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Waste-Powered Kitchens - Philips Introduces the Cooking Area of the Future. In a time when companies are scrambling to find new ways to go green, design company Philips is leading the way.

Waste-Powered Kitchens - Philips Introduces the Cooking Area of the Future

The design studio released what they call the "Microbial Home. " An organic kitchen, the Microbial Home is one of the only kitchens in the world that has the ability to convert food waste into compost and cooking gas. Current Kitchen Interior Design Trends. Our fantastic friend Susan Serra, CKD, CAPS shares a few exciting new innovations and trends in modern kitchen design.

Current Kitchen Interior Design Trends

Observing kitchen design trends from year to year can be all about nuanced changes, and kitchen trend spotting for 2014 is no different. A big expense and a long-term investment in function and style for most homeowners, kitchen fashion trends tends to be slower to change than general interior design. It is that subtle change from year to year which makes me turn Trend Detective to dig deep and consider social behaviors, world events, European interior design, product launches, trade show exhibits and even Hollywood sets to connect the dots.​ This year I’ve been to four trade shows and two in Europe to study kitchen trends.​ This year, the theme for kitchen design, to my point of view, is ​”​Mixed Messages.” Top 27 Future Concepts And Gadgets For The Home Of 2050.

There is never to early to design for the future.

Top 27 Future Concepts And Gadgets For The Home Of 2050

And nowadays specialist predict a rather dark future for our civilization due to the end of fossil fuels and global warming.Our need for consumption has exceeded any expected limit and has transcended the actual human needs. We buy more than we need and consume more than our earth was meant to supply. Thus we must come up with new and innovative methods of creating food from nothing, preserving the little resources we have left and maintain a green, safe environment for the future generations. How to Make Kitchen Food Organizer. Clever Concept Tackles Movement Toward Smaller Kitchens. IED milan collective develops modular kitchen set for schiffini. Oct 11, 2014 IED milan collective develops modular kitchen set for schiffini IED milan collective develops modular kitchen set for schiffiniall images courtesy of riccardo randi, riccardo trabattoni, and dario distefano for their thesis project at IED milan, riccardo randi, riccardo trabattoni, and dario distefano have designed a kitchen system called ‘satellite’. created for italian furniture manufacturer schiffini, the series is composed of a main core and complimentary modules that allow you to communicate with the interior of your house. this dispersion of units is capable of providing configurations that cater to multiple scenarios and users. each structure is constructed ​​of bent aluminum sheet, making them customizable in terms of material and color, easy to produce, cost efficient, easy to produce, and straightforward to assemble. the work can serve as a location for wood ovens, barbecues, gardening and other cooking and outdoor activities. the system in the setting of a backyard.

IED milan collective develops modular kitchen set for schiffini

Siemens foodlab by studio rygalik creates a mobile module kitchen. Oct 18, 2014 siemens foodlab by studio rygalik creates a mobile module kitchen.

siemens foodlab by studio rygalik creates a mobile module kitchen

Koz susani design harvest justaddwater nutrition ecosystem. Nov 06, 2014 koz susani design harvest justaddwater nutrition ecosystem koz susani design harvest justaddwater nutrition ecosystem in the past, the phrase ‘just add water’ when alluding to food, always referred to the preparation of industrial canned and processed provisions whose origins were unknown to the average consumer. using this as a reference, koz susani design (defne koz and marco susani) aim to change our perception of the term, by bringing forth an innovative nutrition ecosystem that preserves the simplicity and comfort of processed cuisine, while combining it with high quality gastronomy so that it has an approach that is more that of the locavore mentality, and feels closer to the slow-food movement.

koz susani design harvest justaddwater nutrition ecosystem

‘justaddwater’ innovation nutrition ecosystem warm soup ‘flavor pills’ are dropped into a pot of hot water and combined with local produce ‘warm soup’ appliance with accompanying screen which allows you to view recipes, track nutrition and log dietary needs. Une belle cuisine pratique au quotidien, c’est mieux… ECO-HABITAT et ECO-CONSOMMATION, ECOGESTES, ECO-ATTITUDE, ENERGIES RENOUVELABLES et ENVIRONNEMENT. Meuble Paris 2010. Ekokook : une cuisine responsable.

Fridge Fu: Japanese fridge sprays food with vitamin C to keep it fresh. Fresh connect refrigeration system by whirlpool global consumer design. Feb 13, 2013.

fresh connect refrigeration system by whirlpool global consumer design

Whirlpool Fresh Connect Concept.

Comportement alimentaire

Conditions de vie-Société - Le temps de l'alimentation en France. SADDEC : Les dernières tendances de la cuisine équipée présentées à Lyon - France 3 Rhône-Alpes. S' il est bien un secteur encore épargné par la crise, c'est bien celui de la cuisine équipée : Selon une étude du Credoc, qui analyse les habitudes de consommation des français, vous avez été 2,2 millions à investir dans une nouvelle cuisine ces deux dernières années.

SADDEC : Les dernières tendances de la cuisine équipée présentées à Lyon - France 3 Rhône-Alpes

Leaving Facebook... GK Series – Des appareils connectés pour la cuisine par Thingk. Innovation dans le domaine des appareils dédiés à la cuisine avec GKilo et ClogG, une balance et une horloge analogique, signées par l’agence italienne Thingk.

GK Series – Des appareils connectés pour la cuisine par Thingk

Une technologie interactive activée basée sur le toucher, des fonctionnalités intuitives… le tout dans un écrin minimaliste made in Italy, avec un habillage imitant le bois. GKilo est à la fois une horloge et une balance de cuisine: Posez la sur une face, et les leds indiquent l’heure. Retournez là, et vous pouvez alors peser les ingrédients que vous souhaitez. Think.Eat.Save. Reduce Your Footprint Campaign. La préservation des aliments est une façon effective de préserver des aliments et de prévenir leur perte ou leur dégradation.

Think.Eat.Save. Reduce Your Footprint Campaign

Think.Eat.Save. Reduce Your Footprint Campaign. La préservation des aliments est une façon effective de préserver des aliments et de prévenir leur perte ou leur dégradation. Think.Eat.Save. Reduce Your Footprint Campaign. Séchoir à pommes - Accessoires - L'Art de la Table. OLTU - Fabio Molinas. OLTU is like an organism that takes advantage of the heat produced from the back of a fridge, which in today’s fridges is wasted energy, and uses it to help to cool the “totem” of vegetables via cooling by evaporation. The heat rises and affects the double wall of the clay containers, which, with the help of the water contained between their walls, is able to lower the temperature thanks to the heat extracted from their interior, recreating the ideal atmosphere for the needs of each group of vegetables.

This is also a sustainable product because, as part of its functioning does not depend on energy, costs are minimal and, most importantly, each item is kept fresher. Personally, I think that this is an industrial product with a strong educational component for the user: each person can now know about the needs of vegetables and preserve them in a more responsible and natural way. EXTEND FOOD EXPIRATION DATES WITH A SIMPLE SHEET OF PAPER. Everyone knows all too well the frustrating feeling of finding strawberries, mushrooms or other perishable produce covered in a delicate cotton-like coat of mold. By that point, the only thing to do is to discard said produce, and although this may seem like an innocent everyday inconvenience, its consequences are monumentally vast. According to a study conducted by The Swedish Institute for Food and Biotechnology (upon request from the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations), roughly one-third of food produced for human consumption is lost or wasted globally, amounting to a staggering 1.3 billion tons (and $450 billion in losses) annually - this includes the aforementioned batch of strawberries gone bad.

Inevitably, the waste extends far beyond the food itself and into most resources that come to mind. The likes of land, water and energy having gone into the production of anything one can come across inside of the average refrigerator, all in vain. Projet prospectif de cuisine écologique EKOKOOK par FALTAZI. Cuisine Shelved Cooking par Unqui – Vainqueur du Prix Emile Hermès 2011. « Chauffer, se chauffer, réchauffer »… Telle était la thématique de l’appel à projet du Prix Emile Hermès 2011. Mini ferme intérieure autosuffisante… Biosphère Home Farmer. Microbial Home – Une idée de la cuisine écologique de demain par Philips Design. Design Probes - Microbial Home. Compost-Cutting Counters - 'Kitchen Waste Management' Makes Cooking Clean-Up Easy. Published: Oct 28, 2010 Updated: Jul 26 2011 • References: coroflot and tuvie Clean-up after cooking would be a whole lot easier with the 'Kitchen Waste Management' system from Gustavo Messias.

This cutting board is integrated into your kitchen counter and has two separate spaces for organic and inorganic waste. 'Kitchen Waste Management' connects to a separate system that processes organic waste and stores everything else. This cutting board makes it easy to create your own compost heap without any effort at all. Implications - Gadgets like the ‘Kitchen Waste Management’ system from Gustavo Messias are truly going to have a very large impact on society in the years to come, especially if the environmental movement continues to remain as dynamic and popular as it has been in recent years.

Self-Sustaining Kitchens - The Phillips Microbial Probe Home is Powered by Germs and Food Waste. The Phillips Microbial Home Probe is a drastic shift in what one traditionally thinks of when they envision an Eco-friendly kitchen. This design prototype is a self-sustainable ecosystem that rethinks traditional methods of lighting, food preparation and storage and how to not only responsibly dispose of waste, but rather, how to reuse it in the home directly. The appliances created by Phillips as part of this concept are minimalist and modern in appearance, but futuristic in their capabilities. StudioGorm. Flow is a living kitchen where nature and technology are integrated in a symbiotic relationship, processes flow into one another in a natural cycle, efficiently utilizing energy, waste, water and other natural resources. it provides a space not only for preparing food but an environment that gives a better understanding of how natural processes work. a kitchen where food is grown, stored, cooked and composted to grow more food. the flow products can be used independently but are far more effective when they work in concert as part of a larger system. the individual objects are relatively uncomplicated, acting as simple vehicles for the more com- plex natural processes to do the work. this kitchen is developed as a flexible system where resources are reused by several elements creating a dynamic flow between the products.

FRUIT-WALL: Almost as natural as the tree by Carmina Mahugo Diego & Martin Polognioli. Large Fruit-Wall Stainless steel (Stainless steel mat finish) Measures Inches: width 48" x heigth 34" x deep 3" Measures Metric: width 120cm x heigth 86cm x deep 8cm Shelf utilization load : 7 lb / 3kg uniformly distributed. Fruit-Wall, a minimal shelf you can store and display your fruits. Fruit-Wall, a minimal wall shelf that takes your fruit from the bowl and displays and stores it neatly on the wall.

The Fruit-Wall gives you unlimited options and space to lay everything out so not only can your fruit breathe, it can add a beautiful bit of natural color to your kitchen. More Pictures and Information at LooksFeelsWorks! Les métiers du génie climatique. Futuristic Fridge Coats & Cools Food in Nanorobotic Bio-Gel. Smart Self-Cleaning Fridge Orders Food & Suggests Recipes. LG CES.

On peut donc scanner avec son téléphone le ticket de caisse, on peut scanner directement les aliments, voice recognition, On peut faire sa liste de course directement sur le refrigérateur. Le contenu du réfrigérateur est visible sur son smartphone. Le frigo peut également transmettre des informations au four (de la même marque) et proposer des recettes en fonction d'un certain régime alimentaire. Il est possible de contacter directement à partir du frigo le service après vente avec un diagnostique. Des alertes peuvent être envoyé sur le smartphone (porte du frigo laissé ouverte) – flolepoiro

Smart Fridgerator – Refrigerator Design by Jeong-hun Yang & Gyeong-chan Han. Designers don’t shop for groceries. Shaping Traditional Oral knowledge: Symbiosis of Potato+Apple. OLTU Fridge Keeps Your Fruits and Vegetables Fresh Longer. Storing food design. All-in-One Home Computer, Kitchen & Dining Room Table.

Seul point potentiellement positif c'est l'idée que l'on pourrait optimiser les appareils entre eux pour faire des réductions de consommation électrique. Mais meme à ce niveau là j'en doute. – flolepoiro
Bienvenue dans le monde de Nicolas Hulot où tout est actionnable par un bouton... La table qui fait frigo, lave vaisselle, toaster, machine à café, chauffe eau, micro-onde, poubelle. – flolepoiro

BeFresh Fruit Storage with Photocatalysis System To Keep Your Fruits Fresh.

Système qui permet de conserver les fruits en utilisant un système de photocatalyse pour éléminer l'éthylène, gaz naturellement produit par le fruit et qui permet sa maturation. – flolepoiro

La consommation électrique des foyers. Un frigo solaire et solidaire. Le frigo du désert : une alternative écologique au réfrigérateur. La promesse d'un réfrigérateur magnétique silencieux et écologique. ProductCategories. Kitchen innovations. Connected TVs, fridge used in global cyberattack.

Le coté dangereux du "tout connecté". Si tout est connecté alors les pirates pourront avoir accès à plus d'information personnelles comme ce qu'il y a dans notre frigo, ce que l'on regarde à la télé, sur ce que l'on achète... – flolepoiro

Smart Fridge by Ashley Legg. Ubimedia Mania: Et mon frigo devient interactif avec un iMagnet.