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PhoneGap. Angular directives for Bootstrap. The $uibPosition service provides a set of DOM utilities used internally to absolute-position an element in relation to another element (tooltips, popovers, typeaheads etc...). getRawNode(element)

Angular directives for Bootstrap

CodePen - Front End Developer Playground & Code Editor in the Browser. Generateur d'ombrage via box-shadow en CSS3 - Design et programmation web2 - Dji. Create Interactive Online Presentations, infographics, animations & banners in HTML5 - Visme by Easy WebContent. Harnessing Collaborative Technologies. Example The Wall - The Wall - A Javascript plugin for Mootools. NUKnightLab/TimelineJS. Wagerfield/parallax. Fiddler - The Free Web Debugging Proxy by Telerik. Jxnblk/loading. Font catalogue. Brick. Bootflat. ScrollMagic - Demo. Mape/node-scraper. Marmelab/gremlins.js.

Parse, validate, manipulate, and display dates in javascript. Slick. Set up your HTML markup.


Animate.css. Alexwolfe/Buttons. Arbor.js. Trello. AngelList. LaunchRock - Set up a "Launching Soon" page in minutes. How child porn killed my app called YayNay — Interesting Innovation and Technology.

Over a period of 6 months, two programmers and I, worked nights and weekends to create, launch and kill an iOS app called YayNay (hot or not for anything).

How child porn killed my app called YayNay — Interesting Innovation and Technology

We maintained full time jobs and families while pursuing this effort. Consumer apps are a hit or miss. YayNay was a miss. 40 useful APIs for web designers and developers. An application programming interface (API) is a set of rules and specifications that software programs can follow to communicate or ‘interface’ with each other.

40 useful APIs for web designers and developers

As developers are well aware, there are hundreds of APIs out there for doing almost anything you could imagine online. Some are better than others, and some are definitely more useful than others. Below are forty of the most useful APIs out there. 40 useful APIs for web designers and developers. Products. Solutions — Futurelytics. Visualize Your SaaS Performance. HTML5 Charts for your website. Font Awesome Icons. Ember.js - A framework for creating ambitious web applications. GitHub Pages. Personapp. Beautiful live chat software pricing for sales and support.

In-browser Chat Our in-browser Olark chat makes connecting with your customer as easy as launching a browser!

Beautiful live chat software pricing for sales and support

You can also connect using your favorite IM client. Targeted Chat Targeted chat lets you set rules to interact only with visitors who go to a specific page or behave in certain ways, so you can talk to the most important customers. Mockabilly // App for creating mockups on iPhone // iPhone app mockup. Canva – Amazingly simple graphic design for blogs, presentations, Facebook covers, flyers and so much more. KISSmetrics Customer Intelligence & Web Analytics. LaunchRock - Set up a "Launching Soon" page in minutes. Online Survey and Benchmarking Application. Free Beautiful Online Survey & Form Builder.

Exécution périodique d'un script PHP. Il est fréquent dans le développement web d'avoir besoin d'un script s'exécutant régulièrement, pour nettoyer une base de données, faire des statistiques… Toutefois, la création d'un tel script varie selon le serveur utilisé, les restrictions, les moyens, et relève souvent du casse-tête. Nous présenterons successivement plusieurs méthodes, avec leurs avantages, leurs limites, et le code PHP les implémentant pour configurer un tel script. Stanford Web Application Toolkit - Web Services Wiki. From Web Services Wiki Introduction The Stanford Web Application Toolkit (SWAT) is a set of tools designed to assist Stanford web developers in creating secure and robust PHP-based web applications.

Stanford Web Application Toolkit - Web Services Wiki

It gives the programmer straightforward methods for connecting to the database, searching the directory, authorization, sending e-mail, handling file uploads, defending against SPAM, and other common-but-often-tedious tasks. SWAT has three primary goals: security, accessibility, and ease of use. The toolkit is broken down into several modules. Contents. App Marketing Automation. Online JSON Viewer. DevDocs. .21,.89,.83,.67. - Quick and simple image placeholders. How to build a multi-million dollar website without spending a cent. Adam Arbolino is the co-founder and CTO of, a logo, web and graphic design marketplace.

How to build a multi-million dollar website without spending a cent

Do you have a business idea keeping you awake at night? Are you putting it off because you think building the website is too much work or you don’t have the knowledge to do it? With the growth of open-sourced platforms and advent of ‘freemium pricing models’, the time to try is now. The site I co-founded,, grew from a garage office to a thriving marketplace with 148,000 designers, and businesses who have created $12 million worth of jobs, in just a few years by applying these ideas. Here are some pointers for entrepreneurs looking to start testing your concept or minimum viable product (MVP). Step 1: Two is better than one Entrepreneurship can be a lonely game. Gallery · mbostock/d3 Wiki.

Wiki ▸ Gallery Welcome to the D3 gallery!

Gallery · mbostock/d3 Wiki

More examples are available on If you want to share an example and don't have your own hosting, consider using Gist and If you want to share or view live examples try or Visual Index Basic Charts. GroundworkCSS ♥ A Responsive HTML5, CSS & Javascript Toolkit. ChurnBee. HTML KickStart - Ultra–Lean HTML Building Blocks for Rapid Website Production - KickStart your Website Production. Pure. Skeleton: Beautiful Boilerplate for Responsive, Mobile-Friendly Development. YAML CSS Framework — for truly flexible, accessible and responsive websites. Downloads and Customization.

Complete Grab this version of Foundation if you want everything in the framework in simple, vanilla CSS and JS.

Downloads and Customization

Download Everything Essential A simple, lighter version that includes typography, the grid, buttons, Reveal and Interchange.**59kb (okay, plus dependencies). Download Essentials Custom Include or remove certain elements and define the size of columns, colors, font size and more. Custom Download Sass Foundation is built using SCSS, and you can work with it in the same way. Install via SCSS. Initializr - Start an HTML5 Boilerplate project in 15 seconds! Log Management & Log Analytics From the Cloud – Logentries. SeeVolution, Inc. Providing website heatmaps and real time analytics for the global user. OpenERP - Beautiful Business Applications. Keypress – Une bibliothèque javascript pour détecter les touches du clavier. Si vous développez des jeux ou des applications un peu avancées en HTML, JS, CSS et que vous souhaitez apporter un contrôle au clavier un peu évolué, alors je vous invite à jeter un oeil à cette bibliothèque JS qui s'appelle Keypress.

Keypress – Une bibliothèque javascript pour détecter les touches du clavier

Pour environ 9kb et sans aucune dépendance, vous serez capables de détecter les touches appuyées par l'internaute, soit à la suite, soit sous la forme d'un combo, et de faire réagir votre application en conséquence. Live chat: Software that lifts customer support and sales! Une API pour générer de faux profils utilisateurs. Une API pour générer de faux profils utilisateurs Si vous cherchez à remplir votre site de test avec de faux profils utilisateurs, si vous cherchez l'inspiration pour remplir vos maquettes, ou si vous voulez disparaitre et refaire votre vie sous un nouveau nom sachez qu'il existe RandomUser, une API qui fournit de manière totalement aléatoire des profils utilisateurs. 80 bonnes pratiques SEO. Si vous êtes un peu perdu avec votre référencement (SEO) et que vous cherchez en premier lieu par où commencer avec des choses "propres", la société Opquast a mis en ligne une liste contenant 80 bonnes pratiques SEO à respecter (si vous le pouvez).

Ink – Une boite à outils pour vos interfaces web. Free web design resources & layered PSD files on Freebies Booth. CocoonJS. Performance is key to mobile web app and game development, and CocoonJS was designed from the ground up to accelerate all aspects of HTML5 execution. CocoonJS provides the best JavaScript and HTML5 execution environments to choose from, depending on the type of your project and the platforms you want to deploy it to. If your project is an HTML5 canvas game CocoonJS provides the most performant canvas 2D and WebGL implementation in the market for iOS and Android.

This environment is a highly specialized JavaScript virtual machine with a blazing fast implementation of everything needed to make canvas 2D or WebGL based games scream on mobile! CocoonJS is the only platform to date that allows WebGL native app deployment in both iOS from version 5.0 and above and Android from version 2.3 and above. PlaceIt by Breezi - Generate Product Screenshots in Realistic Environments. Create beautiful dynamic data driven maps. Icon Search Engine. The Noun Project. Générateur de QR Code design - Gratuit & Offres Premium - Unitag.

Référencer son site. SeeVolution, Inc. Providing website heatmaps and real time analytics for the global user.