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MAJOR FACTS ABOUT ISLAM. The lines below will discuss some of the few major facts about religion Islam, which sadly, are presented negatively in the biased media.


At The Time Of Circumcision. For wealth & prosperity. Philosophy Behind obligatory Charity (Zakat) HOW TO PERFORM UMRAH - Procedure of Performing Umrah. Procedure of Performing Umrah Once a person arrives at the Meeqat station, whether this is by land or by air they should put on the required clothing of Ihram.

HOW TO PERFORM UMRAH - Procedure of Performing Umrah

A man may apply perfume on his body before entering into the state of Ihram, if he chooses, but not on his Ihram garments. He must not apply perfume after entering the state of Ihram. Before leaving the Miqat station, pilgrim would then begin to chant the Talbiyah. They continue to chant this until they reach the Holy Kabah and begin to perform the Tawaaf (circumambulation). Thereafter one is to Tawaaf or circumambulation around the Holy Kabah 7 times; each time begins from the Hajr-e-Aswad (Black Stone). It is praiseworthy for pilgrim men to walk with a faster pace in the first 3 rounds. Things That Must Be Taken Care Before Going For Umrah And Hajj. Travelling Options If You Are Going For Umrah. The King Abdul Aziz International airport has 3 main terminals; one for foreign airlines, one for Saudi Airlines and the last one is Madina-tul-hujjaj, which is in operation or working only during the season of Hajj.During Umrah if you fly into Jeddah by any airline other than Saudi Airlines you will going to disembark at the International airport.

Travelling Options If You Are Going For Umrah

If you are intending to fly to city Madina then you will have to go to another the terminal; if you are not travelling with any group or agency you will have to take a taxi to take you to the Saudi terminal because all the domestic flights depart from the Saudi Airlines terminal only. You will not have to change terminals, though, if you are going straight to city Makkah you will take a taxi to Makkah through Masjid Al-Johfa (Meeqaat) to put on your Ihram or if it is too late then you may spend the night at a hotel in Jeddah. During the season of Hajj, it does not matter which airline you are flying or travelling. Transportation during Umrah. PRODUCTIVE WAY OF SPENDING HOLY RAMADAN. Holy Ramadan is a blessed month and for all Muslims Ramadan starts with a bang and for many they have no idea how the Holy month came to an end.


This Islamic month is full of bounties and huge pleasure for those divine Muslims who desire to seek ALLAH’S forgiveness and mercy. To utilize this month of Holy Ramadan make a list and oath in heart how to accomplish them 1. Make Intentions To attain Goals: EID IS AN OCCASION OF CELEBRATION FOR MUSLIMS. HOW TO GET MOST OF THE RAMADAN. CONCEPT OF CHARITY IN ISLAM AND ITS TYPES. There are two types of charity in Islam that is obligatory and voluntary, called Zakaat and Sadaqah respectively.


Zakaat means cleansing or Purification, blessing and growth. It is given out once a year usually during the month of Holy Ramadan. Though, those failing to give Zakaat in Holy Ramadan can pay their charities (sadaqah) at any time of the year. It is one of the basic pillars of Islam which complete the imaan (faith) of a Muslim. According to Islamic rules, Zakaat is 2.5% of one year’s total cumulative wealth.

THINGS TO AVOID IN HOLY RAMADAN – umrahflight. Without any doubt, Holy Ramadan is one of the blessed months in Islamic calendar.


It is the month where Muslims modify their usual routine, turn towards namaz looking for forgiveness, and seek the mercy and blessings of ALLAH Almighty for the rest of the year. In the Holy month of Ramadan, the objective of a Muslim is to make the most excellent use of the Holy month and search as much blessings and forgiveness as possible and abstain from all such kind of activities that ruin the fast and someway make a Muslim lose all the blessings and reward, which a person had earned.

From one Hadith itr is clear that in Holy Ramadan there is no Satan or shaitan, hence, the factor of luring towards wickedness is missing, therefore, the chances of doing and being excellent increase. Therefore, it is very important that during Holy Ramadan a Muslim abstains from all such kind of acts that are not valuable of fasting and are mistakes that must not be committed during the roza (fast).

Keep away from Anger: SHOW YOUR LOVE FOR ALLAH IN RAMADAN. There are five pillars that are mentioned in Islam that stand as imperative obligations on all Muslim to agree and act upon in order to be a Muslim.


Although, every Muslim abides through these pillars, though, those who do it from pure love of ALLAH Almighty are the ones who are Muslims in a true sense and fulfil these responsibilities in a worthy manner. In the Holy month of Ramadan, where the ambiance is all about peace, serenity, love and religiousness, it is the best time to profess love for ALLAH Almighty. The lines below discuss that how a Muslim can express and profess it in the month of Ramadan.Love needs to be demonstrated, hence, in order to demonstrate love a person needs an example of some kind. Seeking Forgiveness in Second Ashra of Ramadan. DIFFERENT TYPES OF GROUPS OF PEOPLE IN RAMADAN. The Holy month of Ramadan is an immense opportunity for all believers and Muslims to re-establish their relationship with ALLAH Almighty.


During this Holy month, ALLAH opens the doors of mercy guidance and forgiveness and showers His blessings on all humanity. Blessed are those people who avail this opportunity and work hard to get the pleasure of ALLAH. Regardless which timetable and country you follow for moon sighting, do not begin Ramadan with backbiting and ill or evil thoughts of others. It will not benefit anyone and only waste your precious time.

WHAT IS THE PURPOSE OF HUMAN LIFE? There are 2 types of people on this earth who can know the ALLAH Almighty in 2 different ways.


Those people who are born in some household where they have no information about the fact and ALLAH Almighty, the peoples of that house hold have the purpose of going out in search of reality. They need to consider over the creation of this world, the way it runs, the way all the nature is in tremendously coherent all point to the reality that there is ALLAH Almighty who takes care and governs all this structure.

Therefore, those people who aren’t familiar with the fact, they need to look for that and make it a reason of life to know the fact which is ALLAH Almighty. On the other hand, those people who are Muslims and who have got the religion of peace Islam in inheritance from their parents, for them the reason of life is not satisfied with their birth on the religion Islam, rather they also have to know further about Islam and develop a closer relationship with ALLAH Almighty. Like this: WHAT TO EAT IN SEHRI AND IFTAAR? WHAT TO EAT IN SEHRI AND IFTAAR?

Jun 22, 2016.


IMPRTANCE AND VITRUE OF ZAMZAM WATER. HAJR-E-ASWAD, ITS HISTORY AND IMPORTANCE IN ISLAM. There are so many religions in the world and all the religions have a significant number of followers. Every religion has its own sacred places. REWARDS OF PERFORMING UMRAH IN THE MONTH OF HOLY RAMADAN.