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Septic Service Vacuum Trucks - Kansas City Flowmark

Septic Service Vacuum Trucks - Kansas City FlowMark. The 3 Best Vacuum Trucks for the Job. If you’re looking to get started in the septic service industry, but you don’t know where to start, look no further than Flowmark.

The 3 Best Vacuum Trucks for the Job

For us, creating quality, American-made vacuum and septic service trucks isn’t just putting our best foot forward - it’s about helping you do the same. After all, you will need top-notch equipment to enter this business and be competitive. How to Properly Maintain Your Industrial Vacuum Truck. Your industrial vacuum truck is the cornerstone of your business.

How to Properly Maintain Your Industrial Vacuum Truck

It is the lifeline that keeps you on the road and working, and in turn, money moving through your account. So it’s only obvious that protecting and maintaining your key tool is incredibly essential – we here at Flowmark know this better than anyone. So what tips do we have for keeping up on routine maintenance? Keep reading for advice on daily, weekly, and monthly maintenance. General Preventative Maintenance To start off with general maintenance, prevention is key. Daily Preventative Maintenance. 5 Things You Need to Start Your Auto Transport Business.

If you’re looking at getting started in the auto transport business, there are a few things that you need to know before you start your endeavor out on the open road.

5 Things You Need to Start Your Auto Transport Business

Whether you’re new to the industry or even if you’ve been a company driver for a few years already, we have some tips to help you be successful. From making sure you’ve purchased the proper truck and trailer, to getting it all covered with the necessary insurance, right down to the shipper TMS to keep it all running smoothly, this is a quick list to get you started. The Right Equipment First thing’s first: if you’re going to haul cars, you need the proper equipment to do so. The auto industry calls for a specific type of truck and trailer, such as a dry van and a 7-car hauler trailer.

What to Look For In a Vacuum Truck Manufacturer. Not every vacuum truck manufacturer has the same standards, and that’s something we know to be true here at Flowmark.

What to Look For In a Vacuum Truck Manufacturer

Any person can post that they have a vacuum truck for sale, but having the support after the machine has left the lot makes a world of difference. Before you purchase such a pertinent investment for your company, there are a few things you should keep in mind, such as where was the vacuum truck made? How fast can you get a quote? Kansas City Made, National Market When we buy standard chassis from the auto manufacturer, everything else we put on the truck is made right here in Kansas City. While these trucks are assembled in KC, that doesn’t mean they only stay local. Don’t Wait Around One of the worst experiences in customer service is calling and requesting a quote and it takes several days to receive word back.

Thousands of Parts in Stock Because we make your truck in-house, we know the parts you need like the back of our own hands. Routine Maintenance. How FlowMark KC Stands Out in The Vacuum Truck Industry - FlowMark 2020. For a tough industry, you have to have a tough truck – one that is reliable and able to put in not only the miles, but is also going to stand up and last through every messy, difficult job you encounter.

How FlowMark KC Stands Out in The Vacuum Truck Industry - FlowMark 2020

Whether you are a septic servicer, an airport pit cleaner, work in grease trap operations, or fall somewhere in between, you know that your job is essential, and we know it, too. Your vacuum truck is your most important asset. Maybe you’re just getting started in the industry or you’ve had a vacuum truck before and are on the hunt for a new one. However, if you’ve never bought a FlowMark truck, then you’re missing out on the highest-quality version of the tool you need to keep your business running and functional. So what sets FlowMark apart? Two In One If you bought your last vacuum truck somewhere else, odds are high that it was put together with pre-fab parts. FlowMark Vacuum Trucks. World-class Vacuum Trucks and MORE! FlowMark builds world-class vacuum trucks: septic service trucks, grease trap service trucks, car wash pit service trucks, portable restroom service trucks, and more.

World-class Vacuum Trucks and MORE!

But did you know that we do much more than vacuum trucks? FlowMark belongs to a family of brands dedicated to building high-quality vacuum trucks, aircraft refueling equipment, high-rail equipment, and vacuum and fuel tanks. Check out our family of brands below: FlowMark KC: Made in the USA and Built to Last. When it comes to manufacturing and industry, there are times when the words ‘Made in the USA’ are just a gimmick meant to create buyer appeal.

FlowMark KC: Made in the USA and Built to Last

Safety Features on your Vacuum Truck. It is important to keep in mind safety for your drivers and those around when ordering/budgeting for a new vacuum truck or portable restroom service truck.

Safety Features on your Vacuum Truck

We have several items that we recommend when spec’ing out your vacuum truck build: Backup Cameras Some chassis we can factory order with a factory-installed backup camera, others we install an aftermarket system. The benefit is obvious: when you have a backup camera on your vacuum truck, your operator can easily see what they could previously not see behind the vacuum truck or portable restroom service truck. Fender Mirrors On the class VI, VII, and VIII vacuum trucks we can order or install fender mirrors. Bluetooth FlowMark specs Bluetooth on all chassis when we order them.

Power Windows and Locks Once viewed as a convenience, FlowMark sees power windows and locks as a safety feature, allowing an operator to keep eyes on the road and hands on the steering wheel, giving you a safer vacuum truck operation. How is Potholing Safer with Hydro Excavation. Potholing/daylighting refers to creating a test hole in the ground to reveal underground facilities.

How is Potholing Safer with Hydro Excavation

This process aims to show if there are damages, cracks, or leaks in the facilities. Residential, industrial, and commercial communities all need to get some “daylight” once in a while. Checking for possible problems is crucial for proper maintenance of sewers and pipes underground. Unfortunately, many of the traditional methods of daylighting/potholing have proven to be unsafe for various reasons. That’s why a newer method of potholing known as hydro excavation is becoming more and more widespread. What is Hydro Excavation? The hydro excavation process involves utilizing both an air vacuum and high pressurized water. FlowMark Vacuum Trucks in Kansas City - FlowMark 2020.

FlowMark Vacuum Trucks and KC Tank is the nation’s largest source of in-stock vacuum tanks, chassis, and complete vacuum trucks.

FlowMark Vacuum Trucks in Kansas City - FlowMark 2020

6 Things to Know Before Purchasing a Vacuum Truck. There is a lot to consider when looking at a vacuum truck for sale. Here are 6 key things to consider. 1. Don’t Rush It’s important to do your homework. Doing an online search doesn’t take much time at all. 2. FlowMark Vacuum Truck. Daily Maintenance for your Septic Tank Pump Truck. Septic vacuum trucks are designed to suction out septic tanks. Thus, they are made to endure the trials of this unpleasant task. Given the fact that a septic tank pump truck is pretty much mandatory for this job, the vehicle must be kept well maintained and inspected daily to ensure that it’s working properly.

One part of this maintenance is, of course, carefully cleaning the truck after the emptying is done. Even after emptying the septic reservoir and driving the vacuum truck off the premises, the job is still far from over. Afterward, the unit’s tank must be emptied out at a nearby dumping facility. But besides all that, it’s vital that the vehicle itself is also cleaned – both inside and out. To understand what else must be done, we’ll walk you through the process of what occurs after raw sewage is suctioned into a septic truck. Sludge Offloading Sewage is usually taken from one tank (in the truck) to another tank. Remove Sludge Buildup Don’t Mix Waste Materials. Safety Features on your Vacuum Truck  - FlowMark 2020. 4 Top Features of a Septic Pump Truck Knowpia. 4 Best Practices When Buying a New Vacuum Truck. Purchasing a vacuum truck is a big decision. It’s not something you should do quickly or impulsively.

Whether you’re a small business operator who’s ready to make one of their biggest investments, or a purchasing agent for a large municipal fleet, you’ll need to consider the following best practices if you want to see a decent return on your investment. Know What You Need Going forward, every decision you make should be made with the end goal in mind.