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3 Rules to Keep in Mind When Searching for the Right Studio Monitors. Are you a professional musician or just getting started with your career in music?

3 Rules to Keep in Mind When Searching for the Right Studio Monitors

If you’re a beginner, then you probably at least know that buying products online is not as easy as it looks. And more specifically, when it comes to purchasing professional products like studio monitors, there are several factors you need to keep in mind. When you enter the market, there are many studio monitors to choose from, ranging from $99 a pair all the way up to over $13000 (ATC comes to mind) ... This makes it difficult to identify and purchase what works best for you, doesn’t it? Studio Speakers Online. All You Need to Know About Adding a Subwoofer to a Home Recording Studio.

Subwoofers can add another dimension to the sound of a home recording studio.

All You Need to Know About Adding a Subwoofer to a Home Recording Studio

It can have many benefits, but only if the setup is done carefully, and basic acoustic rules are followed. A studio subwoofer extends the range of the full-range L/R “mains” of your system and helps to reveal the ultra-low frequencies that smaller full-range monitors cannot reproduce. Due to this, they are great for audio mixing and post-production video work in studios. However, without proper calibration, a subwoofer can actually detract from the system's accuracy. Excessive low-end frequency or low-frequency that is out of phase with the full-range speakers will create cancellation in the response, actually taking bass away instead of adding it. How to select the best headphones for your home recording studio? Selecting the best headphones for your home studio does not have to be too complicated.

How to select the best headphones for your home recording studio?

The first step is to identify your need or the primary purpose for the headphones. Your headphones could be for tracking, mixing, monitoring, or any combination. Identifying your purpose would help narrow down your search and produce great results. Fluid Audio FX50 and Fluid Audio FX80. Audio monitor loudspeakers are the backbone of any recording studio.

Fluid Audio FX50 and Fluid Audio FX80

Regardless of the music or audio project, you are working on, your studio monitors can make or break your success. They decide how clearly you hear your mix, and whether they present you with opportunities to make your music the best it can sound. That is why your monitors should receive the most care and level of research before buying them. How to choose the best microphone for a home studio? One of the most essential pieces of equipment for recording your own music or podcasting at home is a good-quality microphone.

How to choose the best microphone for a home studio?

Recording microphones must capture sounds with a high degree of accuracy. So accurate in fact that the recorded file should sound as close as possible to the actual sound of the instrument or the source. Working almost like a loudspeaker in reverse, microphones convert sound signals into electrical signals (also referred to as the mic level). A Pre-amp then amplifies the electrical signal. It is important to remember that along with the type of microphone you select for recording, its placement relative to the source and the room size and reverberation affect the quality and character of the recorded sound as well.

Best microphone. DO YOU REALLY NEED HIGH-QUALITY MONITORS IN YOUR STUDIO ? For a novice, deciding what you really need in your studio and what you don’t can be tricky.


When it comes to one of the more important items – Studio monitors, this question becomes all the more critical. Focus headphone. Why Your Studio Needs a Subwoofer. As a studio owner, you may already own a pair of nearfield audio monitors as your L/R “mains”.

Why Your Studio Needs a Subwoofer

However, many smaller monitors (usually due to the size constraints of your studio) do not go down low enough in frequency to mix many types of bass-heavy music. In mixing, bass frequencies need to be present but not “hyped”, because a clear and powerful bass is indispensable in a professional monitoring setup. To get this type of bass in your studio, you need to add a subwoofer to your setup. Though good studio monitors can handle low-end frequencies reasonably well, having a dedicated subwoofer for this task can tremendously improve the sound quality. Adding a subwoofer will also reduce the strain on your main monitors and expands the spectrum of frequencies you can accurately monitor. Big Knob Audio Interfaces. Top Reasons to buy Professional Quality Studio Monitors. Axis Microphone. Top Reasons to buy Professional Quality Studio Monitors. Producing original music can certainly be one of the most lucrative professions to pursue.

Top Reasons to buy Professional Quality Studio Monitors

But considering the number of people already out there doing it professionally, you will quickly find that it is a highly competitive field. So, in order to compete with the best, you must produce only high-quality content. However, even after putting in your best efforts and still being unhappy with your mixes, it may have something to do with your studio gear – more specifically your studio monitors. You must get the right kind of monitors because, besides room acoustics, they are the most important aspect of your studio. If you’re still considering whether or not you should buy them, let’s give you some reasons to purchase quality studio monitors online. Best Desktop Stands. Tips to Keep Your Studio Gear in Top Shape. When pulling out a piece of studio gear for the first time in a while the last thing you want is to find that it doesn’t work anymore.

Tips to Keep Your Studio Gear in Top Shape

Though digital music tools like your DAW will never need repair, the physical parts of your setup are vulnerable. Even thebest studio monitorsmay suffer damage due to your negligence towards taking proper care and can shorten their lifespan. This article is all about the basics of keeping on top of your gear maintenance. Dust – your worst nightmare Dust can wreak havoc on your electronics.

Why Studio Monitor Stands May Be a Good Investment. During the preliminary stages of setting up a studio, there’s a lot of things to consider.

Why Studio Monitor Stands May Be a Good Investment

One of the most important decisions when designing a home studio are the speakers you use to monitor your audio. Besides the acoustics of your room, this will have the biggest impact on the listening experience in your studio. However, choosing an unsuitable studio monitor online could restrain your ability to create recordings that translate well when played on other systems and in other environments. Why Your Home Studio needs a Studio Subwoofer. As an experienced sound engineer, you must already own a pair of great-sounding studio monitors. However, if you wish to accurately monitor lower bass frequencies that your speakers cannot reproduce (or without sufficient output), adding an active subwoofer to your monitor setup could be the answer. Whatever style of music you’re producing – Rock, Hip Hop, or Jazz – a clear and accurate bass response provides a more complete picture of what your mixing, and is rather indispensable in a professional monitoring setup.

Does your Recording Studio need a Subwoofer? The idea of adding a subwoofer to a monitoring setup is nothing new, however, it is still accompanied by a few misconceptions. Best microphone. Choosing the Right Microphones for Your Home Studio. If you want to create music that sounds radio-ready, having the right tools makes all the difference. Just like any other studio gear, choosing the right microphone is important because only a high-quality microphone can accurately capture the sound of the instrument or sound source. That said, choosing a suitable microphone can be quite confusing, especially for a novice. Just a quick search on any online music store can be overwhelming due to the huge variety of microphones available. If you know what microphone type you need to use, you’ll be able to narrow down your choices and find the right tool for the job.

Types of Microphones: There are three main types of microphones used in music/vocal recording: dynamic microphones, condenser microphones, and ribbon microphones. Dynamic Microphones – These are the real workhorses and the most familiar model to most music fans. Passive vs Active Studio Monitors – Which is More Suitable? When designing a home studio, one of the most crucial decisions is the set of monitors to purchase. Your choice of studio monitors can have a huge impact on the listening experience in your studio and the wrong decision can impede your ability to create recordings that translate well when played on other sound systems. Monitors are also important because even in a recording studio, you’re not always making or mixing music.

Sometimes you’re watching videos, or doing other kinds of post-production where clear, articulate sound reproduction is crucial to the job at hand. Tips to Keep Your Studio Gear in Top Shape. When reaching for a piece of studio gear that you have not used in some time, the last thing you want is to find that it doesn’t work anymore! Though digital music tools like your DAW will never need repair, the physical parts of your setup (the ones with mechanical parts) are sometimes vulnerable.

Even the best studio monitors may suffer damage due to negligence toward proper care and can shorten their lifespan. This article is all about the basics of keeping on top of your gear maintenance. Tips for Creating the Perfect Home Studio. Having a home studio is the dream of every aspiring musician it is a great creative outlet, but can also be instrumental in getting their career off the ground.

However, a good-sounding home studio starts with careful planning, buying essential equipment, and a practical outlook of how well a room can function within your budget constraints and the physical limitations of conventional residential rooms. Converting A typical room or garage into a studio comes with its own set of challenges as most residential rooms were not built to function as proper recording studios or mix rooms. So, obviously, there’s a lot of work that goes into converting a room for recording/mixing and the first step is to pick the right room.

Room Size and Shape: Selecting a rectangular room for your studio is the best idea as these normally have the best potential for proper bass reproduction. Square, round or irregular rooms tend to be trickier so it’s best to avoid them. How To Create Stellar Recordings From Your Home Studio. For those unfamiliar with recording in a professional studio, or entirely new to the recording process altogether, the thought of doing it yourself from home can be intimidating. With the pandemic restricting almost everything outside one’s domestic environment, musicians have few other choices than to “set up shop” at home and do it themselves. Best Desktop Stands. The Right Studio Monitors – Essential to Creating a Good Mix. Ever since technological advancements have enabled us to record and mix music in the comfort of our own homes, buying studio monitors online has assumed greater importance and popularity. Though they might appear to be similar at the first glance, studio monitors are completely different from the standard bookshelf speakers.

Unlike the speakers that boost the highs and lows for punchier sounds, studio monitors offer flat frequency responses sans any coloration of the sound. Top Tips to Upgrade your Studio Gear. Whether you’re an aspiring musician, music engineer, or music producer, once you’ve jumped into the enchanting world of audio engineering, there’s no looking back. It consumes you totally! The Benefits of Bluetooth Studio Monitors. Bluetooth is a great way of facilitating hassle-free interfacing between two or more devices with just the push of a button. With almost every piece of consumer electronics coming equipped with Bluetooth capabilities, now even professional audio products are available with Bluetooth capabilities via retailers and online stores.

Bluetooth equipped studio monitors not only offer wireless connectivity to your smartphone, tablet, or other devices, they also set you free from the wired clutters around your audio and video devices. These advantages however are just the tip of the iceberg. Big Knob audio interface. Desktop Stands. A Helpful Guitar Amp Buying Guide. For rookies, choosing the first guitar amp can be as perplexing as choosing the first electric guitar.

Picking up the right one is important as guitar players are inspired by their tones. Thus, an amp that provides the “right” tone will round out your ‘sound’ and elevate your performances. When shopping for guitar products online or at a retail store, don’t take home the first one you are attracted to. Though it may feel really good to play, there are chances that when you use it at a gig or in the studio, the amp might not cut it. Buying your First Audio Interface Here’s What You Need To Know. Desktop Monitor Stands. Studio Speakers Online. MDF – The ideal Material for Studio Monitors. Those of you who’ve spent any time making your own music know the importance of investing in the best studio speakers possible and studio monitors from Fluid Audio give you a best chance at an accurate, uncolored representation of your music.

One of the reasons for this detailed, transparent sound, is not only the speaker drivers and the amplifier, but actually the wooden enclosure itself. There are a lot of reasons why most loudspeaker enclosures are made from MDF and not any other material. Fluid Audio FX80. Front-loaded slot port designThe bass-reflex slot port tunes the cabinet to maximize the bass output efficiency of the speaker.

Fluid Audio Strum Buddy (Electric guitar monitor/amplifier) Fluid Audio Fader Pro Series. Big knob audio interface. Classic Series Online. Fluid Audio Fpx7. Fader Pro Series Building upon the acclaimed Fader Series of studio monitors, we decided to step things up a bit, and created the one-of-a-kind, FPX7 monitor. Featuring a beefed-up Class AB amplifier with a sizable toroidal transformer for exceptional power delivery, optimized composite cone woofer and AMT folded ribbon tweeter, the FPX7 produces the most accurate monitoring experience in its price range.

With its lightning fast, accurate response, the AMT tweeter provides detail and depth only seen in professional studios. Small Studio Monitors – Why bigger is not always better. Fluid Audio Strum Buddy. How a Studio Desk can help you Create Great Music. Fluid Audio DS5. Fluid Audio Fader Series. Desktop Stands. Studio speakers online. Tips For Optimum Placement Of Your Studio Monitors. Bluetooth speakers online. Studio Monitors. Bluetooth Speakers Online. Fluid Audio DS5. Best Studio Monitors. The Definitive Checklist for your Home Studio. Studio Speaker. Best Studio Monitors. Stereo Speakers or Studio Monitors – What’s best for your Home Studio? Buying your first Studio Monitor? Here’s what you should know. Classic series Online. Guitar products online. Studio Monitor Switcher. Audio Interface. USB Audio interface. Best Desktop Stands. HOME RECORDING STUDIO EQUIPMENT – THE BASICS. Bluetooth speakers online.

Studio Monitor Placement – Tips for getting the most from your speakers. Starting your Home Recording Studio? Here’s what you must know. Guitar products online. Best studio monitors. Buy Desktop stands online. USB Audio interface. Guide to improving your Home Studio Acoustics. How to Choose The Right Studio Monitors. USB Audio interface. What differentiates a Studio Monitor from a regular speaker? Key Components of a Home Recording Studio.

Things to Consider Prior to Buying Studio Monitors. Audio Interface. Best Desktop Stands. How to Choose The Perfect Studio Speakers? Guidance For Buying Guitars For Amateurs. USB Audio interface. Studio Speakers. Best Studio Monitors. Fluid Audio Guitar. Here Are the Most Important Features of Any Desktop Monitor Stand. Desktop Stands. Essentials of Building the perfect Home Studio. Fluid Audio CX7. Why Should You Opt For Studio Monitors? by fluidaudio23. Why Should You Opt For Studio Monitors? Things To Consider Before Buying Desktop Monitor Stands. Studio Monitors – Think before you invest! Guitar Amp – A Must-have for Outdoor Gigs. Untitled. Big Knob audio interface. Studio Monitors. Fluid Audio DS5.