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Outdoor Living: Outdoor Lighting Ideas - Martha Stewart. Gjør det selv - Slik lager du en lampe av vinflasker - Bonytt - VANNSAG: Et suverent verktøy, koster 3-400 kroner. © Foto: Øivind Lie Romjulen kan være tiden for litt gjør-det-selv virksomhet.

Gjør det selv - Slik lager du en lampe av vinflasker - Bonytt -

Vi har laget en hengelampe i glass tidligere her på klikk. Denne er enklere, og her dreier det seg også om oppsirkulering av avlagte gjenstander. Her må du skjære i glass. Det høres kanskje vanskelig og skummelt ut, men det er ganske lett. Bruker du i tillegg beskyttelsesutstyr og hodet, er det helt ufarlig. Vannsag Nøkkelen ligger i det som heter vannsag eller flisekutter. De billigste sagene holder i massevis, og de koster heldigvis ikke mer enn 3- 400 kroner på Biltema.

Rene kutt Disse sagene skjærer glass som smør, og du har full kontroll. Har du først prøvd dette vil du se på tomflasker og gamle glassting med nye øyne. Forskjellige varianter Kutt flasken Bruk anlegg når du skjærer, drei flasken sakte rundt med en jevn bevegelse. Puss kanten Puss skjærekanten slik at den blir jevn og uten skarpe kanter. Heng i en wire Denne lampen er laget med 12 volt pære. Candles in Seashells. DIY: Wine Bottle Light « Wit & Whistle. November 3rd, 2009 This past spring Daniel and I went on a road trip from San Francisco to the Grand Canyon.

DIY: Wine Bottle Light « Wit & Whistle

Along the way we stopped at Chateau Julien for a wine tasting. I wanted to do something with the empty bottle instead of throwing it in the recycling bin. So here it is! You’ll need: an empty wine bottle a drill safety glasses and gloves (just in case the bottle breaks) 1/2″ glass drill bit masking tape short strand of Christmas lights (with a plug only on one end) How to: 1. 2. 3. Design*Sponge » Blog Archive » diy project: brenna’s paper capiz shell chandelier.

I love wax paper for packing lunches; i wrap sandwiches in a piece of wax paper and tie it like a present with a little cotton string. it’s so much better looking than a plastic bag. wax paper comes in handy for more things than i realized, like rolling it up to use for a funnel, or how about rubbing a piece of wax paper on the top of your shower curtain rod to cut down on that terrible screeching in the morning…problem solved. but who knew that if you iron layers of wax paper together it looks remarkably similar to a capiz shell? This discovery brought me to today’s project: the faux capiz chandelier. hung over your dining table, or outside at an outdoor dinner party, it is an easy solution to a dramatic light fixture and will look phenomenal in either setting. i hope you enjoy making your own as much i did!

-brenna CLICK HERE for the full how-to after the jump! Materials: Instructions: 1. spray paint your planter basket. let dry. 8. once you cover the hanging basket you are done! Pipe Lights by MESH Architectures. Eric Liftin, principal of MESH Architectures handcrafts pipe lights in a variety of configurations including custom insalls.

Pipe Lights by MESH Architectures

The fixtures are made from iron plumbing pipe and almost have the appearance of tree branches. The fixtures cast a low, soft light akin to candlelight, but unlike candles these lamps can be switched or dimmed with a simple touch. They are available for purchase through MESH Architectures’ Etsy shop. Pipe Light by Triptyque. Pipe Light is an installation on an abandoned house in São Paulo, Brazil by French-Brazilian architects Triptyque.

Pipe Light by Triptyque

The project, part of a design show held at the property earlier this year, comprises metal tubing and lamps wrapped around the inside and outside of the building. The installation was commissioned Houssein Jarouche, owner of the adjacent furniture and homeware store Micasa. More Dezeen stories about Triptyque: Harmonia 57Bela Cintra 1235Loducca Building The following is from Triptyque: Pipe Light - Triptyque “I am interested in ideas, not merely in visual products.” – Marcel Duchamp The Pipe Light was created from the design of a product that was morphologically similar to a vegetable which invades and takes the parts of a house, as a creeping plant; thus role of a bridge between art and design. But unlike its inspirational object – that make the process of photosynthesis -, the pipe light "feeds" of darkness for enlighten.

Lighting Made of Galvanized Iron. Table lamp made of galvanized iron parts that make it different and artistic ! ++ Available at Design2009 on Etsy.