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Habits Of Destructive Work Colleagues - Flofinder Professional Services. Love them or loathe them, our work colleagues will always have a special place in our hearts.

Habits Of Destructive Work Colleagues - Flofinder Professional Services

They have the potential to provide both light and shade in surprisingly high quantities and they will never cease to surprise us. Some of our work colleagues are truly amazing people who garner our everlasting respect whilst others may be of the more ‘I hate your face’ variety. We will be focussing on the later for this article in the hope that you can take note and run for your life as required. Here are four warning signs that your work colleague has an appetite for destruction. They Always Have Someone To Blame The destructive work colleague struggles to admit when they are wrong. They Take Shortcuts If you were to analyse each of your work tasks in detail, you will find that there is always a ‘faster’ way to complete the task. They Make Others Feel Small Do you hate feeling like an idiot?

They Go Hiding In the Clutch Until next time – be a hero, not a villain. 10 Spotify Playlists For Work - Flofinder Professional Services. Music has become an essential component of work-life.

10 Spotify Playlists For Work - Flofinder Professional Services

From the morning commute to developing that tricky Excel formula, music provides us with the motivation to get through the day. It also helps us to get rid of distractions such as the annoying person that always wants to have chat with you (and keeps on talking forever) or that friend that is somehow available for coffee all of the time. Recently, Spotify has become the service of choice when choosing the tracks to get us through the day. Their never-ending playlist ensures that you will have plenty of old and new music to choose from.

Although we all have our ‘Power’ songs, in most cases it is best to listen to a playlist which will make sure that you leave your phone alone and focus on the task ahead. Being Human In The Workplace Part I - Flofinder. When accepting a job offer, the human/social aspect is often overlooked.

Being Human In The Workplace Part I - Flofinder

Because we deal with other human beings throughout our lives, and due to the fact that it is an inevitable way of living, we tend to accept that the human relationships at workplaces are out of our control. Yet, we are social animals and the quality of our work lives will be hugely influenced by the people surrounding us. In this two-part series, we will explore almost all types of relationships you will build in the workplace.

We will cover who they are, how to identify them, how they develop into each type, how to best utilise or avoid them and what the true impact of these relationships is to your work life and beyond. Part I of this series will explore the relationships involving larger population size: Office Acquaintances: the occasional “Hi’s and Bye’s”Task Force: those who you work closely withCircle Of Trust: your gang of close friends Office Acquaintances 2. 3. 4. Speak soon, Zoe. 5 Defining Moments of You And Your Work Best Friend - Flofinder. Your Work BFF is a very special person.

5 Defining Moments of You And Your Work Best Friend - Flofinder

Before we begin, if you are confused by the term ‘BFF’ here is the Wikipedia definition: “A BFF is a term for someone’s best friend and are characterized by intimacy, trust, and permanence. BFFs are usually in close contact and have shared experiences, such as attending the same school or sharing musical tastes.” You and your BFF have gone through a lot together, from the highest of highs to the lowest of lows. The BFF relationship is one of the most difficult relationships to maintain in a working environment as you face additional pressures that normal BFF relationships do not encounter. 1. So you are out with your team/department and everyone is having a good time. Dealing with this situation is never easy – good job if you are able to retain some of your BFFs integrity whilst ushering them out of the venue. 2. It is always a bit tense during promotion season. 3. So for one reason or another, your BFF is not well liked at work. 4. 5. 5 Ways To Unwind After Work Ranked - Flofinder.

There are no two ways about it, working in Professional Services is demanding.

5 Ways To Unwind After Work Ranked - Flofinder

Therefore, time for relaxation post-work should be treated as gold dust to recover for the day/s ahead. There are multiple ways to unwind, from the basic to the absurd, but we have stuck with 5 of the most common approaches below. Disclaimer: These ratings are based on our opinions and they have not been subject to scientific validation. Each to their own but this is what works for us. After Work Drink (with a friend/colleague) Recovery Score: 6/10 (if you get mashed up – 2/10) – Good in moderation. First of all – it is not the best idea to go for a solo drink after work, it could lead you to dark places that will be hard to escape from (not that I am speaking from personal experience or anything).

Long Walk Recovery Score: 8/10 – Very good mental and physical benefits in one shot.