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Adobe Spark pour créer votre Photoreportage. LE ROLLER DERBY. L’amour de la cuisine : Grillades Kabab halabi ou Kabab à la mode d’Alep.

L’amour de la cuisine :

C’est une viande épicée grillée sur une broche verticale, coupée en fines lamelles qu’on appelle Chawarma en Syrie, ou dans le Moyen-Orient en général ; le terme kebab désigne des viandes grillées. Alep est réputée en Syrie pour ses kebabs ou grillades, d’après mes recherches sur le sujet traditionnellement ce sont les femmes qui préparent la viande et les hommes qui la grillent sur un barbecue.

La tradition des kebabs est ancrée dans les mœurs des Alépins Dessert ghazal banat Ce dessert à la crème glacée appelé Ghazl al banat qui signifie en arabe « mèches de cheveux de fille » dans les restaurants, il est servi dans de charmantes portions individuelles, avec la barbe à papa enroulée autour d’une boule de crème glacée. Pour conclure Réalisé par Ikram Essanaani et Marie-Gabrielle Grandioux.

It felt safe here. Portraits of hikikomori people living… Maika Elan is one of six selected visual storytellers of World Press Photo’s 6x6 Global Talent Program, in Southeast Asia and Oceania 2017.

It felt safe here. Portraits of hikikomori people living…

Andrei Polikanov, visual director Takie Dela online media, Russia, said of Maika’s work, “Maika Elan (Nguyen Thanh Hai) is a new generation freelance photographer born and based in Hanoi, Vietnam. Maika is the best representative of the new breed of documentary photographers with the highest professional skills, courage, dedication and compassion. In the most powerful way, she captures the characters and trends which escape the attention of local media and remain totally unreported …”. PHOTOS: Venezuela’s Hungry Downward Spiral. II’m a Spanish photojournalist documenting the crisis in Venezuela.

PHOTOS: Venezuela’s Hungry Downward Spiral

I recently spent six weeks photographing the ever-worsening political, economic, and security situation. The idea for this project came to me after speaking with many of the city’s residents who talked to me openly about stealing in order to put food on the table. I could not believe how common these stories were and the extent to which stealing has become normalized. People talked about it without shame or judgment. Many people told me that stealing can mean the difference between their children eating or not.

It was an extremely difficult assignment with a lot of security concerns. And now, they are stealing motorcycles to put food on the table. To cope, many now rely on rations from the state in the form of CLAP, a government food handout scheme by the Maduro administration, which doubles as propaganda. Since Guaidó declared himself as the interim leader, the situation in the capital remains tense but quiet. The Legacy of Photos. How Altaf Qadri’s photos resulted in… Le Jardin botanique récolte et donne ses légumes à des organismes. Le Jardin botanique de Montréal a donné plus de 360 bacs de fruits et légumes à des organismes depuis le début de l'été.

Le Jardin botanique récolte et donne ses légumes à des organismes

C’est une petite victoire pour l’horticultrice Isabelle Paquin, qui a dû repenser l’aménagement des jardins lorsque le confinement a été imposé. Ce qui la motivait : produire des légumes pour les gens qui ont perdu leur emploi. « Je suis vraiment satisfaite, surtout en voyant la réaction des organismes. Urban Explorers Give Modern Ruins a Second Life. For Jake Williams, nothing means success like wrack and ruin.

Urban Explorers Give Modern Ruins a Second Life

Mr. Williams had studied business marketing in college before withdrawing and pursuing a full-time career as an urban explorer, researching and telling the stories of abandoned properties. He films his excursions and, as the producer of Bright Sun Films, shares them on YouTube. The subjects of some of his more popular videos, like a former Days Inn hotel or an abandoned Walmart, are fairly mundane, but viewers are drawn out of morbid curiosity, he said. “I think when you see an abandoned place on the side of the road,” he said, “people will ask, ‘How’d that get there?’” The urban exploration movement traces its origins to online forums that allowed “all these weirdos to connect” and trade tips on places to visit, said Matthew Christopher, the founder of the website Abandoned America.

Mr. In his work, artifacts from bygone eras are not encased in glass or roped off but are instead readily accessible. Mr. Mr. The Photographers Who Captured the Toll of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. In August 1945, a Japanese newspaper sent a photographer from Tokyo to two cities that the United States military had just leveled with atomic bombs.

The Photographers Who Captured the Toll of Hiroshima and Nagasaki

The photographer, Eiichi Matsumoto, had covered the firebombings of other Japanese cities. But the scale of the calamity that he encountered in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, he later recalled, was on another level. At a Red Cross hospital near Hiroshima’s ground zero, he met victims dotted with red spots, a sign of radiation sickness. And on the desolate, rubble-strewn streets of Nagasaki, he watched families cremating loved ones in open-air fires. “I beg you to allow me to take pictures of your utmost sufferings,” Mr. Mr. Some of their images, banned until the American occupation ended in 1952, were eventually exhibited in museums and other venues across Japan. But in the United States, the photographs are still virtually unknown.