork & Noodles

If you eat more than you use up, you might gain weight, or lose it if you don't eat enough. The amount you need depends on your age, gender and how physically active you are, but the average person needs around 2,000 calories a day. Carbs are a great source of energy and, excluding foods such as potatoes, are made from grains - like bread, pasta and cereal. We all need carbs, but try to make them all wholegrain by sticking to brown bread, rice and pasta - they are much more nutritious. We all love a treat now and then, but try to limit your sugar intake where possible. We all need to eat a small amount of fat because it protects our organs and helps us grow. Sometimes known as "bad fats", saturated fat is found in beef, pork, chicken skin, butter, cream and cheese - it can be bad for our heart and cholesterol levels if we eat too much.

Protein helps our muscles to grow and repair, as well as providing you with essential amino acids. Chicken and chorizo paella Recipe. Italian bean casserole Recipe. Coconut & squash dhansak. Red lentil and chicken curry Recipe. Jersey royal, smoked cheddar and spring onion cakes Recipe. Falafels Recipe. Roasted sweetcorn soup with curry-spiced butter Recipe. Creamy baked eggs with hot smoked salmon and chives Recipe. Bolognese sauce Recipe. Mac and cheese Recipe. Beef rendang & turmeric rice. Creamy chicken and mushroom crispy pancakes Recipe. Egg and bacon pie Recipe.

Mexican roast chicken & tomato soup. No-fuss fish pie. Glazed sesame salmon. Lobster rolls. Winter nights chilli. When the weather's closing in, it's really great to tuck into a full-flavoured, hearty dish, and for me, a proper, rustic chilli rocks.

Winter nights chilli

The meat will fall apart and melt in your mouth. It's moreish, spicy and with a clever contrasting salsa is a total joy. Preheat the oven to 190°C/375°F/gas 5. Pop the mushrooms into a small bowl and just cover with boiling water. Bash the fennel and coriander seeds, paprika and 1 teaspoon each of sea salt and black pepper in a pestle and mortar. Meanwhile, drizzle both cuts of meat with olive oil and rub with the remaining spice mixture, then place a large casserole pan (at least 30cm wide, 8cm deep) on a medium-high heat.

Prick the peppers and chillies, then blacken all over on a barbecue or in a griddle pan. Pasta with sausages, fennel seed and mozzarella ragù Recipe. Stilton and spinach pancakes with soft egg Recipe. Baked cheese with herb pesto Recipe. Chicken, pancetta and bean stew with sage Recipe. Mint, pistachio and courgette polpette Recipe. White pizza with sausage, broccoli and fennel. Our imaginative sausage pizza recipe is inspired by Pizza Pilgrims where the menu features a particularly delicious salsiccia e friarielli pizza with chunks of classic Italian fennel-flavoured sausage, wild broccoli and fior di latte (cow’s milk mozzarella). 40 minutes + proving.

White pizza with sausage, broccoli and fennel

Serves 4. Easy pork sausages 3, skinned (use Italian or well-flavoured ones such as cumberland)olive oilgarlic 2 cloves, crushedchilli flakes quarter tsp, plus a pinchfennel seeds quarter tsp, plus a pinchricotta 125glong stem broccoli 5-6 stalks, cut into pieces and blanchedmozzarella half x 125g ball, slicedparmesan 25g, grated strong white bread flour 300gdried yeast 1 tspsugar 1 tspsalt large pinch Mix the dough ingredients together with 150-200ml warm water and the salt until you have a soft dough. Roll the sausagemeat into small balls. Heat the oven to 240C/fan 220C/gas 9. Classic French onion soup Recipe. Dandan noodles. The ultimate salmon and haddock fish pie. We visited Wright Brothers Oyster and Porterhouse in Borough market this week, a lovely little place that specialises in oysters and seafood.

The ultimate salmon and haddock fish pie

You can sit at the bar and watch the chefs at work or on a number of communal tables where Londoners let down their reserve a bit and chat to their neighbours over plates of whitebait and moules marinières. It’s a busy, bustling place but friendly staff make the time to chat and make wine recommendations. This fish pie, by head chef Phil Coulter has a delicious smokiness and just the thing for cooler autumn evenings. We haven’t tested the recipe here yet so if you make it let us know how you get on. 1 hour.

Milk 650mlsmoked haddock 450g, skinned (keep the skin)organic salmon 450g, skinned (keep the skin)bay leafthyme a sprigparsley half a bunch, leaves chopped (keep the stalks)black peppercorns 6King Edwards potatoes 1kg, peeled and quarteredbutter 100gplain flour 50gEnglish mustard 1 tbspparmesan 20g, grated. Tortilla mushroom pizzas Recipe. Parma ham and rocket pizzas Recipe. Butternut squash, chickpea and blue cheese Recipe. Port schnitzel with garlicky green beans. Sausage röstis with caramelised onion gravy. This sausage rösti recipe is inspired by The Golden Lion in South Wales.

Sausage röstis with caramelised onion gravy

This award-winning pub gets its Monmouthshire-bred pork sausages from a local butcher. Although sausage and mash is the classic pairing, here you’ll get them on top of a potato rösti served with caramelised onion gravy. Try this twist at home for Bonfire Night. 1 hour. Serves 4. Sunflower oilsausages 8 (apple, leek, sage and mustard flavours all work well)King Edward potatoes 4 largethyme 3 sprigs, leaves strippedgrainy mustard 2 tbspEnglish mustard powder 2 tspegg 1, beaten onions 2, thinly slicedbutter 25gbrown sugar 1 tbsp, any kindplain flour 2 tbspchicken or vegetable stock 500mlWorcestershire sauce 1 tbsp Heat the oven to 180C/fan 160C/gas 4. Brown the sausages in 1 tsp oil for 5 minutes or until golden. Smoked haddock and chard hash with tartare sauce Recipe. Watercress, sun-blush tomato and sausage wraps with fresh mayo Recipe. Mushroom-in-the-hole.

Sage and onion sausage tart Recipe. Roasted chicken and leek fusilli pie Recipe. Speedy Mediterranean gnocchi. Chicken, sausage and squash stew Recipe. Roast chicken and bulgur wheat salad Recipe. Cheat's chorizo and leek pasties Recipe. Turkey chilli jacket potatoes. Creamy chicken, spinach and pancetta pancakes Recipe. Pasta with anchovies and capers Recipe. The ultimate salmon and haddock fish pie. Mustardy mac 'n' cheese Recipe. Wild mushroom, potato & pancetta gratin. Mozzarella and winter green parcels Recipe. Tex-Mex beef burritos Recipe. Pumpkin, mushroom and brown rice bowls. Beef banh mi with pickled veg Recipe. Florentine spinach baked with eggs and cream Recipe. Baguette pizzas Recipe.

Pasticcio (Greek pasta bake) Recipe. Chicken tart with leeks and Gruyère Recipe. Malaysian-style chicken Recipe. Chicken chasseur Recipe. Pappa al pomodoro Recipe. Chilli, mint and yogurt prawns with shredded iceberg Recipe. Tomato & chorizo risotto. Creamy chicken cobbler Recipe. Spicy pork-meatball pittas with harissa mayo and sweet potato wedges Recipe. White bean, chorizo and herb salad Recipe. Yogurt and harissa chicken and rice salad Recipe. Haddock, spinach and Gruyère gratin Recipe. Aubergine katsu curry. Yaki udon vegetarian noodles. Chicken enchiladas Recipe. Bombay lamb wraps. Leek, lemon and white bean orzo Recipe. Shepherd’s pie with lamb’s liver. Creamy mushroom and speck gnocchi Recipe. Lemon chilli chicken fajitas Recipe. Frying pan pizza bianco with mushrooms & egg. Goat's cheese and herb stuffed chicken with risotto Milanese. This stuffed chicken with risotto Milanese is an easy dinner party pleaser that looks like you have made a real effort.

Goat's cheese and herb stuffed chicken with risotto Milanese

You can have the chicken prepped and ready to go in the oven hours ahead – just keep it in the fridge and either bring up to room temperature before cooking or give it an extra 10 minutes or so until piping hot in the centre if cooking from chilled. 1 hour 10 minutes. Serves 6. Easy skinless chicken fillets 6soft, rindless goat’s cheese 200ggarlic 1/2 clove, crushedrosemary 1/2 tsp finely chopped plus 6 small sprigsprosciutto 12 sliceswilted spinach to serve chicken stock 1.5 litres, simmeringbutter 100gonion 1 large, finely choppedarborio rice 300gdry white wine a small glasssaffron 3 good pinchesparmesan 100g, finely grated To make the risotto, melt 1/2 the butter in a pan then cook the onion until very soft but not coloured for 10 minutes.

This should take about 15-17 minutes. To make the chicken, heat the oven to 180C/fan 160C/gas 4. Chorizo, mushroom and egg on toast Recipe. Korean rice pot. Ricotta and lemon pasta Recipe.