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Focus Label Machinery LTD: How to make your product stand out. There are many unique ways to make your product stand out from the crowd.

Focus Label Machinery LTD: How to make your product stand out

In this blog we will be giving you the basic first steps to make this happen for you. What can you offer different to your competitors? What makes you unique? Here are a few examples below: Trial periods Some customers don’t know they need the product until they have actually tried it for themselves. Guarantees In the same way that they worrying about needing the product, customers will also worry about not liking a product. Limited Offers There are a few different limited offers you can implement such as. Limited editions – This means that a product only has a limited amount of copies. Limited Time – With this you can help generate interest and bring customers through the door. Combination Offers. Focus Label Machinery LTD. Tickets & Cartons - Focus Label. Tickets & small cartons are increasingly being produced on narrow & medium web flexo equipment where they can be printed creased & cut in a single pass.

Tickets & Cartons - Focus Label

Carton board up to 350 gsm can be easily converted. Markets include pharmaceuticals, photographic & retail industries. Flexible Packaging - Focus Label. Bags, envelopes, pouches, sachets, wraps, etc., made of easily yielding materials such as film, foil, or paper which, when filled and selaed, acquires pliable shape.

Flexible Packaging - Focus Label

Our range of machinery allow for the efficient and cost effective production of a wide range of packaging including sugar & food sachets, protective wrap and film and meat casings. Digital Inkjet Printers. Digital printing enables the economic production of small volumes, variable information, and graphics to be included for Packaging & Label applications.

Digital Inkjet Printers

No Printing plates are required and job changes can be carried out in a matter of seconds. Markets include Retail, Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Food, Logistics, Textiles & Service industries etc. The e-Flex Platform has a variety of options to suit specific applications, with an emphasis on set up efficiency, waste reduction, low energy and running costs, and improved system controls. This machine can be used as a base system for new Servo technology presses and can be used in a variety of applications including labels, films, packaging, tickets and cartons. The d-Flex machine combines Ink Jet technology with a flexo print station. Applications - Focus Label. Focus Label Machinery Ltd takes the issue of your online privacy very seriously.

Applications - Focus Label

We operate an open policy on disclosing to our visitors how we collate information and how it is used within Focus Label. Focus Label Machinery Ltd only gathers personally identifiable data, such as names, addresses, email addresses, etc. when VOLUNTARILY submitted by a visitor. For example, personally identifiable information may be collected in order to respond to a request for literature or to download demonstration software. Brochures - Focus Label. Support - Focus Label. Here at Focus Label we provide a comprehensive support & training program for all of the equipment that we manufacture; in order to get the best from your machinery it is vital that it is used correctly.

Support - Focus Label

You have the choice of training either here at the Focus showroom or on site with installation; it is completely up to you. Our fully equipped showroom houses all of our latest equipment technology and we highly recommend that companies take advantage of this free facility so that their staff are able to become familiar with the equipment before having to use it for the first time. Focus technicians will install your equipment, commission & provide training. For more information and enquiries don’t hesitate to get in touch with us either by phone at: 01949 836 223 or by email at: and a member of the Focus team will be more than happy to help. Textile Printing Machines. Flexographic Printing. As one of the fastest growing conventional printing processes in packaging, films and corrugated containers, flexographic printing is versatile, reliable and produces premium quality results.

Flexographic Printing

Initially rudimentary in printing quality, the printing style’s evolution since the 1990s in printing presses, plates and inks has made room for superior results and is now used extensively in process colour printing on a wide selection of materials and is found more commonly in narrow web printing. Much like a letterpress, our flexographic printing machines use flexible printing plates made of rubber or plastic.

These are inked with an image which is rotated onto a cylinder and then transferred onto the chosen material. You will find that our range of machines all use fast-drying inks and work at high speeds which can all be modified. This means you can cater your chosen piece of Focus Label printing equipment to suit your desired output and requirements. About Focus Label Machinery. Focus Label Machinery Ltd was formed in 1981, with over 30 years of previous experience in manufacturing equipment for the narrow web label & Packaging print industry.

About Focus Label Machinery

This experience has enabled us to become market leaders in our industry and over the years our international presence has grown with us now exporting our products across all continents. Focus covers a range of sectors from Food Packing & Labelling, Chemicals, to Textiles, Garments & branding identification. We are able to provide equipment for mainstream production as well as for more bespoke applications; we aim to provide our customers with top quality machinery and top quality service.

Technical support for our equipment is delivered through carefully selected Focus trained Technicians & local representatives. Our heritage continues to deliver the latest technical advances through research, development and thinking outside the box. Flexo Printing Machines - Nottingham.