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Flooring Xtra is the best and fastest growing flooring company in Australia.

5 Interior Design Styles and the rugs to complement them. There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to selecting a rugs style and perhaps because of this, it can feel rather daunting.

5 Interior Design Styles and the rugs to complement them

A rug takes up a fair amount of physical and visual space in a room so it’s important to get it right. Stylistically, there are characteristics that lend themselves to common interior design styles and the rugs that work well within these homes can make them feel complete. Celebrating Beautiful New Flooring Xtra Stores. This year has brought many changes all over the country and for us, one of the positive changes has been some of our new stores opening their doors for the first time in the last few months.

Celebrating Beautiful New Flooring Xtra Stores

Flooring Quotes During Pandemic - Australia. 5 Design Tips to Create Wellness in your Home. Never has there been a more important time to foster wellness in your home by encouraging physical and mental health through any means possible.

5 Design Tips to Create Wellness in your Home

Some are simple, quick fixes you can do straight away with minimal effort, some are longer-term projects you can aim to implement when the time is right. We’ve compiled five of our favourite ideas. Bring the outside in Luckily house plants are having a moment in popular décor because their benefits for both the air quality and our emotional wellbeing are limitless. Certain plants help clean the air inside, assisting to remove formaldehyde and carbon monoxides. Declutter. 5 Perfect Places for Waterproof Flooring. Open Plan Kitchen/ Living Spaces It’s no secret that Australian homes love an open plan layout.

5 Perfect Places for Waterproof Flooring

It makes sense for the climate, the casual home-dining experience and the way we live in general. Increasing the Life of Your Carpet with these 3 Simple Tips. 5 Reasons Window Treatments Are More Than Just a Decorating Tool. The idea that blinds, curtains and other window treatments are installed purely to make a room look ‘nice’ should be dismissed.

5 Reasons Window Treatments Are More Than Just a Decorating Tool

Sure, a room does feel finished when the window treatments are in, but they’re so much more than that. They shouldn’t be an afterthought! How to Select Carpet- Everything You Need to Know. Sometimes it can feel like having lots of options to choose from is a curse rather than a blessing.

How to Select Carpet- Everything You Need to Know

Scrolling through Pinterest you’re sure to find many images of carpeted rooms which appeal- but how do you find the best product to replicate this look while knowing the product is right for you? Here are our tips for selecting the right carpet for your home, where you can hopefully navigate the decision-making process with ease. Fibres The material that the carpet is made from needs to not only enhance the space but fit with your home dynamic. Vinyl Flooring: Why it Could be the Perfect Fit for Your Home. With so many high-quality flooring products on the market, it can be difficult to decide what will work for you and your family.

Vinyl Flooring: Why it Could be the Perfect Fit for Your Home

Vinyl is a wonderful option for many applications, it may well be the perfect product for your renovation or new home. Vinyl sheets vs vinyl planks It’s important to understand that there is a difference in these two products, one being a timber-like plank as the name suggests and the other a continuous product which comes on a roll. As planks are separate boards which are laid like real timber, they tend to look more authentic, however with new technology sheet vinyl can look very real too. Hard Wearing Vinyl is a very hard-wearing product, able to withstand high amounts of traffic. 5 Tips for Cleaning your Hybrid, Laminate or Vinyl Flooring. So, you have your beautiful new flooring installed at home, now you will want to know how to keep it looking fabulous for longer.

5 Tips for Cleaning your Hybrid, Laminate or Vinyl Flooring

While hybrid, laminate and vinyl are all different products, there are certain tips for caring for your floor that apply to all. Take the time to look after your flooring so you can enjoy it looking it’s best for years to come. AquaLife Snowy Mountain Spotted Gum No-Shoe Policy. The Advantages of Installing Beautiful Wool Carpet. We all know wool carpet looks fantastic and is a natural material, but what else will a home gain from this luxurious product?

The Advantages of Installing Beautiful Wool Carpet

Learn everything you need to know about the advantages of wool carpet right here. Wool feels exceptional underfoot. With options in plush, twist and chunky textures, planting your feet on wool carpet first thing in the morning is the height of extravagance and well worth the investment. No wonder those sheep look so cosy… Cleaning and Caring for your New Rug. After finally choosing a colour, style, pattern, shape and size of your rug, let’s learn everything you need to know about looking after it.

Cleaning and Caring for your New Rug

We promise it’s more straightforward than choosing which one to buy! First Things First Always check when you buy your rug if there are any specific care instructions. Sometimes there may be a special note or advice given due to the particular fibre or style of rug. Rug: Skandi Grey Urban 301 Be Prompt Like so many other flooring products, be quick to clean any spills or accidents on the rug. Rug: Atrium – Blue Jute Polo General Maintenance As with carpet and hard flooring, consistent care regardless of spills and marks will extend the life of your rug. Keep Cool and Save Money with Blinds. Hot, sunny days and uncomfortably warm evenings are synonymous with Australian summers, no matter what corner of the country you live in.

Along with this comes energy bills in the mail which you don’t want to open- knowing very well what scary figures will be inside! Why not save money with blinds. The Benefits of Carpeted Floors. If you are looking for a way to upgrade your home, consider changing your floors. While many may say that hardwood floors are perfect for every circumstance, this is not always the case. Sometimes carpet suits a home better, depending on your needs and wants for your living space. Putting carpets in your home can offer many benefits that you may have not considered. Carpet can keep the warmth in your home, meaning that it insulates against the cold outdoors and keeps your energy bills lower in the winter. Carpeted floors also provide safety, especially for babies and children who may need some cushion in case of a fall. Keeps in the Warmth On those cold winter days, there’s nothing worse than putting your feet on the ice-cold floor in the morning. Safety. Window Furnishings Supplier in Australia.

Vinyl Plank Flooring in Melbourne. Vinyl flooring is a great choice for anyone looking for an affordable solution that it easy to care for. Flooring Xtra specialise in the supply and installation of a wide range of Vinyl, in a variety of designs to suit any home or commercial space. As a national brand, we have stores that can supply & install Vinyl flooring in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide and regional areas.

The products we supply and install are affordable and chosen for their contemporary designs, technology and durability. Timber Flooring & Floorboards in Melbourne. Online Rugs Store in Australia. Laminate Flooring in Australia. Furnish your space with the look of real hardwood without stretching the budget. Laminate floors utilise cutting edge photographic technology to simulate the stain, graining, and texture of wood for a fraction of the price. Stylish Cork Flooring in Australia. Carpet Suppliers in Melbourne. Whether you want to increase comfort and appearance in the family home or create a stylish work space, the choice of floor can make all the difference. The Best Floor Coverings in Melbourne.

Bamboo Flooring for Office Decor. Commercial Flooring Experts in Australia. Flooring Xtra – The Leading Flooring Company in Australia.