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The power of political cartoons. The rise and fall of Wikileaks u3 bac oral. Muse Uprising HQ. Muse Resistance Lyrics. Depeche Mode - Master & Servant (Lyrics) LFP Occupy Wall Street. The Kings Speech. LFP The Anonymous. Gun control. LFP The power ofUS lobbies. IP social networks. 129.the dangers of Facebook. LFP Big Brother is watching you. I.P anti marriage for all demonstrations. Why the world isn't ready for a female president - The State Press. Let’s face it — America is ready for a female president, but world isn’t ready for us to be represented by one.

Why the world isn't ready for a female president - The State Press

We may have legalized gay marriage, marijuana (in some states) and inducted the first African-American president in America’s history, but a female? Is America ready to place a female into office? Of course we are. Other countries, however, are not ready to accept a woman as a representative of the U.S. Ideal as it may be to be independent of another nation’s judgments, it is a luxury we are not afforded.

In many countries, women are viewed as mere objects. In an article dubbed "Fraternities Didn’t Invent Hazing," the ritualistic and grotesque reality of abuse is explained on a global scale and is terribly relevant to the situation many women find themselves in today. While domestic violence is a pressing issue in our current society, the general disrespect of women has persevered internationally. We can’t forget about our queens! That alone will never be enough.

Related Links: Journalist and professor of African American studies talk about Oprah Winfrey. Steve Jobs explains the rules for success. Gangs of New York - Ending Song - U2 - The Hands That Built America - Orchestral Version. American beauty - Critique et avis par Les Inrocks. Le réalisateur Sam Mendes n’est sans doute ni le nouveau Lynch ni le super-maverick qui va faire la nique à Kubrick et Malick.

American beauty - Critique et avis par Les Inrocks

Pourtant, cet Anglais metteur en scène de théâtre chevronné (il a travaillé au sein de la prestigieuse Royal Shakespeare Company) a réussi avec American beauty, son premier film, cette chose de plus en plus rare : une bonne toile en provenance des studios hollywoodiens, un produit modeste mais impeccablement fichu, distrayant mais suffisamment décalé de la norme (tant thématique qu’esthétique) pour satisfaire le spectateur du samedi soir sans le prendre pour une bille et le transformer en joueur pavlovien de jeux vidéo, ou en témoin décérébré d’une lutte grossière entre le bien et le mal. "American beauty, c’est le nom d’une variété de rose, très belle mais qui n’a pas d’odeur, explique Mendes. Au début, ce garçon mutique, planqué derrière sa caméra, est plutôt inquiétant.

Rihanna - American Oxygen lyrics. Madonna - American Life Lyrics. What makes an image unforgettable? Joe Rosenthal's 1945 photograph of U.S. troops raising a flag in Iwo Jima during World War II remains one of the most widely reproduced images.

What makes an image unforgettable?

It earned him a Pulitzer Prize, but he also faced suspicions that he staged the patriotic scene. While it was reported to be a genuine event, it was the second flag-raising of the day atop Mount Suribachi. The first flag, raised hours earlier, was deemed too small to be seen from the base of the mountain. Look back at other photographs that have helped define modern history. A hooded detainee in U.S. custody during the Iraq War stands on a box with electrical wires hooked up to his fingers.