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Top Tips to Upgrade your Studio Gear. Whether you’re an aspiring musician, music engineer, or music producer, once you’ve jumped into the enchanting world of audio engineering, there’s no looking back.

Top Tips to Upgrade your Studio Gear

It consumes you totally! You’re busy cranking out sessions and your life is exciting, frustrating, rewarding, all rolled into one! Also, there’s a good chance that you suffer from some form of studio gear addiction. There is a perpetual desire to make that next gear purchase that sometimes transforms into an uncontrollable urge to purchase some “latest and greatest” gear available. That said, any experienced music maker will endorse the fact that possessing just a few pieces of inexpensive but reliable equipment in your studio can be all you need to improve the sonic quality of your music. However, if your current music rig seems to be inadequate, it may be a good idea to take a step back and scrutinize the equipment that you currently own, to identify potential shortcomings in your setup.

A Sturdy All-In-One Microphone. The Benefits of Bluetooth Studio Monitors. Bluetooth is a great way of facilitating hassle-free interfacing between two or more devices with just the push of a button.

The Benefits of Bluetooth Studio Monitors

With almost every piece of consumer electronics coming equipped with Bluetooth capabilities, now even professional audio products are available with Bluetooth capabilities via retailers and online stores. Bluetooth equipped studio monitors not only offer wireless connectivity to your smartphone, tablet, or other devices, they also set you free from the wired clutters around your audio and video devices.

These advantages however are just the tip of the iceberg. If you’re interested in knowing more about the advantages of using a Bluetooth equipped speakers, read on… Convenience – Since they come in all shapes and sizes, nothing quite beats the convenience and portability that Bluetooth enabled speakers can offer. Energy-efficient – Bluetooth speakers are truly remarkable in the sense that they use very little power when compared to the other devices. Big Knob audio interface. Desktop Stands.

A Helpful Guitar Amp Buying Guide. For rookies, choosing the first guitar amp can be as perplexing as choosing the first electric guitar.

A Helpful Guitar Amp Buying Guide

Picking up the right one is important as guitar players are inspired by their tones. Thus, an amp that provides the “right” tone will round out your ‘sound’ and elevate your performances. When shopping for guitar products online or at a retail store, don’t take home the first one you are attracted to. Though it may feel really good to play, there are chances that when you use it at a gig or in the studio, the amp might not cut it.

We've put together a handy guitar amp buying guide to help you make the right decision when it comes to purchasing your first guitar amp. Size and portability - When selecting your first guitar amp, it is best, to begin with choosing the best size. Amp wattage – Choosing the right wattage for a guitar amplifier isn’t just a problem for beginners. Buying your First Audio Interface Here’s What You Need To Know. An audio interface is a studio essential as it serves one hugely important purpose, and that is enabling you to control the audio going in and out of your computer.

Buying your First Audio Interface Here’s What You Need To Know

Every sound that goes into your computer and comes back to your studio speakers has to pass through your audio interface. Being such an important part of your setup, buying your first interface, or upgrading to a new one is an important decision. Modern interfaces are powerful studio tools and are packed with features. For beginners, these audio interfaces might sound a little intimidating and technical, but they really aren’t scary. Desktop Monitor Stands. If you want to have a flat and balanced idea of what you have recorded, using a proper studio monitor is a key factor in your room.

Desktop Monitor Stands

This is one of the most important reasons that drives music producers to spend thousands of dollars on monitoring equipment. Studio Speakers Online. MDF – The ideal Material for Studio Monitors. Those of you who’ve spent any time making your own music know the importance of investing in the best studio speakers possible and studio monitors from Fluid Audio give you a best chance at an accurate, uncolored representation of your music.

MDF – The ideal Material for Studio Monitors

One of the reasons for this detailed, transparent sound, is not only the speaker drivers and the amplifier, but actually the wooden enclosure itself. There are a lot of reasons why most loudspeaker enclosures are made from MDF and not any other material. While MDF cabinets look great (whether in your home or Professional studio), many are unaware of the material’s benefits. So, before you reach out for the natural wood speakers, understand that MDF wood is proven to be the best and makes your music just sound better. Why Enclosure Material Matters? Fluid Audio FX80. Front-loaded slot port designThe bass-reflex slot port tunes the cabinet to maximize the bass output efficiency of the speaker.

Fluid Audio FX80

It is placed on the front panel not only to directly radiate the bass energy towards the listener, but also for flexibility of placement in your studio. Updated Tweeter Grille protectionThe FX coax design, with the tweeter suspended in the middle of the woofer, is very robust. As such, it provides outstanding protection for the woofer itself. However, the tweeter needs protection as well, this is why we added a small, steel perforated grille to protect the delicate silk diaphragm of the tweeter.

"Imaging and Depth"It's one thing to put high quality speaker drivers in a cabinet with an amplifier and call it a great speaker. Fluid Audio Strum Buddy (Electric guitar monitor/amplifier) Fluid Audio Fader Pro Series. Big knob audio interface. Classic Series Online. Fluid Audio Fpx7. Fader Pro Series Building upon the acclaimed Fader Series of studio monitors, we decided to step things up a bit, and created the one-of-a-kind, FPX7 monitor.

Fluid Audio Fpx7

Featuring a beefed-up Class AB amplifier with a sizable toroidal transformer for exceptional power delivery, optimized composite cone woofer and AMT folded ribbon tweeter, the FPX7 produces the most accurate monitoring experience in its price range. With its lightning fast, accurate response, the AMT tweeter provides detail and depth only seen in professional studios. What makes the FPX7 so unique, however, is that the AMT tweeter is mounted in the center of the woofer – in a coaxial configuration, which makes this speaker the first of its kind. Taking what we learned from our success with the FX8, we incorporated the AMT tweeter much in the same way. Price: $379 / €389 Fader Pro Series Building upon the acclaimed Fader Series of studio monitors, we decided to step things up a bit, and created the one-of-a-kind, FPX7 monitor. Small Studio Monitors – Why bigger is not always better. "Which Studio monitors should I buy?

Small Studio Monitors – Why bigger is not always better

" The answer to this simple question is not so straightforward. Shopping for new monitors can be daunting. With so many manufacturers and companies competing for your hard-earned money and a ton of conflicting opinions and advice on the Internet, assessing which speakers to buy is anything but easy. Fluid Audio Strum Buddy. How a Studio Desk can help you Create Great Music. Anyone who plans on having their own recording studio has their own opinion on the ideal setup.

How a Studio Desk can help you Create Great Music

However, most of us compromise on using “whatever we can find” or overspending on furniture we don’t love. Creating a professional and efficient recording studio requires an appropriate working environment, and regardless of level of expertise, the studio desk is the centerpiece and where all the action happens. Why a Studio Desk is essential for an organized studio set up Your creativity is the product of your environment. There is no denying the fact that a clutter-free space improves creativity and increases productivity.

Fluid Audio DS5. Fluid Audio Fader Series. Desktop Stands. Studio speakers online. Tips For Optimum Placement Of Your Studio Monitors. The perfect tool for mixing and mastering your songs, studio reference monitors are essential to any functional recording studio. Every decision that we make in the mixing process is based on the sound that we hear coming out of audio monitors. That being said, a lot of artists and producers just starting out don’t realize how important it is to set up studio monitors in a way to get the most out of them. Sometimes even seasoned vets don’t realize how much better they could make their beats/songs sounding by setting them up correctly. How far must they be placed from your ears? Should they point at you, and at what angle?

Bluetooth speakers online. Studio Monitors. Bluetooth Speakers Online. Fluid Audio DS5. Best Studio Monitors. The Definitive Checklist for your Home Studio. Setting up a space to record your music at home can be a daunting task. Most people have no idea where to start and make countless mistakes while spending thousands on unnecessary gear or equipment. To save you from making the same mistakes, we’ve put together a home recording studio checklist that is geared towards musicians who want to begin recording music with efficiency and affordability in mind. 1.

Microphones After the musician and their instrument, the second most important part of any home recording studio checklist is the microphones. Studio Speaker. Best Studio Monitors. Stereo Speakers or Studio Monitors – What’s best for your Home Studio? For those wanting to start a home studio, the inevitable question is, “Do I really need Studio Monitors?”

In a time where most of the music is listened to on headphones, laptop speakers & Hi-Fi speakers, it’s rather common to wonder whether it would make sense to monitor & mix your music on similar speakers. The answer however is pretty straightforward. Buying your first Studio Monitor? Here’s what you should know. Getting serious about your music? The first thing you’ll notice is that your headphones and computer speakers are just not measuring up to the task. This is when you must take the leap from pure headphone mixing and music creation to using studio reference monitors. To make good music, it is important to hear every little nuance of it. And that translates to getting a pair of real studio speakers online. Luckily, there are many good models available for beginners that are suited to different tastes, requirements, and budgets.

Budget. Classic series Online. Guitar products online. Studio Monitor Switcher. Audio Interface. USB Audio interface. Best Desktop Stands. HOME RECORDING STUDIO EQUIPMENT – THE BASICS. If your dream is to work from home and earn a living in the recording industry, then you are obviously going to need to furnish your studio with equipment that ensures a quality finished product. And the type of recording you do is going to decide what kind of gear you will need to get started. For instance, if you’re going to record podcasts or narration for online videos, you’re probably not going to need as much gear than if you were recording songs or a full album.

Let’s look at what you’ll need. One of the primary pieces of home recording equipment that you will need is, of course, a microphone (or microphones). If you are just starting out, especially if you have a very small budget, you can opt for a basic USB mic which can be found for less than $100. Bluetooth speakers online.

Studio Monitor Placement – Tips for getting the most from your speakers. Starting your Home Recording Studio? Here’s what you must know. In this current era of DIY and saving costs, musicians everywhere want to learn audio recording for themselves. Guitar products online. Best studio monitors. Buy Desktop stands online. USB Audio interface. Guide to improving your Home Studio Acoustics. How to Choose The Right Studio Monitors. USB Audio interface. What differentiates a Studio Monitor from a regular speaker? Key Components of a Home Recording Studio.

You can be a professional musician, a skilled amateur, or just dabbling in songwriting and recording, chances are at some point you have contemplated recording your music. Things to Consider Prior to Buying Studio Monitors. When it comes to the matter of recording and mixing music, it is of utmost importance to buy the best studio monitor for your needs to get tracking and mixing done perfectly. Audio Interface. Best Desktop Stands. How to Choose The Perfect Studio Speakers? The studio monitors play a significant role in providing crisp sound quality while your editor records your music. For professional purposes, a set of studio reference monitors are essential. If you have a sonically transparent monitoring system, then it makes sure that the final sound which is delivered via other systems, such as, headphones, car audio systems, TVs, etc., will be of high accuracy. Studio monitors are expensive pieces; therefore, the selection of these must be made wisely.

Guidance For Buying Guitars For Amateurs. USB Audio interface. Studio Speakers. Best Studio Monitors. Fluid Audio Guitar. Here Are the Most Important Features of Any Desktop Monitor Stand. In a perfect world, your studio would look like a goliath, an empty limitless space, with a screen free-drifting in the center. No obstacles to your sound, no vibrations, nothing jumbling up and interfering with the sounds you hear. However, in the real world, it’s obviously a bit different. 1. Desktop Stands. Essentials of Building the perfect Home Studio. Fluid Audio CX7. Why Should You Opt For Studio Monitors? by fluidaudio23. Why Should You Opt For Studio Monitors? Things To Consider Before Buying Desktop Monitor Stands. Studio Monitors – Think before you invest! Guitar Amp – A Must-have for Outdoor Gigs. Untitled. Big Knob audio interface. Studio Monitors.

Fluid Audio DS5. Audio Interface. Studio Monitors. Desktop Stands. Fluid Audio Ds5. Fluid Audio FX80. Fluid Audio FX50. Studio Monitors. FX series of coaxial studio monitors.

Fluid Audio FX50