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Focusteck is a user-focused digital agency providing research, design and development of apps, brands, digital products and campaigns.

Hire Dedicated Team. How Mobile Applications Are Transforming the Fintech Industry. Mobile applications have been around for a while, thanks to the creation of many android app development companies.

How Mobile Applications Are Transforming the Fintech Industry

The digital realm has influenced the finance industry, creating all-new standards for the mobile app development company industry. These apps have entirely transformed the fintech landscape in many ways, which we will explore in this article. Mobile Banking Mobile banking has revolutionized the way banks work. Now, users can simply log onto their bank’s mobile application and check their account details, current balance, loans, and other essential details. OUTSOURCE VS FREELANCE; WHAT’S BEST FOR YOUR STARTUP? As a Startup, getting work done fast and efficiently is one of the biggest problems you’d face.


10 Skills That You Should Look For While Hiring Angular Developer. As the commercial landscape evolves and incorporates more web technologies, businesses learn to represent themselves better on the digital landscape.

10 Skills That You Should Look For While Hiring Angular Developer

The first step is to develop a dynamic, responsive website with an intuitive design that offers multiple functionalities. But efforts don’t stop here. Businesses need to create versions of their products to facilitate communication and interactions, such as web and mobile apps. This is where they must consider hiring an Angular developer. Not only can they build innovative custom solutions to align with your business needs, but they also know how to enhance the proficiency of your apps and website. Community of Angular. Top 5 Contact Tracing apps that are aiding the fight against Covid 19 - Company News. The Coronavirus’s novelty that hit the world birthed a technological wonder aimed at stopping the virus’s spread.

Top 5 Contact Tracing apps that are aiding the fight against Covid 19 - Company News

Contact tracing apps are designed to help keep people safe, alerting them when exposed to people infected with the Coronavirus. We will share 5 of the Best COVID-19 contact tracing apps that have helped fight against the Corona Virus. The massive increase in the number of COVID-19 cases around promoted developers and health officials worldwide to use technology to reduce its spread. Premier Digital Agency Blog - Focusteck - Focusteck is a full-service digital agency, busy designing, engineering and marketing products, brands, and experiences from an idea to launch. Data Privacy And Why It Matters To Our Customers - Engineering. In today’s age of constant data breaches and privacy ethics violations, Digital agencies are reworking how they approach privacy.

Data Privacy And Why It Matters To Our Customers - Engineering

What if privacy was used as how to differentiate from competitors and make a business advantage? What if privacy-focused marketing and business practices were subsequent big disrupter? Historically, businesses have gained a competitive advantage by understanding market dynamics and targeting the proper customer segments with the proper offerings. this is often now table-stakes. Python vs C sharp: Comparison of the Programming Languages.

Are you launching a development project and having a tough time choosing between Python and C#?

Python vs C sharp: Comparison of the Programming Languages

Don’t be concerned, we have got you covered. Python is an open-source, general-purpose programing language that powers websites like YouTube, Reddit, Pinterest, and Instagram. Tech Is Going To Beat COVID-19. The World has seen China defeating the virus through high- tech systems as mentioned above.

Tech Is Going To Beat COVID-19

Now, different hospitals in Thailand have also started using “Ninja Robots” to minimize the burden of doctors and other medical workers. These black colored robots were designed for monitoring the stroke patients but due to the ongoing emergency of COVID-19, they have been specified for measuring fever in at least four hospitals of Bangkok. How To Be Most Productive When Working From Home. Working from home is not a new job for all industries that operate worldwide.

How To Be Most Productive When Working From Home

Such industries have a lot of teams that operate outside to ensure the customer or client demands. However, with a pandemic situation in COVID-19, most of all are working from home. No matter where we are in the globe. Ideas to Promote Your Mobile App for Free - Focusteck. 204 billion mobile apps were downloaded in 2019 and therefore the app market is consistently growing.

Ideas to Promote Your Mobile App for Free - Focusteck

The competition for the user’s attention is fierce – if you would like to face out from the gang not only will you’ve got to create an impressive product, but also come up with an efficient app promotion strategy. While promotion may be a key component of a successful app launch, it doesn’t need to cost you a fortune.

Here are 20 ideas for free of a charge app promotion. App Design Guidelines for Better UX - Design. What do Facebook, Amazon, and Among Us have in common?

App Design Guidelines for Better UX - Design

Their users wouldn’t trade these apps for the world. App development and design are all about ensuring a pleasant experience for all users. People not only want apps that actually serve a purpose on their devices but ones that are also easy to navigate. Even if the average user doesn’t intend to contribute to your app monetarily, their positive experience will add unfathomable value to your app. App stores rank and recommend apps based on user experience and recommendations. Project Manager’s Role In Project’s Success - Focusteck.

Tips To Make Your Digital Brand More Recognizable. Nowadays brands are facing high competition on the market. App Store Optimization. Try to visualize apps as the products in the Supermarket. Two things are in intense competition: the Shelf space and customer interest. However, there are no shelves in the digital store. A bottleneck exists to the discovery. How do users purchase applications that initially don’t turn up? Here is where app store optimization kicks-in. Smart owners are concentrating their attention on improving app stores to get above the fold. Books Every CX Leader Should Read In This Time Of COVID-19 - Company News. One of the positives of the life-changing impact we are all experiencing with the COVID-19 crisis is that with all the cancelations of concerts, sporting events, kid’s activities, etc., we’ve long to catch abreast of professional reading. inspect this curated reading list of books on customer experience.

React Native vs Flutter - Which one you should choose? Are you planning to learn a cross-platform framework but you can’t decide which one to choose? Don’t worry because, by the time you reach the end of this article, your confusion will be cleared away. A Brief Overview React Native React Native is one of the most widely used frameworks for cross-platform development. It is an open-source mobile application development framework that was developed by Facebook. It is used for web and mobile apps.

Why Salesforce is the Best CRM - Engineering. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems are numerous systems that can help businesses manage customer relationships effortlessly. How to Assess and Hire React JS Developers - Engineering. The world has witnessed a significant increase in the area of frontend web technologies which cover a variety of web applications, apps, and websites. Focusteck.