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Anciennes références

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FRAGMENT - FERRÉOL BABIN. FRAGMENT - 2013 - Prototype made for the exhibition Objet Lumière at Galerie Tator in Lyon, France. - Aluminium, pvc, mirror, Leds - Fragment, made for the exhibition Objet Lumière, uses small mirrors that guide and divide in several spots the light that comes from a single point.


By moving and turning the free standing mirrors, rays of light can reach almost any place of the room. Marine Hunot et Zoe Flambard, EPI. Marine Hunot et Zoë Flambard imaginent EPI, un jardin vertical en jeu de construction. « C’est un lieu de rêve et de création, parce qu’il se construit à plusieurs.

Modulaire Jardin vertical Ouvertures latérales – floralegourrierec

S’y mélangent un assemblage ludique d’objets qui rassemblent des jeunes pousses de plantes et d’hommes.

Marine Hunot et Zoe Flambard, EPI

Il s’agit d’un jeu de composition, de comprendre sa capacité à construire et à transformer l’espace, les plantes, les usages. C’est un château de pots, entre ciel et terre. Des fenêtres y laissent passer les nombreux habitants que l’on y a logé au printemps.

Propriétés des plantes

Dan Yeffet, Jars. Spilt Grain.

Spilt grain Luminaire Strates – floralegourrierec

Dan Yeffet, Lighthouse.

Luminaire Modulable Monumental – floralegourrierec

Lightovo, Milo. Images Site Web pour cette image Milo Lamp by Lightovo Recherche par imageImages similaires Les images peuvent être soumises à des droits d'auteur.

Lightovo, Milo

Ikebana. TAVOLI Specchio di Venere. Vincent Callebaut, Perfumed jungle. PROGRAM : Ecodesigning Hong Kong LOCATION : Master Plan for the Central Waterfront, Central Business DistrictSURFACE AREA : 2.7 linear Km PROMOTER : City of Hong Kong TEAM : Vincent Callebaut + Arnaud Martinez + Maguy Delrieu The urban mesh of the Central Business District is surrounded by the green hills visible from the Victoria Peak in the South and by the sinuous bank of the Xi Jiang, also called the Pearl River in the North.

Strates horizontales Tours de verre et d’acier Renaturalisation du paysage urbain – floralegourrierec

On the horizontal stratum compressed along the curves of the levels of the precipitous relief, the city structured itself vertically through a field of more or less frayed towers of glass and steel.

Vincent Callebaut, Perfumed jungle

Hong Kong is one of the more populated territorry in the world with a density of 30 000 inhabitants/km². To answer to this overpopulation, the project «Urban Jungle» proposes to re-tame the nature and to widen the territory of the ultra-contemporary city. Bouroullec, Hanging treillis. Patrick Nadeau, Urban Garden. IF design award 2010 Pour aller sur le site d’Authentics… Textile planting system Urban garden planting system unites the advandtages hydro-culture offers with those of conventional planting using planting soil.

Patrick Nadeau, Urban Garden

The textile planting containers are composed of a sturdy, coated textile outer skin and a watertight inner sack with integrated drainage felt. Design Libero, Fluidity dish drying rack. Patrick Nadeau, Petite rocaille. Patrick Nadeau – Individual Nature by Alexandre Cocco, translation Molly Lou Freeman // from D’architectures 177, November 2008 Trained as an architect, Patrick Nadeau has explored and articulated the possibilities of vegetation in design for the past ten years.

Cf Marine Hunot et Zoé Flambard, EPI – floralegourrierec

In a show of late 2008, his work was presented at Sabz, Paris distributors of lighting, exterior furnishings and movable objects.

Patrick Nadeau, Petite rocaille

Tables, planters, shelving and walls of vegetation reveal his vision of landscape and landscaped living space. Petit Beast, Jellyfish air plants. Tim van de Weerd, Monstera. De Monstera Magnifica en Monstera Fugiens zijn twee bijzondere plantenpotten die nieuw leven blazen in elke kamer en kamerplant.

Tim van de Weerd, Monstera

De Monstera Magnifica is de hoge, verheven uitvoering van dit speelse ontwerp, de Monstera Fugiens toont de kamerplant als weglopend object in de ruimte. Het ontwerp toont een boeiende spanning tussen stilstand en beweging en tussen het organische en het industriële. De tot de verbeelding sprekende plantenpotten zijn zeer goed ontvangen in de internationale pers. YOK, Book vase. Marie-Pierre Roubin. Emily Wettstein, Planter table.

Plantes aromatiques intégrées à la table – floralegourrierec

Aurélie Abadie et Samuel Sauques, Jardin de cristal. Nutri Tower. Images Site Web pour cette image Nutritower in kitchen.

Arrosage et lumière automatique Plante aromatique – floralegourrierec
Nutri Tower

Dossofiorito. Philippe Starck, Holly all. Images Site Web pour cette image Le vase HOLLY ALL de Philippe Starck pour Serralunga n'est pas seulement un ...

Philippe Starck, Holly all

Louis Thompson. LAMINA. Lamina (2000) is a microsatellite sequence of Cooper's ACE gene.


The ACE gene is thought to be responsible for aspects of athleticism and is one of the genes under scrutiny with western Kenyan runners and why they keep winning Olympic medals. How is a genetic advantage different from performance enhancing drugs? What is your gene line or cell line worth? Do you own it?