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Floor Hut Inc.

Floor Hut is a local family owned flooring company. Floor Hut offers our clients a wide collection of home and business flooring solutions which include fashionable carpets, smooth and handscraped hardwood flooring, a variety of Tiles and wood looking laminate flooring.

Laminate Flooring - The Ultimate Choice of a Homeowner. Do you like the look of tile floors, but hate how cold it can be for your feet in the heart of winter?

Laminate Flooring - The Ultimate Choice of a Homeowner

Or maybe you always wanted a hardwood floor but were worried about what your children or pets might do to the finish, or more importantly, your investment. If so, laminates may be the answer for you. With literally hundreds of styles and colors to choose from, laminates can approximate many hardwood and tile looks at a much more affordable price. Years past, laminate floors were relatively easy to spot. However, today’s technology allows manufacturers to create products such as strip wood with beveled edges, and ceramic tile with low-gloss grout lines, all to closely mimic the look of real wood and tile.

Here’s the thing about laminate floors: Not everyone thinks well of it. Pros: Easy installation. Cons: Unlike other flooring material, laminate cannot be refinished in any way. Flooring Stores Dallas: Popular Flooring Options. There are many ways to dress up the floor in your home, office, or commercial establishment.

Flooring Stores Dallas: Popular Flooring Options

A lot of its style and functionality depends on your choice of flooring material. You have a wide range of options available for flooring materials; it depends on your needs, budget, upkeep for maintenance, and other factors on what the best choice would be. Here are 5 of the most popular flooring options available on the market. Floor Hut Inc. — What Is Linoleum Flooring and Is It Right for You?

How To Remove Stain from a Hardwood Floor in 5 Steps? - kravelv. Hardwood flooring adds character and aesthetic value to your room.

How To Remove Stain from a Hardwood Floor in 5 Steps? - kravelv

So, it is like adding more additional value to your home and giving a complete makeover. In simpler words, it won’t be a candid statement to say that hardwood flooring is an asset to any property. If you have discovered hardwood under carpets, or during the renovation process, and must have been thinking that beautiful hardwood instead of covering it up again. Though it might not look great at first glance, restore that beautiful hardwood instead of covering it up again to take renovation to the next level.

Here are 5 steps to review for new life to your wood flooring. Remove the Stains Sanding or buffing out stains on the surface of the wood as long as you are careful. Scour off the Residue If your hardwood floor had carpet or tile laid atop it, you probably have to deal with removing some sort of adhesive residue after you have pulled up the carpeting or tile. Fix the Holes Finishing and Staining. Floor Hut  Inc. - Contact. Tile Floors: Beauty and Durability Requirements Solved! Are you concerned about what type of material you’ll be using for the house of your dreams?

Tile Floors: Beauty and Durability Requirements Solved!

Homeowners all over the world have a common requirement when it comes to this matter. They all want something that’s beautiful and which can last the test of time. For this matter, tile floors are a common choice. This type of floor satisfies the need of a homeowner for beauty and durability. Such material is so popular that for the period from 2009 to 2015, sale of ceramic tiles in the US alone increased from 1.8 million to 2.7 million square feet per year. Choosing this type of flooring gives homeowners many benefits. Now, what are a homeowners options when it comes to the tiles that can be installed on the floor? Glazed tiles: During the manufacturing process, the ceramic tile is coated with minerals and other staining agents.

Unglazed tiles: These tiles are similar to the ones mentioned above, except for the absence of a protective surface coating. Like this: Like Loading... Carpet Flooring Plano, Dallas TX. Floor Hut-Carpet Let’s face it, carpet is still the most popular flooring option for many.

Carpet Flooring Plano, Dallas TX

It is comfortable, relatively affordable, and very easy to install or replace. While it is warm and soft under your feet, today’s carpet can also be highly durable and even stain-resistant. At Floor Hut we have a wide array of textures, colors, and patterns to choose from. Let us help you find the right combination of aesthetics, performance, and price. Flooring Stores Dallas: Get Creative: Laminate Options. Laminate is one of the most versatile floor materials out there.

Flooring Stores Dallas: Get Creative: Laminate Options

There used to be a time when people looked down on this material, thinking that they were cheaply made. However, advancing technology and improved construction techniques have given laminate a level of quality that can match even the best materials available. There are different ways to creatively use laminate for your floors. Here are some options you can consider and how they can play a role in creating your ideal floor.1. Pattern style -Laminates feature distinct patterns that resemble those of hardwood. Laminate Flooring Plano, Dallas TX. Flooring Stores McKinney Frisco Allen.